Wall Mounted Coat Hooks With Shelf


A wall mounted coat hook there's a wonderful thing for the home or business, and having an additional shelf only adds to the efficiency. These wall mounted coat hooks with shelves are made of sturdy material that are easy to mount to any wall. If you want somewhere to hang your coat that's quick and simple, take a look at this extensive collection.

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Our Picks

Wood coat rack wall shelf with satin

Wood coat rack wall shelf with satin

The simple form of this hook-mounted wall hook is a perfect combination of functionality and impressive looks. Charming decorative details and many uses can create an interesting element of decor.

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Rustic modern ebony 5 hanger hook wall

Rustic modern ebony 5 hanger hook wall

Handmade and rustic item that plays decorative and functional roles in different indoors. This solid wooden construction includes nickel satin hooks. Its beautiful satin ebony finish increases aesthetics of indoors.

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Distressed green coat hanger china

Distressed green coat hanger china

I feel like needing such a charming rustic coat rack in my entryway. It drew my attention because of the finish - it's distressed green, so pretty unique. Metal racks look as if they were covered with green patina.

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Barn wood mirror coat rack wall coat

Barn wood mirror coat rack wall coat

Enhance your entryway or bedroom by drowning it in natural accents offered by this vintage mirror with wall-mount design. The ractangle piece of glass is tightly embedded in a thic hardwood frame, holding 5 double coat hooks - each made of brass-finished metal.

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Wall mounted wooden coat rack

Cool contemporary wall-mounted racks for bottles. A rack is built of 2 horizontal rods (with finials) attached to a small round wall mount. Racks are made of wood with metallic copper, brass and gold finishes. They can be arranged in any ways.

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Sprague Hanging Wall Hook

Sprague Hanging Wall Hook

This hanging wall hook has a pinewood frame and sea-grass woven baskets. It's a fashionable wall storage unit that is crafted from high-materials built for longevity. The three draws provide storage space to keep your accessories, trinkets, keys, and most frequently used items. It also has three hangers for holding up your coats, hats, and scarves in style. The neutral tone options make the storage wall unit blend in beautifully with any type of decor, be it traditional or contemporary. Feel free to hang it up in the living room or entryway.

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Beckemeyer Wall Hook

Beckemeyer Wall Hook

If you are looking to clean up the mess in your entryway, then this hanging wall hook will come to the rescue. Made from both solid and manufactured wood, it features a clean silhouette and a solid neutral finish that's able to blend in with your existing decor. The three compartments are perfect for holding your favorite accessories and trinkets and displaying potted plants. There are six hooks which you can use to hang your hat's, coats, and other necessities. The simple design is perfect for an entryway.

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Wildon Home %c2%ae Alex Wall Mount Shelf With Hooks

Wildon Home %c2%ae Alex Wall Mount Shelf With Hooks

An element that has got a decorative and functional role in the entryway: wall mounted shelf with hooks and simple, rustic, wooden design. Work perfectly with any other style around.

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Rustic wall mount 3 hanger hook coat

Rustic wall mount 3 hanger hook coat

Who doesn’t need a proper wall mounted shelf? This one here comes with hooks attached, so it’s a great key or coat hanger. The black colour is elegant and provides timeless elegance. It also has some additional storage space inside.

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Coat shelf with hooks 12

Wooden coat shelf with metal hooks for coats, hats and other clothes. This solid shelf features a dark brown finish that matches any design. Its wall mounted construction is practical and space saving.

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Wall Mounted Coat Hooks With Shelf

Buying Guide

You’re going to want to install your wall mounted coat hooks with shelf very securely, as you’re going to be able to store a lot on it! From heavy winter coats to books, tools, or even just home decor, you’ll find that this shelf-hook combo might be shouldering a lot of weight before you know it.

To install these hooks securely, you’ll want to measure the shelf, place it where you want it to go, and mark the spaces that you’ll need to place screws on the wall in pencil. (You can erase the marks later.) Then, you’ll want to use a stud-finder to see where on your wall would be best for those screws, and work out a happy medium that’s best for aesthetics and interior sturdiness. Finally, use long screws and an electric screwdriver to attach the shelf to the wall where indicated.

The number of wall-mounted coat hooks with a shelf that you get for your entryway will depend on how many people will be using them as well as what you plan on hanging up.

Coat hooks are indispensable, not just for coats but for hats, scarves, and other smaller clothing items that you need to grab and dash out the door.

If you have a large family that dashes in and out of the house, consider getting as many hooks as you can. Even if you won't be using all of them initially, it's always best to have more for when you have guests coming over.

