7 Science-Based Benefits Of Monkey Bars Playtime


Playing with monkey bars? That's no monkeying around!

As well as being one of the most fun types of playground equipment, these creative structures can actually help your kids develop several skills and a powerful can-do attitude.

Were you thinking of buying some monkey bars for your garden and take your kids' playtime to the next level? We've got you covered. You can find lots of different monkey bars here, perfect to meet any budget, age and requirements.

But let's first look into all the benefits of monkey bars for kids and see why they're pivotal to their development!

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Colorful Metal Monkey Bars

Colorful Metal Monkey Bars

1. Monkey bars help develop your kids' muscles and strength

1. Monkey bars help develop your kids' muscles and strength

2. Swinging on monkey bars influences good posture and balance

Girl Swinging on Monkey Bars

Girl Swinging on Monkey Bars

3. Frequent and healthy exercise helps against obesity

Unfortunately, nearly one in five kids are overweight or obese in the US. This can obviously lead to several health problems, especially when they grow up.

While a healthy diet is still important, frequent exercise is also key to fighting obesity. Thanks to the fun side of monkey bars, your kids will be encouraged to play on them frequently, burning fat by exercising their muscles and staying active.

4. Playing with monkey bars can relieve stress

What's so great about monkey bars is that they combine playtime and easy exercise in such a natural way.

While kids automatically focus on the first part (with the second happening almost without them knowing), this spontaneouscombined activity relieves both body tension and mental stress.

5. Mastering monkey bars is a positive challenge that builds confidence

Boy Swinging on Monkey Bars

Boy Swinging on Monkey Bars

6. Monkey bars are a fantastic opportunity to socialize

7. Playing with monkey bars is a beneficial holistic activity

Overall, what makes monkey bar playtime so special and pivotal to your kids' growth and development is the fact that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to their three main needs:

By allowing your kids to fulfill all of them at the same time, monkey bars let them focus on the fun side (emotional well-being) while encouraging them to stay active.

Consequently, thanks to this creative form of exercise, they'll develop their muscles, balance and motor skills without it feeling like a chore or unpleasant activity.

Now that you know all the benefits of monkey bars, there's no reason not to let your kids go ape on them!