Full Size Loft Bed With Desk Underneath

When a twin is too small but a queen is too big, the only place to turn is to a twin. And if you want to make the most of your space, a full size loft bed with desk below is a great way utilize the area normally used by just the full size bed. Capitalize on the vertical. Install a full size loft bed, have your desk, dresser, or whatever, and use the extra room for something special.

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6 tips for dorm room layout organization
Functionality, solidity, comfort and neutral colors - these are the main features of this element of home equipment. The lower part includes a cupboard for clothes and the upper area includes a comfortable bed accessible via solid ladder.

Full size loft bed with desk underneath

This is what every kid want to have in room! The loft bed with container steps is designed for big space. There's many shelves and drawers for clothes, books, toys and more. The bed has a full size.

Full size loft bed

A great solution for everyone who values ergonomy and space-efficient designs. This loft bed is as comfortable and practical as any other bed, and by placing the desk below it, you use the same space two times. The white colour fits all designs.

Full size loft bed with desk underneath

Bunk bed with desk and drawers for storing personal items. Construction is made of wood. It includes ladder and railings for added safety. Perfect solution for saving space in teenager's room, kid's room and more.

Full size loft bed with desk 1

Loft decor idea: when the ceiling is high yet a room isn't very spacious, use conceptual levels: full size bunk bed on top, then a wide step with desk and shelves, and the floor level is free for storage purposes.

Full size loft beds

Practical contemporary bed with a desk and a drawer unit underneath. A bed has an arched headboard, a side rail, open niches on a side. Stairs with anti-slip strips and side columns hide lots of drawers. A chair has a vertically slatted backrest.

Loft bed with desk underneath

A nice idea for a small space design. This wooden construction includes an upper bed accessible via stairs with storage drawers. Lower part includes a full size desk with many drawers for books or other items.

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Bedrooms, especially in small apartments, never seem to have enough space. One way to cope with this is to lift the bed, creating a loft, and to put things underneath. A full-size loft bed with a desk underneath is a superb solution for small bedrooms, shared bedrooms or just a way to create some added storage space and interest for your child’s room – or even for your own.

How to save space with a full-size loft bed?

A full-size bed with desk underneath is the perfect way to save space in a child’s room or even in a room for an older person. Some design ideas include:

  • Full-Size Loft Bed with Desk Underneath - If you have enough ceiling space, this makes a cool hideaway for your teen. No matter how angsty or moody your teen, there is a décor possible that will make this work. For youngsters who are sharing space with siblings, a curtain across the desk area creates added privacy.
  • Steps into Drawers - Loft beds create so many opportunities for innovation. Here is a unique idea: make a set of steps going up to the loft, and make each step a drawer. Under the full-size bed, place a desk, chair, and small bookshelf. Make the supports for the bed into sets of drawers as well, and add a closet at the outside end for plenty of space to stow clothing, toys and small treasures.
  • Loft bed with step shelf - When the ceiling isn’t high enough to put the desk under the bed, create a two-tiered area with storage beneath. Put the bed on the higher tier, the desk and a set of shelves on the step area. Under the bed, install a closet with hanging space. Under the step, place additional storage.
  • Elegance and Entertainment - Create a pretty space for a young woman by placing her bed in an unfinished wood loft area. Beneath, add a desk and a child-sized sectional couch to create a play space or entertainment area for sleepovers or tea parties.
  • Post-Modern for Studious Teens - High ceilings, small floor space? No problem. Place the teen’s bed in a full-sized loft area, with steps that conceal storage drawers. Under the loft, install wall shelves, a desk, chair and two-drawer filing cabinet. Add electrical outlets and a charging station for a full-service study area.

Can a full-size loft bed fit every room?

The only limitation that might be an issue is the amount of vertical space available. There should be enough room for the child or person to sit upright on the bed. So the main thing to keep in mind is ceiling height and the height of the child, along with room to grow. If the ceiling is too low for a true loft, consider creating a slightly lower elevated bed with storage beneath it and a step shelf for more storage and space for a desk and a chair. The possibilities are endless, from simple furniture designs to creating a tree house or fantasy theme.


Loft full bed

Cozy and adorable setup for a colorful children bedroom made in a girl style. The bedroom is furnished with an unfinished, full-size loft bed made out of birch wood with a corner sofa underneath and a built-in desk.

Bed with desk

If your loft apartment is not very spacious, but it has high ceiling, maximize on space using full size bunk bed, a lower level for desk, and the space below for storage. Add some asymmetrical shelves et voila. Ingenious!

Full size loft beds for sale

Loft bed with a solid construction made of wood in universal white color. The upper area includes a twin-size bed with protective walls and the lower area includes a dresser, desk and practical storage shelves.

Full size loft bed with desk plans

With this full size loft bed your children are going to sleep dreaming only colorful dreams. Entirely constructed of wood, the combo features a built-in ladder, a twin bunk on the top that is secured by railings, drawers and open shelves for storage, and a functional desk.

Loft bunk bed with desk

Brilliant combination of a high loft bed with a huge wardrobe full of storage space is a complete solution for small interiors. Interesting design with numerous built-in elements is very functional and practical.

Full size loft bed frame

This comfy loft bed is a great choice, when it comes to kids' rooms. The whole construction is made of grey iron, with the bed situated on the top and secured by fixed railings, and a large desk at the bottom, along with open shelves, and a pull-out tray for keyboard.

