Kids Playhouse Kit

Make your little ones jump with joy and "build" a playhouse in the garden. It'll soon brim with giggles, happiness and memories for later. The collection below presents a wide range of designs so browse, get inspired and don't let the kids grow out from their dreams.

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Kids playhouse kit

Create the play and relax space for your kids with this country cottage cubby house. It features two levels of elevation, sandbox underneath, ladder, ample room, open doorway and several windows. Trust me, your kids want to have it!

Kids playhouse kit
Julie Perez

Surprise your kids with their own hobbit's hole by deciding on this fabulous cottage playhouse. Its design is just, incredible - with a lovely round door, 1 round window, and a profiled roof that looks like a half of pinecomb.

Kids playhouse kit

A cool outdoor playhouse with a slide. Its sturdy wooden base is finished in brown. Over a canopied sandbox with simple corner seats there's a house with beige walls, white-framed doors and windows, a brown roof. A long wavy slide is of plastic.

Treehouse building kits

A big, wooden playhouse kit for kids. It resembles an American cabin in the woods. It even has a porch, on which you can place chairs. Great idea to provide a creative source of fun for your children, as well as an option to visually enhance your garden.

Tree house kits
Heather Barn

Straight from the Lord of the Rings world, this outdoor hobbit hole playhouse will be a real blast for your little ones. Spacious and gorgeous, it features wood construction in a natural finish, a round door and windows, and a blue-tiling roof.

Playhouse kits
Martinez Brittany

Treehouse or garden house is a dream place for children to play. The sturdy construction of this kids playhouse kit is a perfect combination of wood and details that resemble a real home. A charming look gives you lots of fun.

Clubhouse kit
Cintia Kowalski

A beautiful playhouse kit form the Sunflower wood. Its design evokes associations with the traditional cottage houses, comprising a lovely porch with a balustrade along with window planters and heart-shaped adornment on the front doors.

Wooden castle playhouse plans
Amber Mitc

Ensure a perfect gathering spot for your children to actually have fun like in the olden days and enjoy the fresh air. This playhouse cottage is made entirely out of wood and can be easily installed on any tree.

Diy playhouse kits
Cintia Kowalski

No idea how to make a playhouse for your kids yourself? Check out this great, detailed plans. You can even see the final result of them here, which is a fully functional, safe to use wooden playhouse. I’d love to have no like that in my garden!

Treehouse kit
Katherine Jone

A wonderful birthday gift for your little ones, that will be a great addition to your backyard. The house comes with a high-pitched roof, glass panel windows, a front door, a balcony, a curvy slide instead of stairs, a built-in ladder, a thick wood frame with a swing, and a sandbox underneath the house.

Backyard playground ideas

This exciting idea for a children's playground is hand made from simple, publicly available materials. Numerous details and unusual play arrangements guarantee children a perfect place to spend their time outdoors. Solid wooden construction.

Kids wood playhouse
Kathleen Barnes

Make sure that your child always has the perfect place to have fun and play but do it with safety in mind. This children's tower playhouse is the stunning structure made from only the highest quality wood for years of safe fun.

Kids playhouse plans lowes pdf plans diy playhouse kits uk

Kids Playhouse Plans Lowes PDF Plans diy playhouse kits uk

Outdoor treehouse kits
Jenna Delicata

Take a retreat in your own backyard with this elegant rendition of a classic tree house. Kids will love the multiple levels and long list of custom play options, while parents will love the aesthetic appeal and subtle design details

Clubhouse kits
Robinson Layla

Charming playhouse designed for indoor use. It is mounted on wooden frame. Neutral design for boys and girls. Great solution for each children's bedroom according to taste.

Prefab treehouse for kids

This playhouse kit was designed by Kanga Room Systems Inc., a company, which specializes in revolutionary, high quality, prefabricated wood product kits for stand-alone outdoor rooms. Various tones of celadon and turquoise combine here wid mid-century inspirations.

Cubby house kits
Cintia Kowalski

This play tower can be a great addition for one's garden or backyard decor, entertaining your kids and encouraging them to spend time outdoors. The yellow footprints are a really cute accent.

Danielle Whi


Kids playhouse kits
Laetitia Zernike

Cottages in the garden or on a tree very often appear in children's books, for example, those by Astrid Lindgren - here made of wood kids playhouse cottage kit has door frames and doors finished in white, graphite color and gray roof with imitation tiles.

Childrens playhouse kits

Children love to play in the garden, and this playhouse is an excellent choice. Beautiful chalet-like woodwork admires the details and resembles a real building. Charming colors, railings, shutters and a lovely patio encourage to play.

