Glass Panel Screens

Would you like to have one of these glass panel screens? There are really a lot of solutions that would look well and be quite practical so why don’t you spend some time down here? Even those people who have high expectations, do not regret their decisions made here.

Cutout screen panels

The impressive combination of the attractive design of this floor mirror/room divider screen is a perfect combination of functionality and unique style. The whole presents itself incredibly, giving the interior lightness, elegance and glamor effect.

Beveled stained glass window

Beveled Stained Glass Window
77 bevels were used to design and handcraft this stained glass panel. The sunlight dances between the bevels making it a beautiful decoration of your garden. The panel was made of leaded glass, which is not copperfoil and that makes it more durable.

Glass panel screens 4

Etched Aspen Tree Screen...this is gorgeous! I would love to have this.

Glass panel screens 4

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Glass panel screens 3

These glass panel screens sport the Japanese design and a stunning look that will benefit your household decor, while at the same time letting you know some more privacy in your own home, since it will easily divide the space you need.

Vintage crystal plate panel 2

Vintage Crystal Plate Panel
Elegant stained glass window panel finished with sophisticated ornamentation. It is mounted on copper frame and covered with glass. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Viya star nova screen

Viya — Star Nova Screen

Plum Blossom Small 4-Panel Glass Screen Divider Ornament Decoration 20cm*28cm

Decorative metal screens

Play with the light and see how wonderful possibilities it offers. These unique glass panel screens can make a miraculous interior divider, operating with light to create a breathtaking experience. Recommended for modern houses.

Decorative laser cut metal panels

Now, you can saparate your room with style, using those decorative room dividers with opaline glass panels. Each of those beauties has a powder-coated metal frame with tubular legs and a flat base for stability.

Stained glass wall art

Need that stained glass wall art in my home, I always have been a devoted Art Nouveau afficionado. Windows, doors or just a colorful decorative screen? I bet this beautiful piece could have many applications.

Decorative panel screens 1

Decorative Wood Lattice Panels. A simply stunning piece that will provide you with the much wanted privacy and still bring a touch of style and visual appeal to your household thanks to the beautiful design with golden, metal leaves.

Decorative panel screens

It's a DecoGlide sliding window panel with geometric and illustrative design, which is cut by the laser. The pieces of this curtain have a wooden construction with synthetic fabric. It adds a beauty to any interior.

Vintage crystal plate panel

Vintage Crystal Plate Panel
A very interesting window panel that provides privacy, but also allows the sunlight into the house. This crystal plate panel includes very attractive patterns and a solid frame, so it has also got a decorative character.

Glass panel screens 5

living | stair detail ~ destefano and partners architects

Engraved illuminated glass panels and engraved acrylic panels

Engraved illuminated glass panels and engraved Acrylic panels.

Glass panel screens 11

These Mashrabiya screen panels represent Chinese style furniture. These screens consist of several frames or panels which are connected by hinges or other means. Usually they are made in a variety of designs mostly geometric shapes

40 Inch W X 34 Inch H Wisteria Fireplace Screen Fireplace Screens

A piece of equipment that has got a decorative and functional character. It is a fireplace screen responsible for protection of indoors against fire. The product is made of durable materials that are resistant to high temperatures.

Makeup Opera Small 4-Panel Glass Screen Divider Ornament Decoration 24cm*32cm

Glass panel screens 10

At one point we talked about a vinyl graphic on the glass (street glass too) as a way to detract from the office interiors. Perhaps we can revisit this idea. Naga Rio / Ricardo Miura

Purple Vine Small 4-Panel Glass Screen Divider Ornament Decoration 30cm*38cm

Stained glass pieces

Reusing glass from a shower curtain is a good solution for the environment,but also for your interior.Colorful glass,floral ornaments can serve as a screen, or as a decoration inviting into the interior of the home.Stained glass can be also panel room divider!

Meyda Lighting 48808 80"W X 58"H Quatrefoil Classical Room Divider

A piece of equipment that plays the role of a classical room divider. The product is made on the basis of a very solid frame and its overall size is 76 x 76 x 55.1 inches. This divider has got a functional and decorative character.

Glass panel screens 1

D'Almira, Singapore by 0932 |

Ozone glass panels glass screens the glass room

Ozone Glass Panels :: Glass Screens :: The Glass Room

Japanese panel screens

The mother of pearl, used for jewelery, decorations - is a very difficult material. However, was managed to create this richly decorated panel screen,finished in wood -with dark blue base,beautiful pearly Japanese motives and richly decorated wooden frame.

Garden court antiques black and gilt framed glass wind screen

Garden Court Antiques - Black and Gilt Framed Glass Wind Screen ...

Japanese panel

Room divider in oriental style. It consists of 6 panels decorated with bird theme. Frame is made of wood. Functional accessory for each home. It folds flat for easy storage.

