Bunk Bed With Ladder


Is it time to put a bunk bed in your home to open up some floor space in your kids bedroom ? Then we have a collection of bunk beds with ladders that will do the job nicely and give them a fun and useful sleeping medium. These bunk beds are very well made, very sturdy, and crafted from the finest materials that will not fall apart if your kids rough house on the bunk beds.

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Our Picks

Diy bunk bed ladder

something like this in the lounge or tackroom for boarders who need to sleep over on foal watch or with a sick horse. make it multi-funtional: seating and storage for regular use; bed if needed

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Bunk bed with ladder 3

I like a very original idea of a bunk bed with an access ladder made of rope with wooden steps. The frame of this bed is finished in neutral white color. Both beds provide a very high level of comfort to its users.

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Kostemia Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Ladder

Kostemia Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Ladder

A beautiful full over full bunk bed with a safe and secure ladder to ensure your highest comfort and a lot of extra sleeping options for your extra guests. It will look amazing in your modern styled household.

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Chester Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

Chester Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

With this twin bunk bed you can add a classic touch to your decor and amazing functionality, since it offers comfortable sleeping space and a safe ladder. The simple, elegant design comes with a lovely, brown finish and brings a traditional aura to any interior.

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Loft beds with steps

It looks really stable - a loft bunk bed has been built into a recess, and instead of a wobbling ladder has a decent stone staircase with protective walls. Everything in a natural shade of mustard brown.

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Bunk bed with ladder 2

If you starting with remodeling your home these ideas are just for you! Be clever and get the maximum from it. Make attic in pillow room perfec...

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Bunk bed with ladder

A built-in bunk bed with a rope ladder | Lonny

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Twin Futon Bunk Bed with Ladder

Twin Futon Bunk Bed with Ladder

It is a twin over full futon bunk bed that has got a ladder, black finish and sturdy and solid construction and is great for teens room or kids room. It is a perfect addition to any space in your home.

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Rope bunk beds

An impressive contemporary bunk bed of wood in white. It features a vertically slatted panels design and large arched entries with side protective panels. It's equipped with a slanted wheeled ladder, shifted along a black metal rod, and 3 drawers.

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Bunk bed with ladder 1

Bunkroom, Danish summer house © Torben Petersen

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Bunk Bed With Ladder

Buying Guide

When it comes to considering the safest types of ladders for bunk beds, it would be ladders that are attached to the bunk. There is less risk of the ladder falling down when the child is climbing up or down, and it is secured against the bunk bed.

Ladders don't necessarily have to be made of metal, and wood and plastic are great alternatives for toddlers and smaller children. Ladders should also have a non-slip grip on each step to prevent slips and falls.

The amount of weight a bunk bed can hold depends on the type and size of the model. A child’s twin bunk bed usually has a weight limit of up to 250 lbs, whereas an adult twin XL bunk bed has a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs.

Bunk beds made from sturdy and durable materials, such as wood and metal, can withstand a significant amount of weight. However, if you’re looking for a bunk bed that can handle as much pressure as possible, then wooden designs often provide the better option due to the material’s thickness and mass.

Bunk bed with ladder models are also great for adding extra strength. The added attachment provides support to the bed and gives a safe climbing route that is secure and stable.

Best Ideas

Wouldnt this be cool to have take a nap up

wouldnt this be cool to have take a nap up there....

Bunk bed with ladder 11

Gorgeous custom made bunk bed. Constructed out of MDF. Room curtains are a standard curtain with panels attached to bottom to extend it, in material that matches homemade comforter covers.

Double loft bed

Add comfort and combine functionalities with the loft bunk bed. It features a work station, white and yellow colors, striped mattress and pillows with storage space under the bed. Great addition to girls room.

Bunk bed with ladder 7

Oh man, this would be so awesome in the girls' room! Extend the closet to the left, relocate the door, build these amazing bunkbeds... Sigh!

Bunk bed with ladder

Best Professional Children's Space, Wettling Architects, Remodelista Considered Design Awards

Bunk bed with ladder

Bunk bed made of wood and fitted with metal ladder for added safety. Great solution for space saving in each home.

Bunk bed with ladder 1

Fixer Upper co-host, Chip Gaines' favorite room in their home is the boys' room, which comes complete with four custom-made bunk beds, an "Adventure" sign and a basketball hoop.

Www bunk beds 12

Triple bunk bed that offers comfortable sleeping space in small indoors. All beds are based on durable frames finished in neutral white color. They provide comfortable and soft sleeping spaces. They also include access ladders for upper areas.

Bunk bed with ladder 12

may be a little over the top, but the rock climbing wall to access the bunks is pretty ingenious...lol

Bunk bed with ladder

Hate the flannel, hate the walls. Put this in a room with a *good* enchanted Forrest mural. Please

Childrens bedroom chandeliers 2

Decorator Steven Gambrel used a ship as his main source of inspiration for the children's room with boat-shaped bunk beds, ziz-zag flooring, and ship's wheel chandelier.

Bunk bed with ladder 10

Built in bunk beds with ladders and a slide

Bunk bed with ladder 4

Castle Beds and Murals Inspired by a Scottish castle, this bed and playhouse combination includes bunk beds, secret hiding places, and a book nook in the ladder-accessed turret. Fashioned from stone-look laminate, the castle has no back walls, so mattress

Bunk bed bookshelf

DIY Loft bed with Bookshelf ladders and Desk- would <3 one of theses but it would be guarenteed that i'd get it forget where i was and end up in a heap on the floor