Large Wall Clocks Contemporary

The modern home needs a modern style. And while analog is not very modern, in the movement of décor, large wall clocks are often seen, if for no other reason than the ironic slant on the contemporary digital ideal. These clocks are well made and keep perfect time. They can come in plenty of styles and we have them all in this collection. Take a look and see if your contemporary home is right for a large wall clock.

Best Products

Oversized round contemporary metal clock modern glazed large wall hanging

Oversized round contemporary metal clock modern glazed large wall hanging
A stunning oversized, round and contemporary metal clock that sports the modern glazed finish and offers a design perfect to hang it on the wall of your living room and just sit back and enjoy the upgrade to the decor.

Block clock modern sleek contemporary

Block clock modern sleek contemporary
Wall clock in contemporary form. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Shield is made from maple wood. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors.

Large Wall Clock Cable Railing Open Glu Lam Stairs Contemporary Staircase Other Metros

Large Wall Clock Cable Railing Open Glu Lam Stairs Contemporary Staircase Other Metros
Contemporary staircase with medium brown wood stairs, trendy cable railing and some decorous elements variegating the design: a large open design clock on a wall and a pedestal artwork with pelican sculpture on the mid floor.

Bond Street Oversized 30" Wall Clock

Bond Street Oversized 30" Wall Clock
This type of device is a high quality clock designed for wall mounting. It has got a round shape and a black decorative face with gold Roman numbers for hours and Arabic numbers for minutes and seconds.

Customizable Traditional Clock

Customizable Traditional Clock
Stylish wall clock with deep-mounted mechanism for hung on the flat. Elegant and old-fashioned design. Runs on 1 AA battery (not included). Made in the USA.

Rosemore & Redding On My Way Wall Clock

Rosemore & Redding On My Way Wall Clock
Now you can not only go for more practicality in your kitchen but also add a pop of charm and color to it thanks to this amazing, weathered wood clock that showcases a bird motif and the typographic accent.

Our advice Buying Guide

What size wall clock should I use in a contemporary home?

A medium-size wall clock measuring between 12”-24” or a larger one ranging between 24”-32” will fit best in a contemporary home. The most important factor to look at is the wall space you have available to hang it. The space surrounding your clock should be approximately six times as wide and four times as high as the clock.

Large wall clocks with contemporary designs make a statement in any room but work especially well in open plan spaces. Popular designs include frameless clocks, 3D designs, and novelty shapes. Place these in living areas, kitchens, and hallways. Medium size wall clocks fit nicely within a contemporary home also but provide a less dramatic effect.

When mounting a large wall clock, ensure that you find the wall stud for maximum stability and use heavy-duty screws rather than a conventional hangar. Don’t embed the screw all the way into the wall; leave ½”-¾” protruding so that it fits inside the clock.

What battery do large wall clocks take?

The types of battery a large wall clock needs depends on the manufacturer’s specifications. However, you generally need at least 1.5V to operate a large wall clock because the larger hands require more energy to move.

Correct batteries and voltage are crucial for precision and accurate timekeeping. 1.5V is equivalent to the nominal charge of 1 AA or 1AAA battery. The difference between the two is that a AA battery has a large internal capacity and will last longer than a AAA cell.

Large wall clocks with a second hand, pendulum, or chime, may need two 1.5V batteries or require more frequent battery changes.

What are large wall clocks made out of?

Large wall clocks, contemporary versions especially, can be made out of any number of materials, ranging from wooden boards to sculpted ceramic shapes, glass squares, or even just metal off-set numbers that float on the wall seemingly by themselves!

As one of the main points of a large wall clock is to make a splashy style statement, we’re also seeing a lot of found materials or regular materials carved or cut into unique geometric shapes.

The good news is that no matter which aesthetic you’re looking to have in your home, there’s likely a large wall clock that will complement your specific style.


15.5" Open Dial Gear Wall Clock

15.5" Open Dial Gear Wall Clock
An extraordinary clock that looks antique and is crafted from plastic and resin. This wall clock is sturdy and built to last a long time. The dial features a standard time format and can be adjusted manually.

Oversized wall clocks contemporary

Great design! A very simplistic, contemporary shelf with a gorgeous, granite back wall and a matching chrome clock. Perfect for a mid-century living room, and gives plenty of room to display your family photos.

Large wall clocks contemporary

This large wall clock will grab the attention of every visitor, enchanting with its impressive construction. Wrought iron evokes associations with industrial style, which makes this project even more intriguing.

This oversized wall clocks modern is categorized within home with

This oversized wall clocks modern is categorized within Home with ...

Large contemporary clocks

The large contemporary wall clock made of metal elements. This clock has no typical face, but was built of many types of wires. Even if it require the plain wall behind it, it is worth this kind of commitment.

Contemporary oversized wall clocks

Like abstract clocks? I immediately fell for this large wall clock designed by Tony Viscardi. Fabulous combination of brushed aluminium pieces, red glitter and dramatic black lines reminds me of Picasso artworks.

Large wall clocks contemporary 1

Large and modern wall clock designed to transform your bare walls with incredible accent value. Featuring a superb rounded design, the clock offers a neat two-tone look. It also features beautiful and intricate detailing on the sides that will make your living room pop.

Modern wood wall clock

Interesting combination of a mirror and clock. This contemporary French Art Deco stylization also decorates different indoors. This round mirror includes Roman numbers that serve for decorative purposes.

