How To Choose A Wall Decal

Wall decals are a great way to brighten up empty walls. You can add beauty to your interior, as well as express your style through wall decals. They come in a wide range of designs and sizes suitable for any room, such as the kitchen or living room. In addition to enhancing room's visual appearance, wall decals are also convenient for covering ruined walls.

There are certain factors that you should consider when purchasing wall decals, such as the room's color and size. Here, we offer practical tips to help you select the right wall decals suitable for your interior and personal taste.

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What is the best material for wall decals?

Before choosing a wall decal's design, it is important to consider its material. The material determines whether the wall decal is of good quality or not.

  • Wall decals with labels such as VOC-free, lead-free, and Phthalate free are safe to place in nursery rooms or children's rooms since they are made of safe materials.
  • To prevent your walls from getting damaged by wall decals, try to avoid glossy or outdoor vinyl materials. Wall decals made of these materials have a stronger adhesive.
  • Most wall decals are made of PVC-vinyl, and they're considered the best material because of their durability.
  • Choose a wall decal with a residue-free adhesive to make sure your walls remain intact after its removal.
Stylish Matte Peony Flowers Wall Decal
Classic Vinyl Mirror Rings Wall Decal
Disney Princess Peel And Stick Wall Decal
Black Vinyl Text Wall Decal
White Elegant PVC 3D Butterfly Wall Decal
White Tree Branches With Birds Wall Decal

How to pick a wall decal based on your interior decor?

There are various ways to choose a wall decal for your interior. One method involves picking a wall decal based on an interior's theme or inspiration piece.

  • There are certain items and furniture that could completely inspire the design of an entire area. Inspiration pieces could be an instrument such as a grand piano or even your chic sofa. Use these decor items to determine the room's color scheme. It is preferable to narrow down the color scheme to three to four colors. For instance, a room with sky blue curtains, white walls, and a sand-colored bed frame would look seamless with a sky blue wall decal.

  • You can easily pick the wall decal based on the room's color scheme. This is a great way to experiment with different patterns and solids.

  • If your wall decal is of a new color, try to add at least two other decor items in the same color for a cohesive interior.

  • If the room is composed of various decor pieces in different colors, try to tone it done by choosing a white wall decal.

  • Choose colorful and fun stickers to bring liveliness and fun to the room. For example, if your child has a green duvet and chair, you can spice it up by adding a large family tree wall decal with green leaves.

  • If your living room has neutral-toned furniture, jazz it up with bright wall decals, such as cherry blossoms to add a touch of nature.

Stylish Vinyl Leafs Window Decal
Classic Vinyl Real Life Chicken Wall Decal
Black Elegant PVC Butterfly Vine Decal
Elegant Matte Peonies Wall Decal
Pink Minimalistic Vinyl Dots Wall Decal
White Classic Peel And Stick Stars Wall Decal

How to select the colors of a wall decal?

Wall decals are available in every possible color which means you'll never run out of color options. The most practical way to choose your wall decal's color is to match it up with colors already present in the room. However, there are other techniques you can follow to choose your wall decal's color.

  • Black and white wall decals are the go-to for those in doubt about color.
  • White walls go with practically any other wall decal color.
  • Brighten up a white room by adding a set of wall decals in different colors. A set of planets or animals in a white nursery room would look visually appealing.
  • Colored walls could never go wrong with black wall decals, such as motivational quotes.
  • Choose a wall decal in the same color as your walls but in a different shade. A light gray wall would match well with a dark gray wall decal.
Pink Vinyl Butterflies Wall Decal
Black Classic Gloss Vinyl Text Wall Decal
Black Vinyl Peel And Stick Stripe Wall Decal
Matte Vinyl Forest Animals Wall Decal
Colorful PVC Dots Wall Decal
Black Classic Vinyl Flower Wall Decal

What is the best wall decal style for different rooms?

Choosing a wall decal based on its style is the most practical way to make your decision. The decal's design can greatly impact the room's atmosphere, so it's important to choose one that is fitting to its designated room.

  • When picking a wall decal for your children's bedroom, do not get decals that they don't like. Creative and colorful wall decals are a great way to help widen their imagination. Your child's favorite cartoon character can be a good option.
Colorful Vinyl Butterfly Wall Decal
Classic Vinyl Disney Wall Decal
Vinyl Watercolor Raindrop Wall Decal
Classic Fabric Spider Man 3D Wall Decal
Black Vinyl Dirt Bike Wall Decal
Vinyl Butterfly Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal
  • An adult or teenager's bedroom can be decorated with decals of scenery or other designs that you like. You can pick green tropical leaves if you enjoy nature or you can go for an Eiffel Tower decal if you're a traveler. The options are endless.
Green Classic Vinyl Palm Leaf Wall Decal
Vinyl Waterfall 3D Window Wall Decal
Classic Vinyl Beach Wall Decal
Semi Gloss Calm Panoramic Wall Decal
Realistic 3D Wall Brooklyn Bridge Wall Decal
Green Semi Gloss Vinyl Landscape Wall Decal
  • A living room would look best with larger decals, especially if the wall is blank. Large wall decals such as trees and floral patterns can be great backgrounds for your furniture.
Vinyl Peony Rose Floral Wall Decal
Matte Vinyl Tree Top Oak Branches Wall Decal
Vinyl Glow In Dark Dandelion Wall Decal
White Modern Vinyl Flower Wall Decal
Black PVC Butterflies Vine Wall Decal
Vinyl Japanese Cherry Tree Wall Decal
  • Adding wall decals to your office is a cost-effective way to make the area more fun and aesthetically appealing. You can choose inspirational quotes, a calendar, or even a timetable to organize your work.
  • Dining rooms and kitchens can be decorated using wall decals related to food and utensils. Enhance the whole area by choosing simple yet warm or vibrant decals.
White Black Vinyl Cooking Recipe Wall Decal
Red Vinyl Country Apples Wall Decal
Vinyl Wine Lovers Wall Decal
White Matte Vinyl Kitchen Stuff Wall Decal
Metal Fruits And Vegetables Wall Decal
Vinyl Kitchen Spoons Spices Wall Decal
  • For the bathroom, select wall decals that are linked to water such as waterfalls or marine animals. Relaxing and comforting phrases could also be an eye-catching option.
Black Vinyl Text Wall Decal
Black Vinyl Quote Wall Decal
White Simple Vinyl Polka Dots Wall Decal
Blue Vinyl Scrabble Bathroom Wall Decal
Sea Shells Starfish Wall Decal
Black Vinyl Jellyfish Bathroom Wall Decal

How to choose the wall decal's size?

  • Take precise measurements of the wall you want to cover to avoid replacements and refunds.

  • The wall decal's size should depend on the size of the area. Wide empty walls are suitable for large wall decals and smaller wall surfaces would require medium to small-sized decals.

  • Large wall decals are typically the centerpiece of the room.

  • If the wall surface is small and vertical, you may go for a tall and thin decal. If the available surface is horizontal, opt for a long and slim one.

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