Metal And Glass Etagere


Metal and glass etagere are an interesting and clever shelving system that will give you the opportunity to style your home in a peculiar way with little more than just these shelves and a few interesting decorative items. They're very sturdy and designed to hold just about anything. If you are ready to change your look with nothing more than a metal and glass shelf, take a look in our collection.

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Our Picks

Jacques Etagere 66" Bookcase

Jacques Etagere 66" Bookcase

A metal etagere with brass corners and three glass shelves plus a bottom one and a top one. Very attractive piece - small enough to fit in a corner, striking enough to stand out, can work on both sides to use as a divider in a larger room.

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Metal glass bath floor storage

Metal glass bath floor storage

This metal and glass etagere enchants with its smooth, simplistic design, fitting well into contemporary interiors. Available in four and three-tier variants with different sizes.

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Etagere glass shelves

This metal and glass structured etagere is the finest option for either your decorative items or plats or even to beautifully display your book collection. It comes with spacious shelves and an additional side shelf that is a bit higher.

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Metal and glass etagere 2

This modern glass and metal book shelves and media tower display is the perfect pick up for every home space. Simplicity mixed with usability fulfil both tasks of decent fantastic look and useful decoration.

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Frederick weinberg etageres

Frederick weinberg etageres

As they said - beauty lies in simplicity, and this étagère is a proof, that this sentence is true. It has iron frame and shelves covered with glass. It isn't only stylish, but useful too - for example you can use it to storage books or frippery.

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Metal and glass etagere

This large etagere is a nickel-plated metal and glass composition. The whole is presented lightly and stylishly and can be tested in many ways. The shelves will allow you to expose the various trinkets.

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Etageres metal

With the three-shelved design this amazing etagere will work like a charm in almost any bathroom, allowing for a significant boost of style and visual appeal as well as providing the needed storage space for your towels and accessories.

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Brassed metal etageres with glass shelves 1stdibs

Brassed Metal Etageres with Glass Shelves - 1stdibs

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Metal over the toilet etagere

This designer Milo Baughman etagere constitutes an exquisitely stylish combination of metal and glass. Made from chromed steel with glass shelves, it has the size of 79 x 42 x 16 inches.

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Metal and glass bookshelf

Mid Century modern Glass & Metal Etagere image 4

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Metal And Glass Etagere

Buying Guide

Step up storage in your living spaces with the best metal and glass etagere! The selection of finishes and sleek styles available online will not fail in giving you both form and function.

Although it is easy to find an etagere for sale online, do you know which one is best for your needs? Because there are so many beautiful metal and glass etageres that you can choose from, making the right decision is certainly difficult. Just read on as this article is going to be a guide that we hope will make the decision-making process a little easier!

  • Dimensions. Etageres come in different sizes. Choose the one that can fit the room where you’ll be placing it. Make sure you get the room’s measurements carefully and don’t forget to take into consideration the ceiling height.
  • Color. A metal and glass etagere is a large piece of furniture, so its color must fit in with the room where it’ll be placed. Your color choices for the metal framework span the entire color spectrum. If you opt for a darker color, it is great for a formal setting, while a lighter one is best added to a dark space that needs brightening. Fun colors are great if you’ll be adding the metal and glass etagere in a teenager’s bedroom.
  • Legs. The thickness of the metal framework will depend on whether the room has furniture legs that are too few or too less. If your room features furniture that shows too much leg, the etagere that’s right for the space is the one with a thin metal framework. On the other hand, a thicker metal framework is right for a room that has clunky or visually heavy furniture. Follow these guidelines so you achieve just the right balance within your space.
  • Use. If your metal and glass etagere will be required to carry heavy objects like vases and tons of books, then the glass shelves should be able to support all the items you want to showcase. However, if the etagere’s function is more of a display case, then you can opt for the standard glass shelves. However, keep in mind that an etagere is a delicate piece of furniture, so it’s not always the best to use in displaying heavy objects or too many items. If you want a stronger alternative to an etagere, your best bet would be a wooden bookcase.
  • Budget. Because an etagere will be something that your home will feature for several years, consider its purchase as an investment. So, get the item that’s of the highest quality but it must still be within your budget range. If you’ve found a metal and glass etagere that’s massive and great for your space but it’s too costly, just purchase two units and place them side by side. You'll achieve the effect similar to the costly piece.

Now that you know the essential aspects that need considering when getting metal and glass etageres, go ahead and “class up” your home!

Best Ideas

Vintage hollywood regency metal glass etagere bookcase

Vintage hollywood regency metal glass etagere bookcase

Decorative metal etagere with glass shelves, finished golden bronze, adorned with tiny finials on top - a homage paid to vintage Hollywood style. Three glass tiers are flanked by criss-cross scaffold.

Metal glass bookcase

The Terrace Etagere is a must have in any bedroom or living room. This one has got the metal and glass construction, which brings the simplicity to any space. the antique brass finish creates the interesting type of furniture.

Curved Gold Metal Arch Etagere Book Shelf | Standing Architectural

Etagere shelf

A space-saving piece for smaller spaces, which is as durable as it's functional. The etagere uses a metal frame with stable legs, non-marring caps, and 5 clear glass shelves for displaying pictures, collectibles and decorations.

Staple Hill 72

Staple Hill 72

Etagere glass

The combination of metal and glass is a guarantee of impressive furniture. This intriguing design etagere captivates and makes the interior of every room a beautiful expression. Practical shelves beautifully expose the contents.

Boutique Etagere - Cobblestone, Custom Cobblestone Finish 5 Glass Shelves Welded Metal Frame 12.5"w X 30.75"l X 77"h,present Your Prized Possessions on Our Beautifully Constructed éTagère's in This Exclusive Cobblestone Finish!perfect Size for a Cozy Co

Folding glass etagere towers

Folding Glass Etagere Towers

Chrome etagere

Look at this minimalistic, simple etagere. Made from the combination of glass and metal, it provides a subtle way of exposing your most favourite decoration pieces, without overwhelming and overshadowing them.

Metal corner etagere

We know this project from Scandinavian IKEA. Hardened glass and metal are 2 Very durable and neat materials. That's why this black etagere gives a breathy feel. Adjustable legs, glass shelves - you get the impression that things are based on nothingness.

Metal glass bath over the toilet etagere floor storage

Metal glass bath over the toilet etagere floor storage

An additional storage space in any bathroom. It is a solid piece of furniture made of iron, so the overall level of solidity is extra high. It also looks very attractive. The size (28" wide x 10'' deep x 72'' high) is ideal for the storage of different bathroom items.

Ikea glass shelves

My husband told me that we need a new bookcase for our home library. We purchased this one, which has got the gold and black finish with glass shelves. It adds an exclusive look.

Gold etagere

With this tall shelf unit, your collectibles will be properly displayed, along with framed pictures, books and pot plants. Made of durable bamboo and premium metal, the unit offers 5 open shelves with glass panels for extra look.

Chrome metal 72 h etagere w tempered glass shelves monarch

Chrome Metal 72"H Etagere w/ Tempered Glass Shelves - Monarch ...