Sleeper Chairs

Do you want the concept of a sleeper sofa and a much smaller medium? Then how 'bout consider the innovative concept of a sleeper chair. You heard us correctly. This is a chair that pulls out to a sleeper which is essentially a twin bed. It is a great household item to have for both sitting purposes and if you have a single guest dropping in.

Best Products

Single Convertible Chair

Single Convertible Chair
Convertible chair upholstered in soft touch microfiber. Unfolds in seconds into slepper position. Ideal as a place for relaxation or an emergency place to sleep in any interior.

Clayton Convertible Chair

Clayton Convertible Chair
This elegant chair is both stylish and practical-it can be convert into a sleeper easily in few moments. Its frame is made of hardwood it has a foam filling and a woolen upholstery. Features storage area lined with fabric.

Upton home jackson gray upholstered sleeper chair with storage

Upton home jackson gray upholstered sleeper chair with storage
This type of product is a neutral-colored sleeper chair that has got a comfortable seat and solid backrest. It is an armchair that has got a spacious storage compartment and it can be converted into a bed.

Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa

Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa
It is a sleeper chair that has got a twin size and a solid frame. It stands on durable legs that are stable and have got an attractive, decorative appearance. This multi-functional product is an armchair with a bed conversion function.


This type of product is a durable sleeper chair that is made on the basis of solid wooden frame. It is a piece of furniture that can also play the role of a bed. It features comfortable and soft cushions.

Twin size studio sleeper chair hot pink

Twin size studio sleeper chair hot pink
This kind of chair is a very original and unique piece of furniture that has got a comfortable, functional and decorative character. Its convenient size and design is its another advantage. It is a chair that can be converted into a small bed.

Harlow Convertible Chair

Harlow Convertible Chair
Adds style, beauty and comfort to your living room and guest room with this fantastic chair bed. It has got a chrome finish and white upholstery. It fits to contemporary style and décor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Chairs that fold out into a twin-sized bed are often called sleeper chairs. The designs are so diversified that one of these chairs can fit almost anywhere. Perfect spots can include a quiet loft, a noisy teen's room or in the living area of a small apartment.

Not all pull-out beds are found in sofas. Sleeper chairs are compact for small spaces. They also offer so much more in modern design and originality. Look for other names like futon chair, chair bed, or convertible chair.

What are the best materials for sleeper chairs?

Durable and easy to clean materials make sleeper chairs practical and wearable. Some of the best choices for sleeper chairs include:

  • Fabric - Any imaginable fabric is used in creating a sleeper chair. Cotton, polyester, linen, fake fur and microfiber are a few of the choices available for personal preference. Animal prints and kid's favorite colors and characters can also be found.
  • Leather/Leatherette - Leather or leatherette is a favorite material for use in a single chair. Simple contemporary styles allow movement to different areas of the home. Wherever an additional bed is needed, leather fits right in.
  • Metal - Legs and arms are often made of stainless steel or metal of painted matte finish. Frames that hold a pull-out sleeper are also metal and adhere to national safety guidelines for durability and weight standards.

What types of sleeper chairs are there?

  • Pull-Out - A pull-out sleeper module can be indiscrete until bedtime. What can look like a seat cushion on a base can turn into a pull-out bed. The base shell hides the lower half of the bed beautifully. The cushion folds over to complete the mattress top. Vintage models that pull up and out to extended metal legs are still also available. Fabrics that reflect today's styles make sleeper chairs a great addition at reasonable prices.
  • Fold-Over - New to the furniture scene are the fold-over cushions that fold down on secure arm rests to deliver an amazing twin bed. Models that sit close to floor simply fold over without having to have aid from arm rests. Smaller models are perfect for a child's room for when they have friends over. Fun colors in fur or patterns of cotton/polyester blends are perfect for casual use.
  • Adjustable Back - A chair can have up to 7 different adjustable levels for the back. From a sitting position to a lying flat posture, a bed is instantly available. The adjustable back also comes in handy for a propped up bed position while watching TV.

