Wrought Iron Candle Stands

Candle stand might not be the most important piece of furniture but it can surely fulfill its function well. The wrought iron candle stands shown at the photos below are all pretty and useful, even thoug their size, shape and design vary. Many customers have decided themselves for these stands and what do you think?

Wrought iron candle stands 8

Have a spare footprint indoors? Take a look at this simple wrought iron candle stand on three splayed feet, accommodating a single candle to be propped on its top pricket. Modern Italian renaissance style comes with pewter finish.

Rod iron candle stands

This iron candle stand in the shape of the tree, will create a magical atmosphere in your room. Universal design makes it a perfect match to most room decors. It easy to clean and storage. You can also hang on it as many candles as you want.

Wrought iron candle stands 2

Add these charming candle holders to your interior to make for a real glamour statement. It offers a tall design to make it easier to catch the attention of your guests and make it stand out better.

Vintage tall wrought iron candle stand

Vintage Tall Wrought Iron Candle Stand
This tall wrought iron candle stand makes a vintage proposition for romantic dinners, weddings or banquets. Its ornamental, shabby chic style delights with inimitable character, adding much warmth and liveliness to the interior.

Wrought iron candle stands 2

Vintage Wrought Iron Candle Stand Tripod

Wrought iron candle stands

Would candle pillars like this at the alter but with tall clear glass candle holders... Beautiful. Give its and elegant, romantic feel

Wrought iron candlestick

Wrought iron candle stands, Cornelius Kelley, 1930

Wrought iron scroll candle holder

Wrought Iron Scroll Candle Holder

Partylite grape leaf 3 wick wrought iron candle stand

Partylite Grape Leaf 3 Wick Wrought Iron Candle Stand
Candle stand that provides light and decorates indoors. Its wrought iron construction features some decorative elements in the form of three leaves. Glass candle area is transparent and resistant to wear.

Iron candlesticks 1

A set of traditional candle sticks created for both indoor and outdoor use. They are made of iron shaped in a nice, decorative design. With slim candles inside they will create a magical and romantic atmosphere.

24 wrought iron three tier pillar leaf branch candle holder

24" Wrought Iron Three Tier Pillar Leaf & Branch Candle Holder

Wrought iron candle stands 3

Such a beautiful, unique candle stand. The wrought iron helix design perfectly matches the wooden base and top. Great not only for more traditional rooms but also perfect for any modern, mid-century designs.

Wrought iron candle stands 2

wrought iron short floorcandlestand

Wrought iron candle stands 4

Wrought Iron Stands Scroll Design

Forged iron cylinder stands

Forged Iron Cylinder Stands

Wrought iron candle 2

Candle holder fitted with vase handle. It is made of wrought iron and finished with decorative curves. Classic form and elegant design for any interior.

Wrought iron candle stands 3

Trevi Candleholder

Wrought iron candle stands

Candle stand with a durable wrought iron construction. This stand features three solid legs and a thick post with some decorative accents. Black color of this element of design is neutral, so it looks great in any indoors.

Wrought iron candle 1

An antique, wrought iron candle holder lantern made to be placed on a tabletop. The design of this one may suggest that it’s meant for outdoor use, but actually makes for a great dining room lamp replacement.

French large bird cage wrought iron new 1m65 high nib

French Large Bird Cage Wrought Iron New 1m65 High Nib Absolutely Stunning
Looking at this wrought iron bird cage, you can sense the characteristic French touch in its every inch. This 1m65 high construction amazes with its stunning silhouette, full of intricate curves and volutes.

Wrought iron candle stand 1

Wrought Iron Candle Stand

Wrought iron candle 36

This stylish candle holder is very simple, so you can do it yourself. It is made of glass vase filled of old vine stoppers. On the center, there is tall candle in glass cover. It will be fit to your living room especially during autumn.

Wrought iron candle 3

Mexican Wrought Iron Candle Holders for create a romantic atmosphere in recreation room, dining area or bedroon. I think that they look cool in bathroom too.

Gifts & Decor Night Hanging Table Lantern Candle Holder, Sapphire

Antique iron candle holders

Vintage Antique Wrought Iron Candle Stand Candle by TheBargainBox, $200.00

Foucaults orb crystal iron 6 light chandelier

Foucaults Orb Crystal Iron 6 Light Chandelier
Tasteful chandelier mounted on wrought iron frame and fitted with 6 lights. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received great reviews from customers.

