Westclox Wall Clocks

Westclox wall clocks are very interesting and eclectic. They're made of top-quality material but that is only part of the story. They are also almost an artistic piece by themselves. And we have tons of westclox wall clocks to choose from. But they are so unique you might have trouble choosing just one. They are the type of clocks you change the rest of your house to accommodate. See collection for details

Best Ideas

Vintage westclox nocord atomic wall clock starburst retro drama works

Vintage westclox nocord atomic wall clock starburst retro drama works
Adding a bit of the retro drama to the space, this stylish Westclox wall clock enchants with its Starburst design. It also catches the attention with retro-looking black Arabic numerals on a golden clock face.

Retro sunburst starburst teak wood

Retro sunburst starburst teak wood
If you love original interior details, this beautifully made retro clock will be perfect. The golden elements combined with green combine perfectly well, and the expressive Arabic numerals on the dial are captivating.

Vintage red westclox wall clock circa

Vintage red westclox wall clock circa
Square wall clock, original vintage piece, manufactured in the 1950s by Westclox. Framed in bright red plastic case. Excellent condition, the clock mechanism works perfectly. Can complement vintage and industrial layouts.

Midcentury modern westclox wall clock

Midcentury modern westclox wall clock
Nowadays, when wall clocks are not the most important timers in the home, their decorative value is the most important. This walnut-wood westclox wall clock is just that.The round dial and metal hours, with gold-plated tips, reflect well on the wooden texture.

Elegant round wall

Elegant round wall
Go a bit vintage in your interior with this wall clock from the 1960s with the plastic and glass on its structure that provide both high quality and will easily accentuate your interior to perfection.

Westclox electric wall clock never been

Westclox electric wall clock never been
One of the simplest, the same most popular and one of the first copies of an electric Westcloc wall clock with a round dial hung on the walls. Arabic numbers in a subtle font and a white clock face in a metal frame.

Electric kitchen wall clocks

This sunburst wall clock enchants with its vintage appeal. Especially the beautiful gold and dark clock face embodies a retro charm. Each of the hours has its own metal ray.

1960s wall clock

Glowing stars, the moon like a croissant, night sky. Everyone knows the time when the world, sinking in a pleasant silence, suddenly seems to stop. Time, will not stop with this westclox wall clock in the form of a decorative star with golden and black arms.

Sterling Home Bronze Metal Double Sided Train Station Style Wall Clock

This wall clock blends vintage style with satisfying quality of the make. The face is pretty big, and the black Roman numerals are easy to read even from distance, and from both sides (double face). The bronze finish stands in line with the design.

Westclox wall clocks

Straight from a high shelf of vintage classics, this sunburst wall clock looks really impresive. Its off-white, round dial is secured by a thick glass and features Arabic numerals with metal black hands along with a second hand.


A very attractive and simple construction. This is a wall clock that features a round shape. It has got a white face hidden behind solid glass. The clock has got large, black, simple and easy to read arabic numbers.

Mid century sunburst westclox nocord wall clock by wilkevintage

Mid Century Sunburst Westclox Nocord Wall Clock by WilkeVintage

Vintage westclox electric wall clock with 12 cord and plug

Vintage Westclox electric wall clock with 12 cord and plug. Made in USA. Clock face is approximately 8 in diameter.

Vintage deco westclox wall clock

Vintage Deco Westclox Wall Clock

Westclox 46985 8 1/2" Round Wall Clock Blue

This kind of equipment is a round wall clock that has got a blue frame. It is a product that has got a simple design and an attractive appearance that looks very nice in any decor. This clock has got large arabic numbers.

Mid century starburst wall clock westclox 1960s by jbhoffman 148

Mid Century Starburst Wall Clock WESTCLOX 1960s by JBHoffman, $148.00

Antique Gold and Bronze 25 1/2" Wide Metal Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that has got an antique gold and bronze finish, solid metal construction and round shape. It fits perfectly to classic and traditional style and decor.

Bronze wall clocks 1

A large, round, bronze wall clock with a white face, black hands and Roman numbers. Outside area of this clock includes a black trim. Classic design of this round clock complements any decorative style.

Nyl Holdings Llc 33883A Wooden Wall Clock 9.5 " Round

Classic wooden wall clock with subtle old-fashioned touch. It features round distressed dial, wood grain finish and solid glass clock lens. The face of the clock is a medium to dark parchment color. Works quietly.

Vintage electric wall clock westclox white by rosewatercreek 35 00

Vintage Electric Wall Clock Westclox White by RoseWaterCreek, $35.00

Howard Miller 625-378 Henderson Wall Clock [Kitchen] Part No. 625378

Beautiful traditional wall clock in dark brown wood case, embellished with lots of details, carved with meticulous care. The clock face and mechanism is protected from dust with clear glass panel pediment.

WESTCLOX 32886 10" Round Blonde Woodgrain Clock

It is the perfect wall clock to hang in the Scandinavian interior. The clock is a simple and minimalist. It has a light brown wooden frame. The interior is white, and has black numbers. It is very simple, but for it is elegant.

Westclox wall clocks 3

The classic wallclock with the delicate yellow frame. It looks like taken live from my grandma's kitchen. I'd rather prefer the modern ones, but when we are taking about practical usage - it plays its role.

Westclox 32041AB Round Vintage Kitchen Classic Clock, 12-Inch, Black

A simple, yet captivating wall clock. It has the classic round shape. It has dark frame and clear dial. It has black numbers indicating hours. Everything is simple and unpretentious. Perfect for almost any interior.

