Western Shower Curtain Hooks

In case you want to have nice decorative elements in your bathroom, you might like this collection. It includes many different shower curtain hooks in western style, all of them come in various sizes and designs. That is why even the most demanding customers should be able to find the right model for themselves.

Western shower curtain hooks 1

Give your bathroom a touch of wild west by hanging your shower curtain on these fancy hooks in the shape of small horseshoes. They are made of metal with a distressed, golden finish. They will suit a rustic bathroom with wooden accents.

Western shower curtain hooks

If your bathroom has a rustic style or features some wooden accents you can spice it up even more by these extraordinary shower curtain hooks. The set consists of six western boots made of resin, which guarantees you solid quality for years.

Horse shower curtain hooks

Set of 12 shower curtain hooks in the shape of horse. It is completely made of metal. Stylish accent for each bathroom according to taste and need.

Western shower curtain hooks 2

Great way to spice up your bedroom without drastically changing the style of it. Look at those beautiful, wooden shower curtain hooks, stylized to look like western crosses. They even have little horseshoes on them!

Western shower curtain hooks 18

Western Ranch Decor Shower Curtain Concho Bath Hooks

Western shower curtain hooks 23

Rustic Horseshoe Shower Curtain Hooks

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Cowboy curtains western

Elegant set of shower curtain hooks finished with interesting pattern. It is made of durable metal. Tasteful decoration for each bathroom.

Western shower curtain hooks 5

Nancy Glazier Western Horse Lodge 12 Bath Shower Curtain Hooks on eBay!

Shower curtain hook 57811 china hookshower picture

Shower Curtain Hook 57811 China Hookshower Picture

Cowboy shower curtain

Shower curtain hooks in western style. It is compatible with standard shower curtain. Application in any bathroom as needed.

Western themed shower curtains

A beautiful, turquoise shower hook in a cross shape. Perfect for any bathroom and bound to give it a unique, one-of-a-kind look. If you’re looking for a tiny little addition to your bathroom, this is a perfect choice.

Western home decor rustic ranch texas star concho shower curtain


Turquoise shower hooks

Shower curtain hooks decorated with horse theme and finished with leather look. Great addition for any bathroom according to taste and need.

Horseshoe shower curtain

Shower curtain hooks with western star theme. It is made from steel and powder coated to provide years of carefree service. Adds freshness and modernity to each bathroom.

Cross shower curtain hooks

If you’re a western lover, take a look at these star-shaped, rusted metal shower curtain hooks. Perfect for a stylized bathroom, made to look as if it was taken straight from a western movie. Great design!

Western shower curtain hooks 22

Longhorn Shower Curtain Hooks - Set of 12 - CLEARANCE

Texas star shower curtain

Set of shower curtain hooks made of metal and poly resin. It is decorated with sophisticated pattern. Suitable for each standard shower curtain.

Western shower curtain hooks 11

Decorative Cross Concho Shower Curtain Hooks - Set of 12 |

Western shower curtain hooks 4

Western Red Boots Shower Curtain Hooks

Western shower curtain hooks 24

Cowboy at the Cross Collection. Shower curtain hooks, 3 pc. towel set, and rug.

Western shower curtain hooks 7


New inventory western shower curtain hooks

new inventory western shower curtain hooks

Western shower curtain hooks 9

Western Horse Shoe Horseshoe Cowboy Shower Curtain Bath Hook Set Bathroom Decor | eBay

Cross shower curtain 1

I love these cute, tiny shower curtain hooks! Perfect if you’re looking to spice up your bathroom with a unique, western vibe. I really adore the pretty shapes they come in – a cactus, a cowboy boot and a cowboy hat.

Star shower curtain hooks set of 12 6 gif


Western shower curtain

A cool shower curtain that will give your bathroom a little bit of craziness. It features a pattern of cowboy boots and a distressed look. It's a top quality piece, made of water resistant polyester with a weighted hem at the bottom.

