6 Vital Things To Know When Buying Monkey Bars For Your Kids


Monkey bars are a fantastic way for your kids to play together, develop their balance and muscles, and try new challenges. However, you definitely don't want to run into unpleasant surprises or accidents when you leave them to their monkey business.

Trust us: not all monkey bars are the same! It's important to take the time to figure out what model is most adequate and actually safe for your kids.

Luckily, you can find lots of different monkey bars here, perfect to meet any budget and needs.

But, first, make sure you consider these points before snatching yourself the right one for your little cheeky monkeys!

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Boy on Advanced Monkey Bar

Boy on Advanced Monkey Bar

1. Decide where you're going to place the monkey bars

2. Figure out the right size for your kids

The right size for your monkey bars will depend on how much room you've got for them and, most importantly, how old and tall your kids are:

Kids on Monkey Bar Area

Kids on Monkey Bar Area

3. What type of monkey bars is best for your kids?

Monkey bars come in a large variety of designs, but, overall, there are four main categories:

4. Don't forget about durability!

Depending on the materials and whether or not they're exposed to the elements, monkey bars can last more or less long:

Metal Monkey Bars in Purple

Metal Monkey Bars in Purple

5. Choose the style and colors of the monkey bars

6. Most importantly, check the safety of your monkey bars