Designer wall clocks

Large wall clock designed with breathtaking contemporary elegance. The clock is super large too and features a superb rectangular design. It combines the flair of modern white with little touches of silver accents to deliver the ultimate wall art for any modern home.

Infinity Instruments Infinity Instruments Ultra 14 in. Wall Clock, Silver, Aluminum

A splendid addition for modern interiors, this striking wall clock emanates with silver appearance and interestin design. The 14'' clock comes with a round dial, equipped with a pair of black metal hands.

Large wall clocks contemporary 1

$73.46 Kikkerland Big Wheel Revolving Wall Clock From Kikkerland Get it here:

Classice oversized and large wall clock

Classice Oversized and Large Wall Clock

Big wall clocks contemporary

Howard Miller Quartz Large 49" Wall Clock | Stockton - contemporary - Wall Clocks - Interior Clue

Large wall clocks contemporary

contemporary-large-number-wall-clock-modern-wall-clock-1350-p[ekm ...

Contemporary wall clocks metal wall clocks abstract artistic clock

Contemporary Wall Clocks Metal Wall Clocks Abstract Artistic Clock

Abstract art clocks

Large abstract wall art. Contemporary modern glass art. Unique Abstract clocks for bedroom kitchen home or office. On Etsy - Handmade by

Accessory contemporary home wall clock

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JustNile Modern Minimalist Round Wall Clock - 12-inch Grey Calendar

Modern style silver case 10-inches wall clock that will look good at home, in the office and many other places. It comes with hidden safe that hides valuables in plain sight. Operates in ticking movement.

Contemporary wall clocks 2

The stunning design of this wall clock in contemporary design gives the interior a unique style. Beautiful mirror decorations and magnetic shield make up an interesting whole. Nice decorative detail.

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Silver-Tone Case on Black Solid Wood Base

It is a wall pendulum clock that has got a silver-tone case, black solid wood base and contemporary design. It fits perfectly to modern style and décor and is a fantastic addition to living room.

Large wall clocks contemporary 4

Decorative large wall clock Shatterproof mirrors by walldecal76, $39.00

Contemporary glass wall clocks

Large wall clocks. Houston Spice Logo #Clocks home decor. Many Sizes Available. Starting at only $44.00

Oversized contemporary wall clocks

Steampunk Industrial Modern Large Metal Rustic Gears Wall Art Clock Home Decor #Contemporary

Sunburst Silver Finish Contemporary Wall Clock

Large contemporary wall clocks

A large wall clock in a minimalist and contemporary style. It captivates with the simplicity as it features a metal structure with a subtly distressed trim. It will be a pretty wall decoration and big numerals are visible even from the distance.

Spare Parts Wall Clock

Spare Parts Wall Clock

Sara D Ward Collection Photo Collage Hanging Wall Quartz Clock Picture Frame

Decorative wall clock with photo collage frame: it has 12 square slots for pictures, one for every hour. The clock, placed in the center, has a modern look and is easy to read, as the Arabic numerals are black and big.

Extra large contemporary wall clocks

$27 Large-Metal-Wall-Clock-Cheap-Vintage-Contemporary-Unique-Home-Decor-Stylish-New

New large modern esther metal wall clock designer home room

NEW Large Modern ESTHER Metal Wall Clock Designer Home Room Decoration ...

Abstract wall art with clock

An attention-grabbing oversized shabby contemporary wall clock of textured metal with distinct traces of rust. It has large black Roman numerals and showy decorative hands with traces of discolouration.

Vision Contemporary Wall Clock with Triple-chime movement

This clock is an exaple of merging elegant simplicity, falling on contemporary side, with classic features, like chimes. The elegance of the look has been acomplished mainly with form and combination of finishes.

Large iron wall clock

Made in an old industrial-style clock made of brown metal, this is the perfect way to decorate the interior. Large shields with Arabic numerals and attractive color schemes captivate the details.

Infinity Instruments Retro 9.5-Inch Wall Clock

You want a clock not only for its functionality but also to add something more to your interior? This nostalgic retro piece is a hit then - with its shiny, solid iron frame and vibrant coloring it will surely look amazing in your home.

Wood plank sign of numbers that dana from crafted niche

Wood Plank Sign of Numbers that Dana from Crafted Niche created to look like PB sign...

Contemporary wall clocks 4

Wall clock in a very modern tone, which will be nice to pass your time. Metal elements resemble razors.He has only three Arab numbers: 12, 4 and 8 - but that's enough.Two well-visible black clues flow through an asymmetric clock face.

Abstract clocks

wall clocks | of wall clocks including contemporary designs, fun novelty clocks ...

Contemporary metal wall clocks

large kitchen clock on brick wall

Avent Wood Case Contemporary Wall Clock

Wooden case wall clocks usually are associated with traditional style, but this one boasts a defined contemporary form. Rectangular case, juxtaposed to round elements, in two-toned brown finish and silver, has a truly updated feel.

Large wall clocks contemporary

Contemporary Wall Clock Retro Wall Clock Housewares by Shannybeebo, $33.30

LGI Modern Contemporary 3D Wall Clock - Choose Your Color (Red)

Fantastic Modern 3D Wall Clock perfect for room with contemporary style. Distinctive Arabic numerals, and tasteful design offer as many attractiveness as functionality. Using only one AA battery, the clock can run all year long.

Large wall clocks contemporary

Colourful Contemporary Clocks Collection from Pilot Design

Wellington 36 inch black large wall clocks

Wellington 36-inch Black Large Wall Clocks