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Westclox wall clocks are very interesting and eclectic. They're made of top-quality material but that is only part of the story. They are also almost an artistic piece by themselves. And we have tons of westclox wall clocks to choose from. But they are so unique you might have trouble choosing just one. They are the type of clocks you change the rest of your house to accommodate. See collection for details

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Our Picks

Vintage westclox nocord atomic wall clock starburst retro drama works

Vintage westclox nocord atomic wall clock starburst retro drama works

Adding a bit of the retro drama to the space, this stylish Westclox wall clock enchants with its Starburst design. It also catches the attention with retro-looking black Arabic numerals on a golden clock face.

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Vintage red westclox wall clock circa

Vintage red westclox wall clock circa

Square wall clock, original vintage piece, manufactured in the 1950s by Westclox. Framed in bright red plastic case. Excellent condition, the clock mechanism works perfectly. Can complement vintage and industrial layouts.

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Midcentury modern westclox wall clock

Midcentury modern westclox wall clock

Nowadays, when wall clocks are not the most important timers in the home, their decorative value is the most important. This walnut-wood westclox wall clock is just that.The round dial and metal hours, with gold-plated tips, reflect well on the wooden texture.

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Retro sunburst starburst teak wood

Retro sunburst starburst teak wood

If you love original interior details, this beautifully made retro clock will be perfect. The golden elements combined with green combine perfectly well, and the expressive Arabic numerals on the dial are captivating.

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Sterling Home Bronze Metal Double Sided Train Station Style Wall Clock

This wall clock blends vintage style with satisfying quality of the make. The face is pretty big, and the black Roman numerals are easy to read even from distance, and from both sides (double face). The bronze finish stands in line with the design.

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Electric kitchen wall clocks

This sunburst wall clock enchants with its vintage appeal. Especially the beautiful gold and dark clock face embodies a retro charm. Each of the hours has its own metal ray.

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Westclox electric wall clock never been

Westclox electric wall clock never been

One of the simplest, the same most popular and one of the first copies of an electric Westcloc wall clock with a round dial hung on the walls. Arabic numbers in a subtle font and a white clock face in a metal frame.

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Mid century sunburst westclox nocord wall clock by wilkevintage

Mid Century Sunburst Westclox Nocord Wall Clock by WilkeVintage

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Vintage deco westclox wall clock

Vintage Deco Westclox Wall Clock

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Bronze wall clocks 1

A large, round, bronze wall clock with a white face, black hands and Roman numbers. Outside area of this clock includes a black trim. Classic design of this round clock complements any decorative style.

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Best Ideas

WESTCLOX 32886 10" Round Blonde Woodgrain Clock

It is the perfect wall clock to hang in the Scandinavian interior. The clock is a simple and minimalist. It has a light brown wooden frame. The interior is white, and has black numbers. It is very simple, but for it is elegant.

Westclox Oversized Classic 24" Clock

This 24-inch diameter wall clock features a sturdy antiqued brown case. The parchment-look face sits behind a glass lens, and includes Arabic numerals, metal hands, and quartz movement.

Province 24" Round Open Wire Framed Wall Clock

Elaborate wall clock in delicate frame composed of lots of swirls that intertwine. Aged face has been equipped with ornamental lace-style hands just as in Victorian era clocks, and the ivory background is distressed.

Bronze wall clocks

A marvelous wall clock that will drown your home or office in vintage accents and timeless glamour. It's boasting of oil rubbed bronze finish, with a round dial equipped with Roman numerals and two decorative hands.

Westclox electric wall clock 2

Westclox 9.5" Wooden Brown Indoor Wall Clock Second Hand Quartz Free US Shipping #Westclox

Westclox 46994a Simplicity Wall Clock, White, 8-1/2"

This wall clock is easy to hang on your wall, and is quite durable thanks to its round white frame. The face is also white, and features black Arabic numerals, and black sweep hands along with the second hand.

Pier 7 Gray Clock, 12"-60" , Whisper Quiet, non-ticking

The grey handmade wall clock made of the MDF woodback. It has the edges nicely rounded and painted black. The hands and numbers in contrasting white. The main advantage is that clock mechanisms are whisper quiet and non-ticking.

Westclox Vintage Butterfly Postcard 12" Wall Clock 32897BF

Adorable wall clock with vintage postcard butterfly motif. It has 12'' in diameter and features a convex glass lens and clear numbers that are easy to be seen. It is sure to win a place in your heart and your home.

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Westclox 46991 8 1 2 inch simplicity round wall clock

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Westclox 8 5 inch plastic wall clock silver 46984a

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