Playhouse kit plans

OK, Pappy, so this one would do, too! Love YOU! ** Madison

Kids clubhouse kits
Renee Har

With this kids playhouse kit your children will never again complain of boredom, since it provides them with plenty of possibilities for fun and enjoyment and will keep them occupied for hours with the slides and swings.

Kids clubhouse blueprints
Latoya Alex

This hobbit playhouse enchants with its round front door and windows, both painted in purple. Made from natural wood, it will fit well into most of the gardens or backyards.

Tree house kits for sale

Playhouse with climbing wall, slide, ladder, balcony and more. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Application in the garden and others outdoor places.

Prefab playhouse

Interesting, round kids playhouse kit. When everyone has the house-shaped play kit, this one here is great at being unique and different. It kinda reminds us of the houses in Lord of the Rings, where hobbits lived!

Pre built wooden playhouse

What distinguishes this kids playhouse kit from the rest of them? Especially its raspberry color, along with white frames, authenticity of details. Made of wood, it will not be blown out along with the gale. A powerful roof with gray tiles.

Cubby house and slide

Dress up your tree house with our awsome pirate theme. Includes: Mast with crows nest, Jolly Roger Flag, 4' Skeleton with sword, Skull & Cross Swords, Cannon with door in log, Ship's wheel, Nautical netting on log, 2 Pirate pistols, 4-5 miscellaneous bone

Treehouse kits for sale
Melissa Jame

A cool contemporary bed combined with an indoor playhouse for kids. It crafted of wooden materials with a natural finish. It's equipped with 2 bottom drawers, a punchbag, a ladder. A plying area on the loft has side security rails and a canopy.

Build your own playhouse kit
Katherine Jone

Cubbyhouse kits : Diy Handyman Cubby house : Cubbie house Accessories: Plans

Playhouses 2
Abigail Wrightful


Leonard playhouse
Alexis Milani

Wow! The fantastic, functional, funny, and nicely finished kids playhouse Castle Cubby House for your garden. You need to have it at your outside, of course for your kid. It features the playground, tiny room and outside toys.

Raised playhouse kits
Valerie Alex

Moving UP - What a great idea for an "in-law" house out back. She could live on the ground floor while having a loft for the grands to visit.

Wooden playhouse kits cheap

A great gift for your kids that love to play in the backyard. This wood playhouse set features a properly secured twostorey tower with high-pitched roof and toy steering wheel, 3 various swings, 1 aqua blue slide and 1 fixed ladder.

Kids cubby house ideas
Mega Leahbrown

The Grand Portico #Mansion Amish Made #Kids Outdoor #Playhouse Kit - Playhouses - Playtime! - Kids - $8,219.00

Cedar kids playhouse log cabins
Jillian Wrig

Cedar Kids Playhouse & Log Cabins

Tree house kits for kids
Lily Cravenable

The outdoor small kids house is a kid's dream! This one is a nicely finished woodworking, with real cedar shingles, door and window. Add it to your garden, and enjoy a lovely product.

Outdoor playhouses 3

Outdoor Playhouses

Kid playhouse kits
Crystal Bryant

about Outdoor Kids Playhouse Playset Backyard Fun Deck Porch 6x9 Kit ...

Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House

Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House

Playhouse kits canada

The Amish Made Victorian Kids Outdoor Playhouse Kit

Tree house building kit
Hilton Emily

playhouse 2 playhouse 3 playhouse 4 playhouse 5 playhouse 6 playhouse ...

Kids childs outdoor playhouse kit safe backyard fun
Mackenzie Milani

Kids Childs Outdoor Playhouse Kit - Safe Backyard Fun

Wooden playhouse 6

Wooden Playhouse

Outdoor kids play house for boys pirate ship playhouse 1
Carmen Kowalski

Outdoor Kids Play House for Boys - Pirate Ship Playhouse 1

Tots Loft Playhouse

Tots Loft Playhouse

Prefab playhouse kits
Danielle Campbell

DIY swingset idea - this one is a bit more than we can do, but has some great ideas!

Fun outdoor wood playhouse kit for kids hampton chalet

Fun Outdoor Wood Playhouse Kit for Kids – Hampton Chalet

Hobbit hole playhouse kit outdoor wooden kids playhouse with round
Kristin Cam

Hobbit Hole Playhouse Kit: outdoor wooden kids playhouse with round ...

Wooden tree house kits
April Bar

Playhouses-Outdoor Playhouse-Kids Playhouse Kits

Child playhouse kit
Carmen Kowalski

large 3D Printer prints a concrete castle - modern playhouse for kids!