Leviton Lamp Sockets

Leviton lamp sockets might not be something you would expect to see in collections that are largely populated by home decor and furniture, but wouldn't a lamp be part of your home decor? And if you love that lamp but the socket is shot, you want to find the right socket to fit it. That is what the Leviton lamp socket collection brings to the table. It offers an economical solution to avoid discarding a perfectly good lamp.

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Leviton Lamp Socket

Leviton Lamp Socket
Brass lamp holder / 3-way light socket. Brass lamp replacement part with turn knob. Solid brass framing. Leviton lamp socket. Vintage lamp part. Lamp socket replacement. Metal desk lamp socket. Home lighting accessory.

10 Leviton Bottom Turn Knob Candle Light Socket Lamp Holders 660w 250v 4155 3

10 Leviton Bottom Turn Knob Candle Light Socket Lamp Holders 660w 250v 4155 3
Have you ever problem with finding fit light bulb? If you have unique or old-fashioned lamp, you can have problem with it! Fortunately, you can buy this simple lamp socket. Due to this gadget, you can use every type of light bulb in your lamp!

Leviton 2 Light Offset Socket Cluster Lamp Holder 660w 250v 4032 E5f

Leviton 2 Light Offset Socket Cluster Lamp Holder 660w 250v 4032 E5f
Incandescent lampholder, special 2-light phenolic offset lampholder cluster for 60W of maximum lamp wattage, fitting standard lamp bulbs. Has an aluminium screw shell and flat-sided top & bottom bushing.

10 Leviton Porcelain Twin Light Socket Dual Lamp Holders 660w 250v 4005

10 Leviton Porcelain Twin Light Socket Dual Lamp Holders 660w 250v 4005
Those 10 Leviton twin light socket dual lamp holders (660W 250V) are professionally made of glazed porcelain. They come with a central bushed steel strap, copper alloy screw shell, twin side outlet, and edium base E26 socket that fits standard light bulbs.

Base Socket Table Lamp

Base Socket Table Lamp
This base socket table lamp is available in four finishes: antique brass, dark antique brass, dark brass and raw brass. It is handmade and everyone will tell you how amazing this table lamp is.

Leviton lamp sockets

The simple and very versatile Leviton lamp socket is an excellent way to attach a light. The Multi-lamp holder will work in many models of lamps and not only made of durable steel. An accessory is useful in any home.

Brass leviton double cluster lamp socket with pull chain sockets

... Brass-Leviton-Double-Cluster-Lamp-Socket-with-Pull-chain-Sockets-LP111

Our advice Buying Guide

Leviton lamp holders provide a practical and simple way to get your lamps working perfectly. This isn't an item which has a lot of visual appeal, so the things you should consider before buying one are different from what you might consider for fancier and more elegant home accessories. These items are most commonly used among those who have bought older lamps which are not compatible with modern light bulbs.

Leviton lamp sockets allow you to make this possible and use your antique lamp purchase just as much as you would a more modern version. In order to make sure you pick up the correct lamp sockets, here are the things you should think about.

How to get the right socket?

If you already have bulbs to use for your lamp, you may have to stick to these specifications in order to buy the correct lamp socket. If this is the case, check the packaging on the bulb that you have and you will find the information you need.

You will also have to check that the socket you are considering buying is suitable for the lamp. If there is not a manual included with your lamp, you can note the specifications and ask the supplier for the best fit.

If you accidentally buy a lamp socket that doesn't fit the bulb, you can buy adapters which can easily solve most of these problems.

How to choose the right socket material?

Like many home accessories, there are various materials which you can buy. We'll consider some of the most common materials to help you decide on the best fit for your lamp.

  • Plastic: A simple and cost-effective material, a plastic Leviton lamp socket is a great choice if you are looking for something cheap and cheerful to do the job.
  • Brass: These can sometimes be found as antique accessories, so if you've bought a beautiful old lamp and you want a matching accessory that looks as good as the lamp does, this could be a good choice.
  • Porcelain: A durable and strong material which is more expensive than plastic but cheaper than an antique brass, porcelain is a clean option which is neutral enough to use with many different lamps.