How to style with sleeper chairs?

The styles available in sleeper chairs are sleek and modern. Rounded or square upholstered arms and back are appropriate for contemporary or minimalist decors. Taller chairs with pencil legs fit in with urban industrial or modern designs with ease.

How to care for sleeper chairs?

Casual sleeper chairs should be vacuumed regularly. Spot clean with an upholstery cleaner when needed. If a mattress is included, wipe down with a damp cloth and disinfect after each use. Read the manufacturer's care manual for any specific cleaning instructions.


Convertible Chair

Convertible Chair
This Convertible Chair in Navy Blue offers 3 pieces in 1 - each upholstered in 100% faux leather. The piece unfolds from a lounge chair into a bed, ensuring a good choice for dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and apartments.

Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Choose Color & Sized Single,twin or Full (Full (5x46x74), Cinnamon)

It is a product ideal for people who like multifunctional solutions in their houses. The chair has got a very soft and comfortable construction based on foam. The chair is able to fold into a twin-size sleeper.

Sleeper chair 8

sleeper chair

6" Thick X 36" Wide X 70" Long Twin Size Navy Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed 1.8lbs Density, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

This practical piece of furniture can be transform into bed, sofa or lounge chair in few minutes. It is filled with high quality, solid foam and covered with solid, removable poliester in navy blue. Cover can be wash in washing machine.

Sleeper chair and ottoman

sleeper chair and ottoman

Cortesi Home Savion Aqua Convertible Accent Chair Bed

Grace your home with mesmerizing design of this convertible accent chair bed offering firm seating and sleeping surface. It is upholstered in a aqua blue fabric with a matching accent pillow and finished with a pewter metal base.

Sleeper chair 16

The ultimate space-saving fold out sleeper chair perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, or just to have around at home for extra sleeping space. It’s durably crafted using a strong and durable wood frame, foam and synthetic fiber backfill, and faux leather upholstery.

Sleeper chairs 3

Beige furniture - especially a sleeper chair-are extremely versatile. This is due to the fact that the beige color can be easily combined with other colors, be it walls or textiles. It has a cotton upholstery and a compact size with upholstered beige pillows.

Hailey sleeper chair closed


Reclining sleeper chairs

Reclining Sleeper Chairs

Living rooms bart twin sleeper chair supreme mattress living rooms

Living Rooms, Bart Twin Sleeper Chair - Supreme Mattress, Living Rooms | Havertys Furniture

Chairs that fold into beds

If your heart aches for unpretentious, casual, even a bit minimalistic design, go for ARMLESS loveseats. This armless seat is, precisely, a sleeper chair. It's beeen dressed up in neutral beige fabric, suede like. Perfection! <3

Red Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Sized 6" Thick X 32" Wide X 70" Long, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

It is a long twin size red sleeper chair folding foam bed that is perfect for your guest, outdoor activities and small spaces. You will be impressed how comfortable and functional this product is.

Coaster Sleeper Bench/Ottoman

This casual styled bench can be fold out and use as a sleeper. It features four solid casters for better mobility. Its sleek, solid upholstery is made of faux leather in warm brown and has a decorative stitches.

Leather sleeper chair

leather sleeper chair

Sleeper chairs

sleeper chairs

Sleeper chair

sleeper chair

Orange Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Sized 6" Thick X 32" Wide X 70" Long, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

Functional foam bed in orange. Looks great, works hard and is friendly for your home budget. It doubles as a loveseat or sofa. It provides additional sleepover space when you have guests. I like it so much!

Twin sleeper chair 3

twin sleeper chair

Sleeper chair 4

Sleeper chair

Affordable sleeper chairs amp ottomans

Affordable Sleeper Chairs & Ottomans

Sleeper chairs 1

A beautiful set of 1 lovseat and 1 ottoman both wrapped in nice to touch upholstery decorated with a stylish skirt. With softly padded cushions, rolled arms and a durable frame, those babies are perfect for enhancing contemporary interiors.