Standard shelves contain around 4 hooks, and you get larger ones that may contain as many as 8 hooks on a shelf.

Hanging up your coat instead of chucking it onto anything you bump into is the first game-changing step towards a tidy, clutter-free home! Practical and functional, wall hooks can also become attention-drawing elements in your entryway, living room or wherever the most strategic place is for you.

Hang up your hat and get comfy: we'll show you how to choose wall hooks that match your home and needs.

Wall hooks come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, but the first thing that you should figure out is how many you need. Having one for each member of your household is a great start, but you might want to add a few more if you have frequent visitors.

Here's what you can choose from:

  • Single hooks: this isn't just the best option for single professionals, but also for couples of families who want to hang up their hooks on their own terms!

    • Buying multiple single wall hooks allows you more flexibility: for example, you could hang them up in a diagonal line to match your room's layout or at different heights to showcase your creativity;

    • They'll be particularly useful to hang objects in other rooms too, such as a small towel next to the sink;

  • Two or more: usually mounted onto a horizontal rack, these models are best suited for small entryways or corners where space-optimization is key.

Traditional wall hooks are the most versatile, but, if you're tight on space, you might want to consider these options:

  • Over-the-door hooks: perfect if you haven't got much wall-room in your entryway, these hooks optimize the space behind your door and can easily be moved around, which makes them ideal if you're currently renting;

  • Coat hooks with shelves: if you need a little extra room to drop your keys, gloves or even just to add some decorative elements, this 2-in-1 solution will allow you to make the most of even the smallest walls.

Even though they're tiny, wall hooks can become eye-catching pieces, especially if that part of the wall is pretty bare: it's only natural to want to consider your room's décor before choosing them, since some materials work better with certain styles!

However, don't forget to go over these practical considerations, too:

  • Wood is a sturdy, traditional but versatile option, while plastic is a cheaper alternative; look for hooks in either of these materials and without any sharp edges (perhaps featuring colorful designs or animal shapes) for your kids' bedroom;

  • If you're planning on hanging heavier items like your everyday bag that's always filled to the brim, metal will be your best choice: the capacity changes from model to model, but some metal hooks can even hold around 50 pounds of weight!

Identify the palette and style of your room in order to choose wall hooks that hit the décor spot:

  • Whether your hooks are against the wall or door, choose a contrasting color to make them stand out;

  • Metal or plastic hooks in your room's accent color will work well in modern settings;

  • Wooden hooks will always convey traditional, warm and cozy vibes;

  • For a minimalist feel, go for bare stand-alone hooks or a small, monochrome and geometric rack;

  • Minimalist hooks made of light wood can also help you create a Scandinavian feel;

  • Darker wood or a combination of different geometric shapes in metal or plastic will complement mid-Century modern rooms;

  • Stick to discolored white wood and particularly harmonious, decorative shapes for a shabby chic décor; coat hooks with little shelves are also a plus;

  • Metal hooks - either on their own or on wooden racks - are key to creating a raw industrial look;

  • Experiment with bright patterns or hooks in the most creative shapes for a bohemian room.

  • Consider the number of people in your household but don't forget about frequent guests when choosing the right number of wall hooks

  • Single hooks will allow you more flexibility, while racks or over-the-door models can be more space-optimizing;

  • Metal hooks have the highest weight capacity;

  • Consider the palette and décor of your room when choosing wall hooks for it and try and create a light and dark contrast against their designated surface.

Best Ideas

Entryway mirror with hooks and shelf

Thanks to this wall-mounted piece of furniture, you will be able to save space in your narrow entryway. Designed of sturdy wood in a distressed finish, the unit contains 1 open top shelf, 6 double metal coat hooks, and 6 small drawers with name plaques and white pull-knobs.

Beautiful Black Metal Decorative Wall Mounted Storage Shelf w/ 5 Hooks / Bathroom Towel Rack

Decorative mounted storage shelf. This beautiful piece of furniture is simply invaluable in your bathroom. The shelf is made of durable metal with black finish, has 5 hooks for clothing and a shelf which may serve as a display or storage.

Prepac Sonoma Espresso Entryway Cubbie Shelf

This simple and stylish entryway shelf is gonna perfectly match every kind of space, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition. Check it out now and fall in love with its intriguing design and functionality!

Wooden shelf with pegs

Store your keys, mail, phones, coats, hats, gloves, scarves or umbrellas all in one place with this beautiful wall mounted organizer.

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Homestar 1 shelf 4 hook entryway wall mounted coat rack

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