How to care for Leviton lamp sockets?

The hard work doesn't all finish once you've purchased a lamp socket. Looking after the lamp sockets and making sure that they last a long time is simple and manageable. Since you should regularly clean the lamp you have purchased, it won't be difficult to keep on top of the lamp socket too. The method for cleaning will mainly depend on the type of material of the lamp socket.

For plastic and ceramic, a clean damp cloth will be able to wipe any surface dirt and dust. Brass may require something a little stronger, such as detergent, although you should always ensure the cleaning product is suitable for brass.

Finally, remember that regular light cleaning is the most effective way to ensure that your lamp sockets are well maintained.


Leviton lamp holders

Virtually every light source will be satisfied with this leviton lamp socket. It is a one-piece, glazed, made of porcelain grille, in flawless white. Single post - ideal for wardrobes or utility rooms.

Home depot light socket

Leviton Brand, Complete Socket for 3-Way Bulbs, w/Uno Thread | Antique Lamp Supply

Leviton Candelabra Base Lamp Holder Light Socket Keyless 75W 125W 10014-500

From commercial to residential ones, Leviton's line of lamp holders always means top quality materials that serve its role for years. Its durable phenolic body conceals an inside extrusion 1/8-27.

Leviton lamp sockets 1

With this keyless lamp holder socket with set screw in 1/8F cap and shell, you can easily improve your antique masterpiece. It is very durable, made of solid metal and covered in a brass finish.

B&P Lamp Leviton Brand Keyless Bakelite Socket W/Ring

This Leviton Brand Keyless Bakelite Socket w/Ring embodies the solidness and quality of Leviton products. Just remember to disconnect or unplug the lamp or fixture from any source of electricity before you begin to tinker with it.

Metal shell sockets leviton brand turn knob socket w antique

... metal shell sockets leviton brand turn knob socket w antique style key

Home plastic lamp sockets leviton brand bakelite turn knob socket

... home plastic lamp sockets leviton brand bakelite turn knob socket

Leviton 4155-51 Incandescent Lampholder, Bottom Turn Knob Switch, Candle, Medium Base, 660W-250V, 2 Leg Steel Bracket Assembly Pinned to Socket

Leviton socket

Very rare tall vintage art glass lamp in beautiful condition measures 34" tall overall. 24.5 " from bottom of base to top of glass. Huge optic cased glass finished with brass fittings on top and sitting on a metal base. Glass diameter is 7" at widest

Leviton lamp socket 3

Leviton Lamp Socket

Leviton threaded candelabra light socket lamp holder 10032

Leviton Threaded Candelabra Light Socket Lamp Holder 10032

Leviton porcelain pony cleat lampholder medium base light socket e26

Leviton Porcelain Pony Cleat Lampholder Medium Base Light Socket E26 ...

Leviton sockets

This is a beautiful gold leviton lamp sockets perfect for anyone who value high detail level of house decoration and great definition. It looks luxurious and bring unique atmosphere into your room and also attract a lot of attention.

Vintage leviton lamps

Fix grey lamp switch. Leviton Push-Button Socket Lamp Holder-R50-06098-0PG - The Home Depot

2 3 32 53 18mm leviton candelabra e 12 lamp

If you have old-fashioned lamp dedicated for classic light bulbs, but you want to use energy-efficient, eco bulb, you can do that due to this lamp socket. It is dedicated especially for table lamps and chandeliers.

Leviton 7090-M Medium Base Interior Only, Shell Incandescent Lampholder, Removeable Turn Knob, 2-Circuit, For 3-Way 2-Filament Lamps

Leviton lamp parts 1

You are lover of antique lamps, but any light bulb doesn't fit to them? Now, there is solution for this problem - due to this original base socket you can use modern, simple light bulb in every type of lamp!

Leviton sockets ceramic

This little thing that seems to be an element of great jewelry - is very helpful when it comes to lamp sockets. It contains less set screw and a standard base. This Leviton lamp socket is made of brass.