Wrought iron candle stands 10

Pair of Antique Arts & Crafts Iron Candle Stands. This is a decorative pair of English, 19th century wrought iron candle stands, very much an Arts & Crafts design. These tall antique candle stands have a tripod base with floral iron decorations. Circa: 1

Iron candle holders 4

An adorable set of two candle holders made out of wrought iron. The candle holders are meant to resemble African giraffes with a little plate to place a candle on the top and a circular stand on the bottom for stability.

Iron candle stands

Iron Candle Stands

Iron candle holders 23

Original candle holder made of durable cast iron. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wrought iron candle stands 18

Jeweled Teardrop Votive Stand from - Graceful crystal drops turn a candle’s glow into liquid light, adding bewitching beauty to a classic wrought-iron candle stand. An elegantly simple accent piece ideal for any room! Buy wholesale a

Iron candle holders 1

Adorable design for a farmhouse candle holder in a rustic, Western-style, perfect for a countryside living room. This one is made to resemble a horseshoe with a candle behind it and is made entirely out of cast iron.

Iron candle holders 17

Antique design for a set of two old-fashioned lantern candle holders, made out of dark-brown iron with a brass appearance. The lanterns both have glass doors so you can easily see the light, and can be closed to save the fire from the wind.

Outdoor Shepherds Hook & Bucket Ashtray for the Patio and Garden

Wrought iron candle stands 4

17th century Italian wrought iron candle stands

Iron candle holders 2

This iron candle holder lantern evokes associations with the English classicism. Ideal for one's outdoors, adds the nostalgic romance of a traditional English cottage garden. Has the size of 11-inch width, 7 1/4-inch depth, 31-inch length.

Wrought iron candle stands 5

Wrought Iron Combined Candle Rush Light Stand 18th Century | eBay sold 811.00

Iron candle holders 27

Inspired by Nordic traditional, this cast iron candelabra is actually a Normann Copenhagen's project. The cast iron construction enabled to create intricate forms, at the same time maintaining sturdiness.

Wrought candle holder

Wrought Candle Holder
Antique candle holder with a solid wrought iron construction. This item features three legs that provide good stability and support. The whole item looks very simple, so it matches any interior design without problems.

Wrought Iron Centerpiece Candelabra

Wrought Iron Centerpiece Candelabra
It is a centerpiece candelabra that is made of iron and holds five pillar candles. It is perfect for your dining room table, fireplace, bedroom and more. The iron banding is strong and wide. It looks very beautiful and elegant.

Wrought iron wall candle holders

A stunning and unusual wall decoration. It's a wrought iron construction, which consists of several square and rectangular frames randomly combined together. This asymmetrical piece is also an extraordinary holder for candles.

Wrought iron candle stands 17

Like the wrought iron candle stands

Wrought iron candle holders 6

A pretty classic holder for wide cylindrical pillar candles. It's made of wrought iron with an aged black finish. It has a round foot, a beautifully scrolled stem and a shallow round bobeche adorned with diamond-like pendants of clear crystal glass.

Candle holders 13

candle holders

Wrought iron candle holders

It resembles the dragon's tail - and just as the dragon will fire. Here is a unique candlestick. Made of wrought iron candle holder - it is adjustable to any corner or wall in your home. 18th century trim - is visible in a dark color.

Wrought iron candle holders

Made from wrought iron candle holder, wall mounted sconce looks really cool against light color walls. Its has some special place for a candle. You can actually use thecandle hidden in a glass jar to maximize artistic effect.

Wrought iron candle stands 16

Fisherman Sky Hook perched on a boulder watching his line, contemplating lures for trout, steelhead, salmon. A sense of quiet permeates the entire place, a wildlife refuge teeming with jackrabbits, deer, bobcats and mountain lions. A fire is roaring in th

Forged iron candle holders

What a wonderful, extremely elegant and classy piece of furniture. A gorgeous, white wrought iron candle holder with little crystals hanging down. Perfect for a sophisticated living room or dining room table.

Wrought iron candle holder 10

Wrought Iron Candle Holder
This unique wrought iron candle holder enchants with its intricate, ornamental shape, full of curves and quirkiness. Big attention to details, along with solidness of finishing make it a good proposition both for your indoors and outdoors.

Wrought iron candle holder 1

Create the fairy tale atmosphere in your home with this vintage iron candle holders. You can mount it to the wall, to create a magic aura in your home by lighting the candles of it. It can be also used without candles as a vintage wall decoration.