Contemporary Door Knockers

Door knockers and door stops might not be the most important pieces of furniture ever created. Nevertheless, thanks to this collection, you will have a chance to appreciate the variety of those that are shown below. You will also see that they are quite functional and elegant. So why don’t you browse through these photos?

Contemporary door knocker

With this modern door knocker, your front door will be beautifully accentuated and equipped with a long-lasting piece of stainless steel. It's all covered in a silver finish and characterized by a streamlined design. Mounting hardware included.

Contemporary stepped square door knocker door handles

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The handmade stone doorknocker. It is an unique accessory for a house-warming. Each of them looks different, because are made by one-of-a-kind river find. The stone could be also substitute with another natural material to add the door some urban chic view.

Ring Door Knocker

Ring Door Knocker
Functional door knocker with modern design. It is ring-shaped, and is used on the exterior of doors as an alternative to a doorbell. It showcases a perfect balance of style and function. Sturdy and durable.

Modern door knockers

Even something as simple as a door knocker might become a nice and subtle decoration. The one in the picture comes in a glossy, gold color and is ornamented with a star. It's made of a top quality material and it measures 80 mm in diameter.

Contemporary door knockers 2

This modern, originally designed door knocker is an example of contemporary design in household articles. It's made from bronze, includes a strike plate and 1-3/4" mounting bolts, that can be cut down for installation.

Contemporary door knockers

Impressively made in a modern style door knocker is a great style and perfect finish, which is at the same time functional. The whole is finished in polished nickel is elegant and looks great on the door.

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Contemporary door knockers uk

"Knock, knock, knocking on the heavens door", there was a song. Usually to knock you have to use your hand. But what about knocking using such stylish antique iron knocker like this one? You should consider it!

Exterior door knockers

Although contemporary, this forged blacksmith door knocker reveals heavy inspirations with the past. An exquisitely solid, heavy decor element, known well from our grandfathers' houses.

Home depot door knocker

Irreplaceable utility combined with good craftsmanship - created this bronze pendulum door knocker.It has contemporary look and it may help your visitors to let you know in an ancient way, that they have come to visit you. They will feel like on a royal court.

Satin chrome door knocker

Wanna step out of the crowd? With this contemporary door knowcker it is possible! This beautiful and moder style silver chrome door knocker looks ideal against dark wooden doors, as much as white, big gates.

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Contemporary door knockers 4

Contemporary door knockers 3

Bronze snake door knocker

Bronze Snake Door Knocker
Nowadays, people don’t have door knocker - it is out-of-date and most of people use door bell. If you are original and you like vintage style you can use this old-fashioned solid door knocker in a shape of snake.

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Contemporary door knockers becoming a more common choice

Modern door knocker 6

Such a creative little addition to make your home a little more unique and cosy – a cute iron door handle in a shape of a seahorse! Bound to amaze your guests right from the moment they open your front door!

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Modern door knocker 21

A beautiful stylish door knocker made of cast metal with an antiqued finish in prevalent bronze and blue shades. Its backplate and knob feature intricate embossed scrolls as well as floral and fleur-de-lis motifs.

Fairy door knocker

Fairytale factor is insufficient around? A fancy fairy door knocker may help. Cast in metal, finished antique bronze with some gold spray and stylish green patina, it will surely make your entrance door stand out.

Atlas Homewares 5.38-Inch Mission Door Knocker

Stone door knocker

Add something charming and just oozing with fun for your interior with some help from this amazing rabbit door knocker. It offers a brass structure to ensure durability and the sublime, detailed finish.

Contemporary door knockers 1

Retro style wooden and gorgeous door knocker. The door knocker is someone that everyone needs but it doesn't have to mean that it should be simple. This one is not. It has a sophisticated shape and will look extremely good!

Modern door knocker 1

This is a modern door knocker made from durable brass. Being highly polished and chrome plated, it has an elegant look. It should fit most doors due to its slim structure. It's 157mm long and 35mm wide.

Brushed nickel door knockers

Door knockers home depot

Baldwin door knocker with his combination of different designs allows you to customize your home's look. Easy assembling and solid brass construction provides universality of use this product. Complete mounting hardware Included.

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Contemporary door knockers

Brushed nickel door knocker

A luxury contemporary door knocker crafted of solid brass with an elegant brushed nickel finish. It's quite large and build of 2 semi-circles joined by 2 oval bulbs. Two round mounting centres should be screwed vertically 5.5" apart.

Home depot door knockers

This colorful door knob is a perfect way to cheer somebody up. From now on you'll be receiving only joyful guests. The handmade flower mosaic shall also appeal to everyone, who loves bric-à-brac and retro design,

Imperial Knocker

Imperial Knocker
This door knocker will make you feel a little bit more as if you lived in a palace. It flaunts truly royal look! It is massive, it features a large front plate, it is gold in tone and it has an impressive detailing.

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Doctors Door Knocker

Doctors Door Knocker

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Contemporary door knockers 2

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Satin chrome door knockers

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Modern door knocker satin chrome

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