Your Zone - Flip Chair Convertible Sleeper Dorm Bed Couch Lounger Sofa Multi Color New (Brown)

This kind of product is an armless chair that plays the role of a sofa that converts into a comfortable bed. The chair size is 29.3" x 29.4" x 23.9" and the bed size is 79.52" x 29.4" x 5.2". It is a product that is easy to use.

6" Thick X 36" Wide X 70" Long Twin Size Gray Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed 1.8lbs Density, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

This multi functional, modern styled piece of furniture can be use as a bed, sofa or lounge chair. Its sleek, polyester cover has a light grey color and can be remove. Its filling is made of heavy duty foam.

Ikea sleeper chair

Made on a strong foundation sleeper chair is a piece of furniture ideal for small interiors in which essential functional elements. Beautiful upholstery, comfortable seat with backrest and armrests will fit into any decor.

Foam sleeper chair

nice sleeper chair

Sofa Sleeper Convertible Couch Loveseat Chair Recliner Futon Black Twin Bed Guest

Modern lovesat with rounded armrests line, padded with black vinyl. It is a space-saving piece: serving as sofa during the day, it is convertible into a twin-size sleeper at night. Loose back cushion is thickly stuffed.

Folding foam sofa bed

Modern Orange Sleeper Chair

Foam chair bed

Kia Sleeper Chair with Storage in Gray It's insane to me that this sleeper chair is $200 MORE than the sleeper sofa....

6" Thick X 36" Wide X 70" Long Twin Size Hunter Green Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed 1.8lbs Density, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

This very practical piece of furniture is filled with solid, durable foam and has a green upholstery, made of sleek polyester. It can be easy transform into a sofa, bed or lounge chair. It is portable.

Folding sleeper

Zuo sleeper chair

Teen sleeper chair

Teen Sleeper Chair

Epic Furnishings Cosmo Click Clack Convertible Futon Pillow-Top Flip Chair Sleeper Bed, Olive Green

Convertible futton with a function of a sleeper, recliner and lounger, with flip-top on heavy duty hinges, for one person. Padded with olive green suede fabric. It requires no assembly and it comes with a lumbar support pillow.

Bariatric medical sleeper chair tava tm nurture

Bariatric medical sleeper chair Tava™ Nurture

Crescent moon sleeper chair

crescent moon sleeper/chair

Encore 5-position Espresso Finish Sleeper/ Lounge Chair

If flexibility and smart design is what you value the most when choosing a living room furniture, this versatile piece can be a good option to get another seat in your home area. It doubles as sleeper and lounge chair, sitting directly on the floor.

Lauderdale blue sleeper chair

Lauderdale Blue Sleeper Chair

Pink Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed Sized 6" Thick X 32" Wide X 70" Long, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

It is a pink sleeper chair folding foam with bed size that can be used as a chair, bed, sofa, couch and more. It is a fantastic solution for your guest room and small spaces. You need to have it.

6" Thick X 36" Wide X 70" Long Twin Size Pink Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed 1.8lbs Density, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

6" Thick X 36" Wide X 70" Long Twin Size Pink Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed 1.8lbs Density, Studio Guest Foldable Chair Beds, Foam Sofa, Couch.

Brianna green sleeper chair design

Brianna Green Sleeper Chair Design

Fun Furnishings Chair Sleeper,  Denim

The navy chair would be a great piece of equipment for the children's room. The seat is soft, comfortable and very safe. There is also a sofa. As a result, whenever friends or colleagues will want to sleep in a toddler room there will not be a problem.

Elite products polyester sleeper chair

Elite Products Polyester Sleeper Chair

Single sleeper chairs showcasing a cozy and enjoyable 1

Single Sleeper Chairs Showcasing a Cozy and Enjoyable ...