Diy full size loft bed with desk plans pdf plans

DIY Full Size Loft Bed With Desk Plans PDF Plans Download

Bunk beds with desk underneath

Who has not dreamed of having a bunk bed in childhood? Writer Kazuo Ishiguro once wrote: "Children grow up, but they remain children." Everyone will be delighted with a white and green full-size loft bed made of wood and MDF and a desk underneath.

Cheap full size loft bed

loft bed with desk underneath: loft bed with desk underneath

Bed desk combo

This full size loft bed is combined with a functional desk that is built-in between the beds. Constructed of wood, the combo also includes 1 open shelf, a metal protection on the top bed, and caster wheels on the bottom one for easy pullout.

Bunk bed with desk underneath

This combo for a kids' room, consisted of 1 bunk bed and 1 desk, can be a nice way to fill up the room with practical and eye-catching furniture. The combo features a desk with 3 drawers, 2 wall drawers, 1 office chair, a staircase with built-in drawers, and a bed with protective railings.

Kids loft bed with desk underneath

loft bunk bed desk

Unique full size beds

Designed to bring functionality and resolve the problem with the lack of sleeping places, this triple bed is a clever, l-shaped construction, featuring two upper beds towering over a twin bed and perpendicularly juxtaposed wardrobe.

Loft bed full

Bunk bed for space saving in the teenager's room and others interiors as needed. It is fitted with desk, open shelves and chest for storing clothes. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports.

Wellington white junior stairway twin loft bed w desk

Wellington White Junior Stairway Twin Loft Bed w/ Desk

Gabriel Full Loft Bed with Ladder and Media Cart

Gabriel Full Loft Bed with Ladder and Media Cart

Loft bunk beds with desk

Loft Bunk Beds With Desk

Highlands Full Loft Bed with Desk

Highlands Full Loft Bed with Desk

Pink and white bunk beds with desk under 1

Pink and White Bunk Beds with Desk Under

Loft bed with desk underneath 2

Loft bed with desk underneath

Bed with desk under

Loft bed made of wood and fitted with ladder and railings for added safety. Base has desk, chest and bookcase for storing needed stuff. Provides space saving in the kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Bunk beds with a queen on bottom

A very comfortable bunk bed stylization that includes a single bed in the upper area. The lower one includes a queen-sized bed and a small desk with a chair. This wooden construction features a neutral white finish.

Bed and desk combo

Adorable set up for a colourful children’s bedroom made in a girly style. The bedroom is furnished with a large loft bed unit with a single bed on top and a ladder leading to it, as well as a desk with a cabinet and a bookcase on the bottom.

Full loft bed with desk

This practical set for kids' rooms is resistant to splitting, cracking and warping, thanks to its organic engineered wood construction. Features a nice staircase with 4 built-in drawers, a desk with 3 built-in drawers, and a bunk bed with protective rails. Weight limit is 250 pounds.

Full loft beds

An interesting contemporary full size loft bed with cabinets underneath, a desk and shelving units on storage cabinets next to the bed. The entirety is made of wooden materials in white and light browns. It's equipped with small spiral stairs.

Bunk bed desk combo

An interesting functional piece of furniture designed for children bedrooms. It includes a sleeping area, a desk and a basket. The solid metal frame and MDF base of the sleeping area provides the best stability and resistance to damage.

Loft beds full size

Loft bed with desk...

Layton full size loft bed with computer workstation

layton full size loft bed with computer workstation

Loft bed computer desk full size roseburg for sale in

Loft Bed Computer Desk, full size - (Roseburg for sale in Roseburg ...

Full bed loft

Kids' & Teens' Loft Beds with Desk Underneath - 2014

Queen size loft bed with desk

Queen Size Loft Bed With Desk

Full loft bed frame

Elite Classics Loft Bed - los of options here. Loft w/ space below for desk and/or storage; chest at end instead of desk...

Camaflexi c62 full size high loft bed with panel headboard

Camaflexi C62 FULL size High Loft Bed with Panel Headboard. Plenty of room underneath for a small desk/task chair plus a comfy reading chair

Loft bed full size

No idea for space-challenged student room? A loft bed with built-in desk underneath is always the right pick. This full size setting creates besides healthy studying environment, as it's crafted from wood!

Full bunk bed with desk

For the boys next room--with curtains underneath! STORÅ Loft bed frame - IKEA

Full size bunk bed with desk

Mixing Work With Pleasure - Loft Beds With Desks Underneath

Radia Twin Loft Bed with Ladder

Radia Twin Loft Bed with Ladder

Loft bunk beds with desk

Small problem with this Loft-Style Bunk. This black-frame bunk bed is an ideal fit for the urban kid. The large desk and comfortable red leather chair provide a homework area under the loft-style, full-size bunk bed, allowing more space for ot

Full size loft bed with desk 1

full size loft bed with desk

Desk bunk bed

This loft bed with desk and closet will be a perfect proposition for children's bedroom, particularly if you want to save space. Accessed by safe and stable wooden ladder.

For sale full size bunk bed with desk 1

For Sale** Full Size Bunk Bed with Desk

Best full size loft beds for adults and heavy people

Best Full Size Loft Beds For Adults and Heavy People.

Kenwood full size loft in driftwood kids furniture in

Kenwood Full Size Loft in Driftwood – Kids Furniture In ...