Seiko Wall Clocks

For a very simple wall clock from the good people at the Seiko company, we give you a collection of Seiko wall clocks that are no frills, but at the same time do exactly what they are intended to do, and that is give you the accurate time. Just like their watches, Seiko didn't waste energy on anything that might ruin price point and efficiency. See collection for details.

Best Ideas

Seiko wall clocks

An elegant retro wall clock featuring a squarish frame with rounded corners of gold finished metal. A glazed white analogue dial has 2 ornate diameter-varied golden rings and black stylised Arabic numerals. Simple pointy hands are of black metal.

Seiko moving wall clocks

If you want to crate the elegant space, you need to buy some accent pieces, just like this Seiko Emiline wall clock. The square shape and gold details create a classic product with luxury touch.

Seiko wall clocks

Pendulum wall clock in elegant form. It is mounted on oak wood fame with antique finish and covered with clear glass. Sophisticated addition for living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Seiko Wall Curio Cabinet Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

Seiko wall clock, that’s not the only ideal because of its functionality, but also because it comes with some additional storage compartments. Now you can measure the flow of time and admire your small decorations at the same time!

Seiko QXA628KRH Wall Japanese Quartz Wall Clock

This type of product is a Japanese wall clock that has got a Quartz mechanism. The clock features a round shape and arabic numbers, so the current time is easy to read. The whole construction is resistant to damage and wear.

Seiko wall clocks 3

Chiming, dark brown solid oak Schoolhouse Clock with spun brass moving pendulum. Curved Glass Crystal and Dial ring. Westminster/Whittington quarter-hour chime (4/4) , hourly strikes, volume control and nighttime silence option. Size: H 21" W 13" D 4"

Seiko wall clocks 26

Seiko Clock Melodies In Motion: Dancing Fairies Christmas Musical Wall QXM275BRH #Seiko

Seiko Wall Quiet Sweep Second Hand Clock Curved Glass Crystal BlackDial #QXA314KL

Wall clock featuring appealing and original modern design, black dial and white numbers and curved glass cover. Additionally, the clock has metal hands and quiet quartz movement. The latter is also very accurate.

Seiko wall clocks 14

Seiko Melodies in Motion Clock.. available at sam's club.. I SO WANT THIS!!!!!

Seiko Wall Clock Medium Brown Solid Oak Case

Classic wall clock in octagonal solid oak case finished in medium brown. The Arabic numerals and hands - except for second hand - are black, dislayed on white background. The numerals are big and easy to read.

Seiko wall clock 12

Seiko Wall Clock

Seiko wall clock quiet sweep second hand dark brown solid

Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Dark Brown Solid Oak Case ...

Seiko QXA612KLH Wall Japanese Quartz Wall Clock

Are you a technology geek? Then why won't you take benefit of this precise wall clock with Japanese quartz movement characterized by high accuracy (and you can't miss the design, which is sleek and arresting!).

Have to have it fanfare melodies in motion wall clock

Have to have it. Fanfare - Melodies In Motion Wall Clock by Seiko - 16.33 Inches Wide $243.75

Seiko QXA520KLH Wall Clock

This wall clock has got a beautiful contemporary design and silver case. It fits to modern style and décor. If you looking for a fantastic wall clock, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

Seiko wall clocks 2

This original ornamental silhouette conceals a lot of suprises inside, including enchanting melodies and high-quality Seiko mechanisms. It features six different songs, making it an enchanting addition to almost every decor.

Seiko wall clocks 24

Seiko Melodies in Motion Clock - Sam's Club

Seiko QXM295BLH Japanese Quartz Wall Clock

This kind of mechanism is a high quality wall clock that has got a round shape and a dark brown wooden frame. It has got large roman numbers that are readable. This functional element has also got a decorative function.

Have to have it seiko french horns melodies in motion

Have to have it. Seiko French Horns Melodies in Motion Wall Clock - 15.75-in. Wide - $243.75 @hayneedle

Seiko QXM479BRH Melody in Motion Clock

Seiko wall clock


Seiko QXA630ALH Wall Japanese Quartz Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that has got a Japanese style and simple design that fits perfectly to your contemporary and classic style and decor. Ylou will be imrpessed how cool this product is.

