Nautilus Shell Table Lamp

Just take a look at all these shell table lamps and see if any of them would be a nice thing for you to have. Many of them are really artistic and nice looking and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are owned by a great number of people already. Now you can also pick from among so many different designs.

Nautilus shell table lamp 4

A truly original piece like this one is just sure to bring the best out of your interior. It sports the mermaid structure with the sublime shell shade from durable and stunning glass and reminds of the Tiffany styled pieces.

Nautilus shell table lamp

Unique table lamp that provides light and looks very original. Its metal construction provides not only aesthetics. It also assures good stability and resistance to different forms of wear and damage.

1873 1971 a nautilus shell and patinated bronze table lamp

... 1873-1971), A nautilus shell and patinated bronze table lamp, c. 1899

Nautilus shell table lamp 33

Maiden Holding Nautilus Shell, table or desk lamp, Art Nouveau, 18 inches.

Nautilus shell table lamp 34

Original tiffany lamp in naval style. Instead of kickstand, there is figurine of mermaid made of the bronze. Mermaid hold in her hands stained glass-work lampshade in a shape of the shell. It will be perfect table lamp in your living room.

Nautilus shell table lamp 3

Made from solid bronze, this large table lamp enchants with its beautiful shape. Highly detailed mermaid can embellish both indoor and outdoor tables. A great example of art deco style.

Nautilus lamp

This Nautilus shell table lamp with a gorgeous, stained glass shade and a unique, tangled iron frame possesses a truly unique, unusual design, bound to fit in perfectly in a vintage, old-fashioned library or living room.

Nautilus shell table lamp 14

A Tiffany Studios Leaded Glass and Bronze Nautilus Shell Lamp, the shade with mottled green glass graduating to white, raised on a bifurcated stem ending in a leaf cast domed circular foot, stamped Tiffany Studios New York, further marked with the Tiffan

Nautilus shell and patinated bronze table lamp by gustav gurschner


Nautila Natural Nautilus Shell with Medium Wood Table Lamp

Nautilus shell table lamp 21

White Nautilus Sea Shell Table Lamp Beach Decor -

Nautilus shell table lamp 3

Nautilus Shell Table Lamp

Nautilus shell table lamp 32


Nautilus Shell 28" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade (Set of 2)

Nautilus Shell 28" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade (Set of 2)
It is a set of two original and very fine Tor lamps. Their base is brown, coiled shell. While the diffuser is made in the shape of a cuboid. Lamp perfectly check in demanding, modern interior.

Tiffany Shells 26" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tiffany Shells 26" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
This 26-inch height table lamp features a handcrafted, resin body, finished in dark antique brass. The body holds a white bowl shade, designed of hand rolled art glass. The lamp also includes an on/off switch, and accepts 60W incandescent bulbs.

Nautilus shell lamp 9

My heart has always ached for art nouveau inspirations... This table lamp is somewhat a merge of two: curvy art nouveau design and a nautical topic. A tall and slender female figure supports a nautilus shell shade.

Shell table lamps

Nautilus Shell Bronze Finish Table Lamp

DEI Nautilus Shell Lamp

Nautilus shell lamp 19

This original Nautilus Shell lamp is another beautiful example of the Tiffany style. It amazes with its stained glass shade, glittering with different shades of green and yellow, as well as the ornate shape of its base.

Nautilus shell lamp 8

Unique table lamp mounted on carefully carving base. Shell lampshade gives warm tone of light. Sophisticated decoration for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Nautilus shell table lamp 23

TIFFANY STUDIOS Nautilus table lamp with nacreous

Nautilus shell table lamp 13

Tiffany 'Nautilus' lamp

Nautilus shell lamp 13

A reminder of the holiday, in the form of a nautilus shell lamp - whose custom shades are winding sea shells, straight from the bottom of the colorful ocean. Three shells hang on thin strings - they have different colors.

Nautilus shell lamp 15

Aquatic design for a vintage nautilus shell lamp made to resemble a giant seashell. The antique, iron frame of the lamp gives it an antique, old-fashioned look and the long cord makes it easy to set up and use.