Gold decorative reflective coated glass wall panels for shower screens

... Gold Decorative Reflective Coated Glass Wall Panels For Shower Screens

Japanese dressing screen

Very exotic, fresh design for a vibrant, lively bathroom. The beautiful, very natural flowing vase with the bamboo pieces on top makes the whole bathroom colourful and pretty, bound to breathe life into it.

Glass panel screens 7

MRT Building in Berlin - the "skin" is made up of operable aluminum mesh panels so workers can manipulate natural lighting and airflow.

Sanheshun Beaded String Curtain Door Crystal Beads Tassel Screen Panel Home Decor Divider (Black)

This black string curtain door brings a finishing touch to a decor being highly pleasing to look at; it features a trendy accent of bevelled crystal beads. The whole design enhances the decor style at affordable price.

Oriental Furniture 4-Feet by 1 -1/2-Feet Japanese Bamboo Kumo Fence

This oriental styled kumo fence has a durable, thick frame made of hardwood in walnut finish and a piece of bamboo and is a perfect choice to use in a garden. This fence is very durable and will last long.

67" x 60" Jakarta Folding Screen 4 Panel Room Divider

67" x 60" Jakarta Folding Screen 4 Panel Room Divider
Divide your room and know true privacy with this 4-panel room divider. This folding screen is a fine addition to your household decor, especially with its natural style and visual appeal it offers to your setting.

Panel screens

Aesthetic contemporary panel screens for outdoor use. A panel has sturdy tall metal square section posts finished in black. Horizontally arranged long rectangular wooden planks are beautifully finished in browns.

Ikea applaro wall panel

A large choice of panel screens for outdoor use, that will effectively spice up your patio, garden, or sun deck. They are available in different finishes, designs and sizes, allowing you to easily find the one that suits you the most.

Panel screens 1

These wall panelswith plant pot hooks can be used in a row or separately. Natural beauty of the wood is exposed here, but with a pre-treatment of semi-transparent wood stain, so that the piece is more resistant to nature's elements.

Panel screens 20

A smooth way to divide one space from another, for example separating the intimate bedroom's surface from the living space. This set of stylish beige panel screens constitutes is available in multiple patterning, designed to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Paulownia wood home depot

A long-lasting and well-balanced outdoor fence that will give you privacy and keep your nosy neighbors on the other side. Constructed of durable wood planks, the fence is approx. 6' high, and covered in a two-toned oak and ash finish.

Panel screens 23

This set of panel screens will not cover a bit the staircase, but most of all provide a new contemporary character to the historic house. Minimalistic, cool and clean lines are what counts most here.

Toscana Wood and Faux Leather 4-Panel Screen Room Divider

Toscana Wood and Faux Leather 4-Panel Screen Room Divider
This amazing 4-panel screen room divider will allow you to finally know real comfort and convenience, since it is a perfect solution for making any room more functional and adding some privacy, still adding plenty of style as well.

Pplar wall panel

Cool contemporary screen panels made of durable weatherproof steel alloy looking like it was rust eaten. Long quite narrow rectangular slats are fixed to a rectangular frame in regular gaps. Panels protect well both against sunlight and burglars!

66.63" x 54" Privacy Screen in a Box™ 3 Panel Room Divider

66.63" x 54" Privacy Screen in a Box™ 3 Panel Room Divider
3 panel privacy screen constructed of rust-proof steel frame covered with protective powder coating. The panels catch the eye with their rich sky blue coloring. The divider is easy to move around and may be used outdoors.

Panel screens 10

At least two things draw my attention on this pic: a large outdoor tub with dark wood (?) outer shell, and a delicate metalwork panel screen that ensures some privacy while not blocking the natural light. Patio décor idea

Panel screens 15

A handful of interesting options showcasing the different finishes of polished steel screening panels. The schematic displays twenty different pattern options, providing a wide array of unique styles to choose from.

Panel screens 9

An easy and inexpensive hack from IKEA how to embellish your patio or veranda's space. Apart from dividing your space from the neighbors, this wooden panel screen with various kinds of flowers adds warmth and liveliness to the space.

Folding panel screens 8

Plexiglass room dividers with stuff pressed inside it. Could add circles a la branding, or something more organic.

Panel screens 2

Aesthetic contemporary ground mounted screens for outdoor use. A screen is built of horizontal narrow wooden slats with a waterproof stained finish in brown shades. Panels have full central parts but bottom and top ones with gaps between slats.

Panel screens 3

Built-to-last and characterized by durable metal construction, those detailed panels are stylish and captivating. Each of them is covered in a distressed finish, with a perforated design in shape of a branchy tree.

Folding screen with hand painted glass panels

folding screen with hand-painted glass panels