Indoor Playhouse For Kids

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Kids want to play, but if it's too cold or too wet outside, it can be tricky to fill those missing play hours. That is unless you have a indoor playhouse for kids. The snow or rain will not ruin their day. They can play and laugh and have a ball in these fun playhouses that fit inside your home. Pick one out for you little ones. They will thank you again and again.

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Kids Adventure Victorian Play House

Kids Adventure Victorian Play House

It is a Victorian play house that is perfect for your daughters. It fits up to 3-4 children. Your kids will be impressed how beautiful and great this play house is. It is perfect for small spaces.

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Neat & Tidy Cottage Playhouse

Neat & Tidy Cottage Playhouse

Perfect choice for a gift, this Neat & Tidy Cottage Playhouse has all it needs to magically charm your little girl. Along with a working doorbell, pass-through mailbox, play phone, and working Dutch door and shutters; this playhouse is going to revolutionize your children’s room.

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Indoor playhouse for kids

A house within a house? Why not, if you want to delight your kids, there's hardly any better option than this. This playhouse covered with multiple, subtle details, provides a place for rest and entertainment.

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Kids indoor play house

This indoor space is definitely defined as children-friendly! A spacious loft with tall ceiling accommodated a climbing wall and welcomed a colorful layout, giving it a fairy tale playhouse appearance.

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Indoor playhouse for toddlers

Call it a wooden madness and you will be right. Indoor playhouse for kids - has everything what crazy young people need: made of colored wooden panels - ladder, slide with small climbinh wall and a stable swing.

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Indoor fabric playhouse

Indoor playhouse for those cold and rainy days = best playroom ever!

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Indoor playhouse ideas

A cosy, beautifully made and painted children’s playhouse with a bed on top. Your kids will love having their own tiny house that they can furnish and play in whenever they want. No more going to the playground!

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Kids indoor playhouse fabric

At first glance I thought this was a dollhouse, but it's a PLAYhouse! For humans, not dolls!

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Kid indoor playhouse

An indoor ball pit with a slide. What’s more to say? Every kid will love it. Even better, when not in use, the ball pit converts to a stage and the slide is detachable. This should be implemented in every house!

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Kids indoor play house 4

A wonderful indoor play house for older kids. It promotes spending free time actively as it's equipped in a tall slide, a climbing wall and a climbing rope. The floor is covered with a thick mattress for safety measures.

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Indoor Playhouse For Kids

Buying Guide

Installing an indoor playhouse for kids can be relatively simple, but it all depends on the product you’ve purchased. Typically, an indoor playhouse is easier to install than an outdoor one, mainly because it is much smaller.

The material of the playhouse plays a role in the simplicity of the installation process. Plastic playhouses that come in a self-contained package should include all the materials you need for setup and rarely need to secure to the walls of the home. For the easiest installation, look for playhouses with plastic panels that slot together without the need for hardware.

An indoor wooden playhouse may require you to have some extra tools and parts ready like a hammer, screws, or nails. Depending on the wooden structure’s size, you may need to drill part of it into the supporting wall studs to ensure it’s secure and won’t tip over during playtime.

When constructing an indoor playhouse, always choose products with safe materials that do not present health hazards to you or the kids. If you’re drilling during installation, be mindful of wearing a dust mask and keeping the room well ventilated.

When shopping for an indoor playhouse for kids, you’ll want to consider not just the brand and model but what kind of material is best for your needs. Plastic and fabric indoor playhouses both present their own benefits, so it comes down to your lifestyle.

An indoor fabric playhouse is an excellent choice if you have limited play space for the kids and can’t house a permanent plastic fixture. Fabric playhouses can be pitched and torn down in a jiff, making playtime convenient yet fun. Depending on the product, you might find your fabric playhouse is relatively portable, so you can pack it for the kids if they’re staying with their grandparents for a weekend as well.

A plastic indoor playhouse is undoubtedly the most durable option, so if it’s longevity you’re seeking, this is your best bet. Indoor playhouses are often geared towards more active play, with some providing interior rock walls to climb or slides to travel down. If you have the space in your home, plastic indoor playhouses are a great choice to keep your kids moving even when they’re inside.

You should sanitize your kid’s indoor playhouse daily, ensuring you spot clean throughout the day in case of spills.

Before sanitizing your indoor playhouse for kids, clean all the surfaces with soapy water. Use a mixture of warm water and mild antibacterial dishwashing soap to wipe down all the surfaces, ensuring you use around 2 tablespoons of dishwashing soap to every one gallon of water.

To remove dust and other debris from plastics and toys, use a soft bristle brush. For safety and aesthetic reasons, never use chemicals such as chlorine bleach to sanitize an indoor playhouse for kids, as not only can they be harmful to children, but they can also dull and degrade plastic.

Best Ideas

Indoor playhouse for kids 3

Child’s Play: A Sweet Bohemian Playhouse in New York City

Indoor playhouse for kids

9 Cool Ideas For Kids Playing Area Under The Stairs | Kidsomania

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If you want your kids to have an awesome childhood with a plenty of memorable experiences, take a look at this amazing idea for a kids’ bedroom with a wonderful, vibrant playground on top of the beds! Truly breathtaking!

Kids indoor play house 8

If you haven’t big garden, but you want give your child poor substitute for playground, this indoor playhouse is perfect for you. It is made of wood and inserted on plastic trunk and has roof made of leaves.

Wow a little too steep for me just looking at

Wow! A little too steep for me! Just looking at this takes my breath away! But my son would sure love this!

Indoor playhouse for kids 1

Cool and cute little indoor playhouse. All painted in white, with beautiful tiny greish door. Little girls’ dream – every father or grandpa needs to make this for his little princesses!

We also adore this cute little carpet in front of the door.

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Decorating for Kids -- Under-Stair Playhouse

Indoor playroom ideas

I would love to make something like this for Christopher. Not sure I'm talented enough though.

Kid playhouse indoor

Build a Clubhouse Bed

Kids indoor play house 1

Indoor playhouse for children. This small gym features a multi-color floor, ladders and handles supported by durable wooden frame. This element provides physical activity, good fun and safety for the children.

Indoor playhouse 23

Indoor playhouse

The kyoto indoor playhouse for kids

The Kyoto Indoor Playhouse for Kids

I want to make this diy furniture plan from stairs

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from Stairs for the playhouse loft bed. Featuring lift top storage, behaving much like a large hidden toybox. Give your child easy safe access to their bed! Special thanks to Kimberly for sharing her

Indoor playhouse for kids 8

Custom Indoor Playhouses for Kids by Tanglewood Design