How To Choose Shower Curtain Hooks

Shower curtain hooks might not seem like the most important focal point in any bathroom. But such small details can help you create a cohesive look in the space.

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Shower hooks come in a wide variety of styles, materials and embellishments. Below we'll help you sort through the types and help you decide which type is right for your bathroom.

What Style of Hook Should I Choose?

When it comes to how the shower curtain hook actually latches and functions, you have a few options here. 

  • Shower curtain rings: These form a basic circular shape and clasp at one point. Rings fit with almost any shower curtain type and are a no-fuss option if you're just looking to get a curtain hung.

"Because the rings close completely, there is no chance of the shower curtain accidentally slipping out of the ring and coming down. While these are a little more difficult to put on your shower curtain and then to attach to the rod the first time, once they are installed, the shower curtain won't be going anywhere."


Silver Elegant Metal Shower Curtain Ring
Silver Classic Metal Shower Curtain Ring
Transparent Simple Plastic Shower Curtain Ring
Black Classic Steel Shower Curtain Ring
Silver Elegant Metal Shower Curtain Ring
Black Traditional Metal Shower Curtain Ring
  • Classic hook style: These are typically hooked at the top and then have a piece hanging down that clips to the curtain. Hooks tend to have more added embellishments , so choose these if you're looking for style and function.

Hooks are quite easy to install but care needs to be taken when using your curtains with hooks: 

 "It's important to be a little careful when using them as it is easier to accidentally pull the shower curtain down off of the hook when opening and closing it."


Silver Modern Metal Shower Curtain Hook
Silver Elegant Metal Shower Curtain Hook
Silver Stylish Metal Shower Curtain Hook
Silver Elegant Metal Curtain Hook
Silver Classic Metal Shower Curtain Hook
Brown Traditional Bronze Wheel Shower Curtain Hook
  • Double shower curtain hooks: These loop over the curtain rod itself. Then there are two lips at the bottom that turn outward that you hook the curtain and liner to. The double hooks are actually used to separate the curtain from the liner, since you attached each on a separate hook. If you want your liner and shower curtain separated, try this product.
Silver Classic Steel Double Curtain Hook
Golden Elegant Metal Shower Curtain Hook
Silver Classic Metal Double Shower Curtain Hook
Brown Stylish Metal Shower Curtain Hook
Silver Modern Steel Double Curtain Hook
Silver Classic Metal Double Shower Curtain Hook

What Type of Materials Do Shower Curtain Hooks Come In?

Shower curtain hooks come in metal or plastic, typically. Below we'll explore the features of each and when each might make sense for you.

Some features of metal hooks include: 

  • Metal shower curtain hooks tend to have a classier look. So if you are very style-conscious and are trying to give a regal look to your bathroom , you may want to choose metal shower curtain hooks. These tend to come as stainless steel and have a decorative finish, like brushed nickel or chrome , so the style is customizable.

  • It's common to find styles that have roller balls at the top of the hook so that they can slide over the shower rod easier. If you want ease in pulling the curtain closed, choose a roller ball style. 

  • You may also want to check if the hooks come as corrosion and tarnish resistant, as some do not. That will add longevity to the product.

Common features of plastic hooks include:

  • Plastic can be more cost-effective than metal.

  • Even with roller balls, you risk having an unpleasant noise as metal hooks brush against a metal rod. If you have a metal rod and want to avoid a screeching noise as you pull the shower curtain closed, consider plastic hooks.

  • If you have a more casual design in your bathroom, plastic hooks can suit your bathroom space just fine.

"One of the great benefits of plastic rings is the fact that they're truly rust-proof, so they'll last for quite a long time. "


White Classic Plastic Shower Curtain Ring
Transparent Simple Plastic Shower Curtain Ring
Silver Elegant Plastic Seashell Curtain Hook
Silver Elegant Metal Shower Curtain Hook
Silver Stylish Metal Curtain Hook
Silver Traditional Metal Decorative Shower Curtain Hook

How to Choose the Embellishment Style?

If you are going for a certain style in your bathroom, even little embellishments like the shower hooks can help add to the style. Below we'll cover some common options and which bathrooms they fit into:

  • If you have a minimalistic bathroom style, plain silver or white hooks and rings can work.
  • If you have a lush or regal bathroom style, choose embellishments like faux diamonds at the end of the hooks, Fleur De Lis embellishments, golden hooks or golden metal balls.
  • If you have a transitional or classic bathroom, you can get away with timeless elements, like basic round embellishments at the end of the hook.
  • Beyond that, you have many different options for certain themes. For instance, you can find western horseshoe shower hooks, nautical theme shower hooks or even animal themes like paw prints. If you have a very specific bathroom theme, consider shopping around for custom designs.

Quick tips

Since there are so many different styles just in shower curtain hooks, below we'll give some quick ideas to help you choose the best style for you:

  • Rings were made with basic functionality in mind, hooks work best for added embellishments and double hooks separate your shower curtain from the liner.
  • If you have a casual bathroom style and want a more quiet hook as is slides across the rod, choose a plastic style.
  • Metal shower hooks work best for decorative bathrooms.
  • Let your bathroom's style inform any embellishments you have on the hook, if any. For instance, a regal look would go nice with golden hooks that have ball embellishments.