Western shower curtain hooks 21

- Western COWBOY horse bathroom SHOWER curtain HOOKS NEW - Shower Curtain Decorative Hooks

Western shower curtain 3

Shower curtain with western theme. It is made of fabric and fitted with hook holes. Handy gadget for each bathroom as needed.

Western shower curtain hooks 13

Shower Curtain Hook

Western shower curtains

Old-fashioned shower teal curtain with leather gussets. Curtain prevents slushing water all over bathroom. Curtain is stylized on nineteenth century draperies from American Old West. It is perfect to bathroom furnished in vintage style.

Western shower curtain hooks 27

Murano Shower Curtain

Burlap shower curtain rustic country 1

Burlap Shower Curtain Rustic Country
Become a cowboy with this simply and classic western shower curtain. It has a rustic dimenssion and doesn't overwhelm your bathroom with unnecessary decorations. It is presented simply in flesh-colored, made of natural linen.

Western shower curtain 1

An eye-catching western country style shower curtain of waterproof polyester fabric. It features printed beautiful realistic scenes showing cowboys riding horses and horses rushing in dust clouds. The entirety is kept in subdued colours.

Cowgirl shower curtain

A wonderful, decorative shower curtain with a shadowed image of a horse on a white background. It gives an impression as if the horse was behind the curtain. Made of 100% softened polyester, it's a solid quality product.

Western shower curtain hooks 12

Brown Floral Embossed Concho Shower Curtain Hooks

Iron Cross / Faux Weathered Wood Shower Curtain Hooks / Rings 12 Pcs. Inspirational - Trust in the Lord & Hope Iron Cross Faux Wood Shower Curtain Hooks Rings 12 Pcs. Trust in the Lord Hope

Custom made feed sack canvas shower

Custom Made Feed Sack Canvas Shower
An unusual shower curtain in a western theme. It's handmade of antique canvas with the original labels left. The curtain looks as if it was a worn, oversized sack, which will give your bathroom a fantastic, farmhouse look.

199997 12 western shower curtain hooks 1

199997-12 Western Shower Curtain Hooks

Cowboy shower curtain

Western shower curtain - goldish color. With cool star light pattern on the dark background at the very top of it. It can be used wither in showers or bathtubes. It gets dry very quickly after every use.

Western shower curtain hooks 4

... Lodge or Cabin » Shower Curtains » Western Star Shower Curtain Hooks

Western style curtains

Oh man! It's war time! Running horse shower curtain with amazing bottom part, in nice brown and honey beige color. And look at the tub behind it! I truly adore this farm house style design. Pretty fashionable.

Western shower curtain hooks 26

Star & Longhorn Shower Curtain Hooks "Rods" version

Western themed shower curtains

This shower curtain will be definitely a real bargain for all western lovers, however, it enchants not only with its image. It will add a fun western touch to your bathroom's decor.

Pin up girl shower curtains

An extraordinary bathroom arrangement in the theme of westerns. It features a thick shower curtain with a leather accent at the top and the image of a horseshoe with a star in the centre. The curtain matches the wooden elements of the interior.

Stylish Living Elegant Western Texas Star Bathroom Shower Curtain (66" x 72" ) for Home / Traval / Hotel with Hooks

High horseshoe 1 3 4 inches wide hook 1 3

... high - Horseshoe 1 3/4 inches wide - Hook 1 3/4 inches high - Hook

Western cowboy shower curtain

Express your creativity through the western shower curtain,and shower elements like hooks, or towels.All in brown and cowboy theme.You will learn western style faster than classic horse riding,and you do not have to drive to Arizona, just get a shower curtain.

Western shower curtains on sale

Time under the shower is one of the first and last activities of our day. It is worth it to be pleasant. Functionality and pleasure can bring a shower curtain, in a style we like, for example in the western style. Striped in brick and brown colors.

Western bath decor plank wood cross concho shower curtain hooks

Western Bath Decor Plank Wood Cross Concho Shower Curtain Hooks Rings | eBay