Nautilus shell table lamp 24

White Nautilus Sea Shell Table Lamp Beach Decor

13" H Shell Lamp

13" H Shell Lamp
This 13-inch height table lamp rests on a durable metal base, with lovely scrollwork and white finish. The body is shaped like a shell, and crafted from quality glass and metal. Such a beautiful piece can be a great gift for nautical theme enthusiasts.

Nautilus 27.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Nautilus 27.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Nautilus shell table lamp 11

A fresh new take on nautical decor theme: a beige resin lamp on black base accentuated with a big pearl conch shell detail glistening with beautiful pearl sheen. It seems that a beach theme can be implemented at no cost for elegance.

Nautilus Shell Porcelain Table Lamp

Nautilus Shell 15.5" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Nautilus Shell 15.5" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade
Unusual and very delicate lamp, which not only illuminate the room, but also perfectly decorate it. The lamp has a foot-shaped folded, large shells. Through it just looks very interesting and delicately adorned.

19.5" Antique Bronze Verde Red Nautilus Hand Crafted Glass Table Lamp

This original, stylish lamp connect different styles. It has antique craven kickstand and base made of bronze and original, modern stained glass work lampshade in a shape of conch. It will be fit to elegant office.

Nautilus shell table lamp

128: , Art Nouveau Nautilus Shell Table Lamp, Gilt bron

Nautilus shell table lamp 35

Perfect lamp for beach home......nautilus shell on driftwood base. See more at

Nautilus 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Nautilus 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This beautiful 28-inch height table lamp features a hand-crafted resin body, and an eye-catchy aged seashell design. The empire shade is designed of an off white fabric, and accommodates 100W incandescent bulbs.

Mermaid Offering Sculptural Black Satin Finish Accent Lamp w/Amber Shade

Nautilus lamp 12

Bold and extravagant in its form, this impeccable table lamp is beautified by a captivating nautilus theme. Designed in the late 1890's, the lamp features a patinated bronze base with a mermaid figurine that holds a gorgeous seashell shade.

New!! Gorgeous Nautilus Shell Table Lamp, 30"h

Nautilus lamp 11

With this original nautilus lampshade by Rebecca Asquith your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. If you want to modernize your apartment zone you have to choose this sophisticated lamp.

Coast Lamp 12-B19A Nautilus Shell With Sq Base And Iron Stand Lamp - Cottage

Nautilus lamp 9

Phenomenal table lamp as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors. It is mounted on carefully carving base and fitted with glass lampshade.

Nautilus lamp 21

An attractive stylish table lamp featuring an unusual shade resembling a shell of a large snail. It's crafted of stained glass tiles in yellow shades and can swivel on a stem. A decorative round base and a thin furcated stem are of bronze.

Nautilus lamp 8

Incredible nautilus shaped mule lamps are an exceptionally stylish lampshade for any interior. Beautiful design and interesting details delight in creating a unique atmosphere in the interior design.

Nautilus lamp 14

The gorgeous ceiling lamp in the form of nautilus shells is a unique detail that allows bringing the nautical atmosphere into the interior. The beautiful finish and interesting wood from the woods delight in creating the original interior.

Nautilus lamp 20

Gorgeously made bronze sculpture with the mermaid figure delights and creates with a lampshade in the form of shells fantastic Nautilus lamp. The whole is achieved in the style of Art Nouveau delights.

Nautilus lamp 17

Incredibly striking table lamp with a nautical motif in the shape of a shell captivates every detail. The metallic finish is phenomenal and brings elegance and style to the interior. Beautiful base delights.

Nautilus lamp 18

Amazing light design that wraps around wall-mounted shelves. These decorative lights look very attractive in different localizations at day and night. What is more, these original lamps are wear-resistant.

Art nouveau french bronze dragon nautilus shell lamp 1900s 2

Art Nouveau French Bronze Dragon Nautilus Shell Lamp 1900s
Unique table lamp mounted on carefully carving base and fitted with glass shade in the shape of snail. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Nautilus lamp 10

Drown your home in nautical accents by using this magnificent table lamp. The base is in shape of a gorgeous metal figurine, made with attention to every detail; holding a pair of seashell shades - both designed of stained glass.

Nautilus shell table lamp 30


Nautilus lamp 16

A lovely way to illuminate indoor spaces with nautical accents using these fabulous hanging lamps. Each lamp is shaped like a large seashell, constructed of easy to clean metal and available in red or white finish.