8 Vital Things to Consider Before Buying a Playhouse with Slide

Are you tired of seeing your kids stare at a screen all day? Or do you simply want to turn your backyard into a more fun and entertaining play area? If so, a playhouse with slide is a great way to keep your children away from electronic devices and out in the fresh outdoors.

Playhouses get children active, boost imagination, and allow creativity to flourish as they play.

Here, you'll find the most important aspects to consider when buying a playhouse in order to pick the best one that'll suit your children and your garden.

Choosing the material

Parents and children are more drawn towards designs and sizes when it comes to choosing toy houses. Although selecting an appealing model is essential, the playhouse's material is as important. Not only will the material affect your children's safety, but it'll also impact the playhouse's durability and lifespan.

Most playhouses are either made of wood or plastic. Wooden playhouses are known for their longevity, their aesthetically-pleasing design, and their versatile models and sizes. A wooden playhouse with slide is heavy-duty, can last for years, offers a traditional look to your backyard, and suits various age groups, whereas a plastic playhouse is more affordable, easy to maintain, and is much safer for toddlers and younger kids. A wide selection of plastic and wooden playhouses with slides can be found at Foter Magazine.

Plastic and Wood Playhouse with Slide
Plastic Playhouse for Toddlers
Treehouse Playhouse with Slide

The design and style

The playhouse's design can either effortlessly blend with your landscape or totally stand out. It's up to you and your children to select a design that offers the most amusement to your little ones while complementing your yard if aesthetics is important to you.

It's best to assess what each model has to offer in terms of fun and holistic development. Big or small, simple or extravagant, each model may be beneficial as long as it features accessories that'll spark your children's creativity. Even if an outdoor playhouse with slide has a relatively simple design, children will always find a way to let their creativity flow with their imaginative skills. Besides, a slide allows them to be more active, even in tight spaces.

Nonetheless, pick one that can accommodate different age groups so that your children can still enjoy their playhouse for the next years to come.

Consider its size

When choosing a playhouse with slide, it's best to choose a versatile model that can meet the needs of several children. However, it's totally up to the parents to decide on the size that'll best suit their children and budget.

For children aged two to five, a molded plastic playhouse with slide is the best option. This type of playhouse doesn't take up much space, but still offers enough place for toddlers to get creative and be active.

On the other hand, a playground structure or permanent outdoor playhouse with slide is preferable for four to ten-year-olds. Although it requires installation on a larger landscape, this type of playhouse can accommodate multiple children and encourages muscle-building imaginative play.

Crooked Tower Wooden Playhouse
Garden Playhouse for Kids with Climbing Ladder
Play House with Toddler Slide for Kids Bedrooms or Playrooms

Choosing a fitting location

The location of the playhouse with slide should also be considered since it'll influence the playhouse's actual size. Whether you're going to place it indoors or outdoors, make sure that there's enough space around the playhouse for other activities.

If you're installing an outdoor playhouse with slide, the area should receive enough sunlight and fresh air. You'll also want to keep the designated area clear of sharp objects and insects.

Safety features

As a parent, your children's safety is the top priority. The most important aspect to consider when buying a playhouse with slide is its safety.

A safe playhouse should feature a slide that's bordered by a durable and smooth barrier, sturdy handles for climbing, a structure without any sharp edges, and an absorbent or resilient material placed underneath the slide to prevent accidents.

Other essential safety features to look for are safety hinges, safety-tread ladders that are easy to climb, and balustrades that are high enough to prevent your children from tipping over.

playhouse-with-slide">Accessories to look for in a playhouse with slide

Some playhouse designs feature extra accessories and functionalities that can keep your children entertained for hours on end.

Some models may come with a swing set, monkey bars, a porch, a sandbox, or a climbing wall. It all depends on how much you're willing to splurge on a playhouse and which features are the safest for your child's age. For instance, a tower version may not be the most appropriate for a 3-year-old.

Climbing Frame and Wave Slide and Swing Set Playhouse

Planning permissions

In general, planning permissions aren't required if you plan on installing an outdoor playhouse with slide in your own garden. Nevertheless, it's best to check with your township if your property has a no-build-zone.

It's also crucial to let your neighbors know that a playhouse will be installed in your garden if it happens to be very close to their property.


Maintenance is often an overlooked aspect when it comes to playhouses. Playhouses require frequent maintenance to prolong its lifespan while keeping it good-looking for years.

A wooden playhouse with slide should be treated annually with special wood paint or preserver coating to prevent weather damage. On the contrary, a plastic playhouse is much easier to take care of since it only requires cleaning.

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