Light socket home depot

Someone had great talent to make such an extraordinary desk lamp. It seems that it's been made from parts of a vintage machine, and some elements are brand new. Its design falls on the steampunk side.

Leviton lamp sockets 8

... light socket Leviton porcelain with a ceramic insulator light socket

Leviton lamp sockets

Leviton Porcelain Twin Light Socket Dual Lamp Holder 660W 250V w/ 9 ...

Interview 008 1406 iv ivory 2 outlet lamp socket and

Interview , 008-1406 IV Ivory 2 Outlet Lamp Socket and Pull Chain

Leviton lamp sockets 5

Presented here leviton lamp socket, is an easy to a wire, quality product. It was made with a precision of metal with nickel finish. It eliminates the need for expensive 3-way bulbs. The metal plate covers the wiring connections.

Leviton lamp sockets 1

Description Old Leviton light socket.jpg

Leviton light sockets

A classic single circuit lamp holder for standard bulbs with a medium base. Its aesthetic outer shell is of glossy gold-finished metal. It has a removable knurled knob switch of nonconducting black plastic.

Leviton 167 Medium Base, Two-Piece, Keyless, Incandescent, Phenolic Lampholder, Pin-Type, Single Circuit, Feed-Through, Includes Hook, Black

Leviton 128 w twin light outlet socket adapter white

Leviton 128-W Twin Light Outlet Socket Adapter White -

Leviton lamp sockets 7

... create account home metal shell sockets leviton brand keyless socket

Leviton lamp sockets 4

Leviton R50-10083-16 Turn Knob Lamp Socket-TURN KNOB LAMP SOCKET

Keyless mogul porcelain socket leviton lamp part new 30505j


Home depot lamp socket

Go for this leviton lamp socket that is made of high quality and durable porcelain. It comes with the keyless fixture and will make for just the most fitting solution for when you need a boost of functional use for your home.

Leviton 6151 Incandescent Lamp Holder Socket Dimmer, Metal Finish, Brass Color

A very valuable property of brass, mainly due to the copper content, is also bactericidal. This means that brass kills the bacteria on its surface. It is worth using such a gilded brass Leviton lamp socket.

Leviton porcelain light socket

For those who need a good leviton lamp sockets. It can be used with incandescent and halogen. The socek type is medium base. This adapters are able with 660W/250V - very helpful and easy to mount.

This Mogul reducer socket is a simple install.

Leviton lamp socket

Porcelain Socket w Ground (Leviton)

Light socket adapter home depot

A contemporary single circuit lamp holder for bulbs with a medium size base. It has an aesthetic outer shell of brass and ceramic interior. It's equipped with a removable turn knob of durable black nonconducting plastic.

Lamp socket dimmer

A chic vintage swag lamp having a showy brass base with decorative collars, a grooved bulb and short carved stem. A large drum lampshade features a spotted design in brown and golden tones and creamy edging. It has 2 sockets and a pull chain switch.

Leviton 3 way socket lamp holder

Leviton 3-Way Socket Lamp Holder

Leviton lamp sockets 9

... leviton halogen sockets t8 sockets leviton t5 sockets leviton lamp

Leviton lamp sockets 10

Mazzega Murano Glass Lamp Circa 1970’s Blown glass table light, single piece of clear glass that blends into white opaque glass at the top. 14” high x 14” diameter, 8 ¼” base Two chips on base, ½” light scratch on top. Leviton switch on cord i

Leviton light socket


Leviton lamps antique

Leviton 4158 Medium Base, Two-Piece, Candle Sockets, Incandescent, Phenolic Lampholder, Integral Turn Knob, Single Circuit, Side Outlet, Black by Leviton. $11.21. From the Manufacturer Medium Base, Two-Piece, Candle Sockets, Incandescent, P

Leviton porcelain light socket lamp holder medium e26 660w 250v

Leviton Porcelain Light Socket Lamp Holder Medium E26 660W 250V 70036 ...

Leviton 9874 Porcelain Outlet Box Mount, Incandescent Ceiling Lampholder, Keyless, White