Westclox wall clocks red westclox wall clock red wall rare

Westclox+Wall+Clocks+red | ... Westclox, Wall, Clock, Red, Wall, Rare, 1940's,1950's, Electric, Metal

Westclox Oversized Classic 24" Clock

This 24-inch diameter wall clock features a sturdy antiqued brown case. The parchment-look face sits behind a glass lens, and includes Arabic numerals, metal hands, and quartz movement.

Westclox 32041ab Black Round Quartz Movement Glass Wall Clock, 12"

Round wall clock with quartz movement. It has ivory face, big black Arabic numerals, brass-colored rim around the face, and a black plastic case. The item combines affordability with versatile visual style.

Province 24" Round Open Wire Framed Wall Clock

Elaborate wall clock in delicate frame composed of lots of swirls that intertwine. Aged face has been equipped with ornamental lace-style hands just as in Victorian era clocks, and the ivory background is distressed.

Vintage mid century retro westclox wall clock red wall 1940s

Vintage, Mid Century, Retro, Westclox, Wall, Clock, Red, Wall, 1940's ...

Bronze wall clocks

A marvelous wall clock that will drown your home or office in vintage accents and timeless glamour. It's boasting of oil rubbed bronze finish, with a round dial equipped with Roman numerals and two decorative hands.

Genesis Clock (Large) - 7" x 5"

Large table clock with ornamental case featuring lots of details inspired by ancient Greece and the like. The case is hand polished and it has a look as it was covered with patina, which boosts the style.

Westclox 46984 Round Simplicity Wall Clock 8", Silver

A simple style that looks very attractive in any interior decor. It is a wall clock that has got a round shape and a nautral grey frame. Its black arabic numbers are quite large, so they are easy to read.

Wyzer Wall Clock Color: Grey

Minimalistic wall clock made of only absolutely necessary elements. This unique wall clock features only the clock mechanism with stylish hands, which is silent ans accurate. Requires on AA battery to run.

Westclox 32004G 7-3/4" Green Translucent Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring original green frame made of translucent plastic, white dial and large green Arabic numerals. It's a great idea for a gift as the clock fits majority of the interiors and has appealing design.

Westclox electric wall clock 2

Westclox 9.5" Wooden Brown Indoor Wall Clock Second Hand Quartz Free US Shipping #Westclox

70s wall clock

If you are fan of modern design and you don't like very decorative elements, this clock is dedicated special for you. It is made of plastic and in spite of its simplicity it is very stylish (especially due to unique shape).

Westclox 32223 Round Bronze Oil Rub Case Finish Clock, 16-Inch

It is round, stylish wall clock, which is perfect for every elegant and tasteful room. It has a brown frame. The dial is white. Tips and numbers indicating the hours are black. The numbers stored in the system of Rome, which adds elegance.

Westclox 46994a Simplicity Wall Clock, White, 8-1/2"

This wall clock is easy to hang on your wall, and is quite durable thanks to its round white frame. The face is also white, and features black Arabic numerals, and black sweep hands along with the second hand.

Westclox 47612 Big Ben Wall Clock

It is a stylish and simple wall clock that has got a brushed pewter finish on the heavy metal case. It is a great idea as a gift and beautiful decoration for your home. You will be impressed how nicely finished this clock is.

Westclox 32004BL 7-3/4" Blue Translucent Wall Clock

Battery operated wall clock showcasing attractive, updated design, with translucent blue frame in cheery, vibrant hue, black hands and big blue numerals, large and easy to read. The face diameter is six inches.

Kirch 91107HWCB Hen-Feathers Rollicking Bunny Clock

It looks like these frolicking bunnies try to catch the gold-colored hands of this clock! Or the design may remind you, I don't know, how to organize your time properly, because as everyone knows if you ran after two hares, you'll catch neither?

Vintage 50s westclox hanging electric wall clock midcentury diner

vintage 50s westclox hanging electric wall clock - midcentury - diner ...

1950 westclox melody wall clock mid century working 1

1950 Westclox - Melody Wall Clock - Mid Century -Working

Vintage westclox wall clock vintage clock retro by newtouvintage 15

Vintage Westclox wall clock Vintage clock retro by NewtoUVintage, $15.99

Uttermost Monarch Wall Clock Set/3

A set of 3 royal style clocks with Fleur-de-lis pendulums. High-style antique-inspired design is accompanied by the high quality of materials used. Clocks' faces are laminated, with cast brass details.

Authentic Models Eye Of Time Porthole Watch in Bronze

The design of this clock mixes strong nautical influences with pocketwatch style. All in all, you can't say it's not eye-catchy. The clock case looks like a porthole, and it has appropriate brown finish.

Pier 7 Gray Clock, 12"-60" , Whisper Quiet, non-ticking

The grey handmade wall clock made of the MDF woodback. It has the edges nicely rounded and painted black. The hands and numbers in contrasting white. The main advantage is that clock mechanisms are whisper quiet and non-ticking.

Block Orbit Wall Clock, Grey

It is a wall clock that has got a contemporary design, orbit shape and grey finish. It fits perfectly to any room in your home. You will be impressed how great it looks on your wall.

Westclox Vintage Butterfly Postcard 12" Wall Clock 32897BF

Adorable wall clock with vintage postcard butterfly motif. It has 12'' in diameter and features a convex glass lens and clear numbers that are easy to be seen. It is sure to win a place in your heart and your home.

Westclox oracle

Westclox Oracle