6 Important Reasons to Get a Dog Gate For Stairs

As a pet owner, you do everything you can to keep your animal companions safe and healthy. You feed them nutritious food, you walk and exercise them, you don't feed them too many treats, and you take them to the vet regularly.

Using a dog gate for stairs also prevents your dog from being harmed. Dogs may need limited access to different floors of your house, or they may be too young or have mobility issues so they cannot navigate stairs on their own.

Whatever your reasons, having a dog gate on your stairs is a superb way to keep your pet healthy and safe. A great variety of dog gates for stairs can be found listed at

4 Panel Freestanding Brown Pet Gate

1. Keeps Them Safe

If you have a young dog that is being trained or an older dog that needs assistance getting up and down the stairs, you may want a dog gate to keep your pet off the stairs. Some small dogs have trouble with ascending and descending stairs as well.

If you are concerned for your pet's safety, you have to make sure they never have the opportunity to be on the stairs unsupervised. The location of your dog gate depends on whether you want your pet to access the upper floors of your house. If you take your dog up the stairs routinely, you will have to consider getting a dog gate for both ends of the staircase -- one at the top and one at the bottom.

2. Instills Independence

A dog gate for stairs offers more freedom than other alternatives. Crates, leashes, or putting your pet in a separate room all have their disadvantages.

A gate on your stairs is a way to let your dog have the freedom to roam one of the floors of your home but enables you to control whether your pet is allowed on the stairs or the other levels.

Unlike locking your pet in a crate, or leashing them outside, your dog can still hear and see you, even if you are on a separate floor.

The open nature of a dog gate ensures that your dog will still feel like they are with their pack and you can rest assured that your pet won't attempt the stairs and hurt themselves.

Metal Outdoor Safety Pet Gate

3. Blocks Access

Dog gates work well to protect your home and your pet at the same time. There may be areas of your home that you want to keep off-limits to your animal companions. It may be a formal area with expensive or fragile furnishings that you would prefer to remain pet hair-free, or it could be an area with toxic cleaners or other materials that may harm your pet.

Whatever the case, if you have sections of your house that you would rather not open to your pet, like the garage, basement or an enclosed porch with lots of plants, then a dog gate is the perfect solution.

4. Puts Your Guests at Ease

Certain people feel uneasy around dogs, no matter how reasonable or non-threatening your pet may be. Someone with special needs may feel uncomfortable around a giant dog, and children who are unused to dogs could pose a danger to your pet.

Perhaps your dog has some unsavory habits when it comes to visitors, like jumping or barking. Having a dog gate can help you manage those awkward interactions at your own pace. You can greet your guests and get them settled before introducing your pet into the situation.

A dog gate gives you added control over your pet when it comes to visitors to your home. And certain visitors may not want to be introduced to your pet at all; not everyone is a dog person.

Walk Thru Pet Gate

5. Saves Your Furniture

Having a dog gate for stairs also lets you control how much wear and tear is inflicted upon your house and your furnishings.

Pets are wonderful additions to our families, but they also bring a fair amount of mess. Pet hair, litter boxes, and the occasional accident all bring distinctive odors to your home.

Maybe there's a particular room in your house, like a music or art studio with delicate equipment. A large, rambunctious animal could break or damage items that may be irreplaceable or vital to a hobby or your work. A dog gate on your stairs keeps your pet from damaging the more delicate items that you have.

Large Freestanding Mesh Pet Gate

6. Keeps Pets Separated

Some households have pets that don't get along all the time. Perhaps your elderly cat isn't fond of the rowdy puppy's antics? Or maybe you have two dogs prone to aggressive or destructive behavior when they are together?

In these cases, it's useful to have a tool that separates them to keep them safe from one another.

Dogs gates are also an effective way to separate pets from infants who could accidentally hurt your pet during play and prevent pets from injuring children due to their size or behavior.

When your baby is grown the dog gate can double as a barrier to prevent toddlers from accessing potential hazards or use it to create a dedicated play space for your kids.

The Bottom Line

Having a dog is a full-time responsibility. You have to feed your animal, exercise them regularly, and take them check-ups at the vet. Another excellent way to ensure your pet's continued health and wellbeing is by installing a pet gate on your stairs.

Whether it's because you have a dog with mobility issues, a small dog, or a pup that's just learning how to climb stairs, a dog gate will put your mind at ease as you know that your pet will not be on the stairs unsupervised.

Keeping more formal rooms apart from your pet helps preserve your furniture and reduces smells and other pet messes. The dog gate also is an excellent compromise for your pet. They can still hear you and maybe even see you, but you can be sure of where there are.

Pet gates are an ideal solution to many household problems, keeping your pets safe, your guests happy, and your house clean.

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