Seiko wall clocks 28

Seiko QXA622K Wall Clock with Glass Crystal Seiko

Wall clock seiko

NEW Seiko Clocks Wall Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak QXH110BLH

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Silver-Tone Case on Black Solid Wood Base

It is a wall pendulum clock that has got a silver-tone case, black solid wood base and contemporary design. It fits perfectly to modern style and décor and is a fantastic addition to living room.

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Mahogany Finish Solid Wood Case

Pendulum wall clock featuring Roman numerals, beautiful black hands, mahogany finish and sturdy case made of solid wood. Additionally, it's classic design fits majority of interiors furnished in classic style.

Seiko Wall Clock With Dark Brown Case

It is a traditional square wall clock that has got a dark brown case and glass crystal. It fits to classic style and décor. It is perfect as a gift and as a decoration for your living room, dining room and other.

Seiko analog clock


Seiko wall clocks 16

US $60.00 in Antiques, Periods & Styles, Mid-Century Modernism

Futuristic wall clock

Colorful Seiko wall clock - which will hang in the house of every lover of smart, marine mammals such as dolphins. The white dial surrounded by graphics full of sea waves and dolphins - is made of plastic and finished in the glass.

Seiko R-Wave Wall Clock Silver Metallic Case

Wall clock which features mechanism that automatically adjusts time according to standard or daylight saving time and featuring R-wave movement. Additionally, it requires one AA battery for operation.

Seiko wall clocks 4

Seiko QXM278BLH Musical Wall Clock | Home Decor

Seiko QXA597ALH Japanese Quartz Wall Clock

An interesting, reliable and accurate wall clock that is responsible for showing the current time. It has got black roman numbers that are easy to read. The frame is made of durable wood with a brown color.

Seiko wall clocks 10

Seiko QXA476W Wall Clock with Glass Crystal Seiko

Seiko quartz westminster whittington wall clock

A cool modern 1AA battery powered wall clock in a round glazed frame of silvery plastic. Its dial has a rim in white and silvery shades, a white central part, shorter and longer lines instead numerals. Simple hands are black, a second hand - blue.

Seiko wall clocks 13

Seiko bright wall clock

Seiko wall clocks 21

Everyone that has come into my home has commented this Seiko wall clock. It features w round shape, matte black metallic case and white background with floral pattern.

Seiko wall clocks

seiko qxr131slh atomic wall clock atomic wall clocks clock description ...

Seiko wall clocks 1

This would be slightly more difficult, but could be incorporated into a centerpiece. In fact, why not have each table themed around each character from Beauty and the Beast?! How cute would that be?

Seiko QXM531BRH Melodies in Motion Japanese Quartz Wall Clock

Unique wall clock mounted on richly decorated shield. It is fitted with Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Received many positive recommendations from clients for elegant design and high quality.

Seiko wall clocks 7

QXM239SRH Seiko Melodies in Motion Celebration Wall Clock

Seiko wall clocks 9

Wall Clock Seiko Room Art Decor Easy Read Time Teacher Children’s learning Kids #tongdesign

Seiko wall clocks 18

Wow! The fabulous Seiko Danube Melodies motion wall clock with metallic bronze case, light sensor and many beautiful details. Trust me, everyone will be delighted.

Seiko wall clocks 30

Desk and Table #Clock Brass Base and Top by #Seiko

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case with Hand-Rubbed Finish

This magnificent wall clock in a hand-rubbed finish has a sturdy case, crafted from dark brown solid oak. Also includes a functional pendulum, round face with Arabic numerals, and a glass cover with decorative trim.

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

Pendulum wall clock featuring dark brown finish and durable case made of solid oak. Additionally, the clock has golden-white dial, beautiful hands and Roman numbers. The clock is a great addition to all interiors furnished in classic style.

Seiko QXM283BLH Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring very accurate quartz movement, two sets of melodies on the hour and volume control. Additionally, it has classic design and appealing light brown finish. The clock includes battery.

Seiko QXM470BRH Melody in Motion Clock

It is an elegant, classic and stylish wall clock that has got a melody design, round shelf and Arabic numerals. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks on your wall.

Seiko wall clocks 23

Seiko Silver Tone Pendulum Wall Clock - QXC111SLH

Seiko Wall Clock With Pendulum Dark Brown Case Westminster/Whittington Chime

This wall clock has got a pendulum, dark brown case, batteries and traditional design. It is a fantastic addition to any living room, bedroom, library and other. You will be impressed how beautiful this clock is.