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DKNY has offered clothing and accessories for years, but only recently have they offered home furnishing goods. And for your shower needs, if you value fashion and style, then perhaps Donna Karen can help. These DKNY shower curtains are very attractive and well-made, as you might expect from a fashion designer. Take a look at this collection and see what it means.

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Dkny shower curtain 27

Beautiful shower curtain that combines a wide mix of colors. The curtain is dominated by a white background and comes imprinted with additional plant and flower inspired motifs of different colors. The curtain is small but should offer enough privacy for the standard shower.

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Dkny fabric shower curtain urban lines natural dkny

DKNY Fabric Shower Curtain -- Urban Lines, Natural DKNY

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Dkny shower curtain 23

DKNY Color Block Fabric Shower Curtain /

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Dkny enchanted forest botanical fabric shower curtain neutral on ivory

DKNY Enchanted Forest Botanical Fabric Shower Curtain Neutral On Ivory 72 X 72

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Dkny shower curtain 8

DKNY Urban Lines Shower Curtain Natural Color 72 x 72 New #DKNY #Traditional

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Dkny watercolor fields fabric shower curtain in aqua coral

DKNY Watercolor Fields Fabric Shower Curtain In Aqua / Coral

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Dkny wildflower field fabric shower curtain

DKNY Wildflower Field Fabric Shower Curtain

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Dkny shower curtain enchanted forest branches leaves blush peach pink

DKNY Shower Curtain Enchanted Forest Branches/Leaves Blush Peach Pink 72x72" #DKNY #Modern

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Dkny shower curtain 12

DKNY® Spring Willow Shower Curtain

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Home bath bath collections dkny spring tree bath collection

Home / Bath / Bath Collections / DKNY Spring Tree Bath Collection

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Dkny Shower Curtain

Buying Guide

The size of your DKNY shower curtain should be dictated by one thing: The amount of space you need to cover with the curtain. You’ll likely want to extend your shower curtain from an above-head height to the floor, and you’ll want to cover your tub. (This is both for aesthetic purposes and for keeping water off of your bathroom floor.)

Measure your existing shower space, and get a shower curtain that’s at least that big. If you’re hoping for a billowy, ruched effect for your shower curtain, get a curtain that is two feet longer than your space. A standard shower curtain is about 72” by 72”, but you should get one that matches your space’s dimensions.

Get a bathroom shower curtain color and design that improves your bathroom décor and exudes a roomy feel.

Pick a color that is consistent with the rest of your décor. Also, think about the mood you want to create. Different colors elicit different moods.

For example, certain shades of blue promote serenity, tranquility and peace. Neutral colors can also work when your objective is a clean, zen-like atmosphere. The size of the bathroom should be a factor in the color you choose. Bright or neutral colors such as white can make a small bathroom look and feel bigger. Likewise, darker colors make the space appear smaller.

Plain neutral colors are easier to match with any style. However, they can also be a bland and boring design. Instead, identify a pattern and texture that appeals to you. Even simple striping or trim may add visual interest to a plain shower curtain.

Best Ideas

Image of dkny gridlock 72 inch x 72 inch shower

image of DKNY Gridlock 72-Inch x 72-Inch Shower Curtain

Dkny shower curtain 29

DKNY Color Block Fabric Shower Curtain

Dkny shower curtain 1

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Dkny impressions 72 inch x 72 inch shower curtain in

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Dkny striped shower curtain marvelous house

Dkny Striped Shower Curtain | Marvelous House

Lovely dkny color block shower curtain color block

Lovely Dkny Color Block Shower Curtain | Color block ...

Dkny brushstroke shower curtain full wayfair

Dkny Brushstroke Shower Curtain Full | Wayfair

Dkny network shower curtain platinum nordstrom rack

DKNY | Network Shower Curtain - Platinum | Nordstrom Rack

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Dkny carbon fabric cotton shower curtain periwinkle

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