Wood Work Benches


For all your future projects, wouldn't it be nice if you had a workbench that would provide all the space you need to spread out and get that project done quickly, efficiently and with the attention to detail of a master craftsman? Of course. So, here you go. In this collection we showcase a whole gaggle of great, top-quality workbenches for all your needs.

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Our Picks

Wood work benches 1

Wooden table that can be used in different workshops, etc. This workbench features a durable construction made of wood with some metal elements. Its rectangular top is paired with a bottom shelf that provides some storage space.

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Wood work benches

Work table for residential and commercial premises. It is made of wood with metal elements. Top has large usable surface. It has a lot of drawers and compartments for storing needed accessories.

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Wood work benches 4

Workbench /c table saw and router

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Wood work benches 37

Building A Basic Work Bench

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Woodworking workbench 2

Woodworking Workbench

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Woodworking benches 22

For some manufacturing photos, click this link Bench Photos .

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Wood work benches 3

Being a useful workshop addition, this piece of furniture can be both a workbench and an outfeed table for a tabesaw. Red painted drawers create a characteristic accent, which will distinguish this item from the others.

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Wood work benches 36

Building A Basic Work Bench

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Wood work benches 2

Build yourself a wood workbench in your garage or shed that you can use to complete all your projects and also get yourself some extra storage spaces. That's for workbench made of oak wood is made for. It has a metal mechanism and very spacious countertop.

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Transforming Wood Garden Bench & Picnic Table

Transforming Wood Garden Bench & Picnic Table

This traditional styled bench is a perfect piece of furniture to set in garden or at patio. It has a sturdy, wooden construction in warm brown finish, lacquered for greater resistance. Solid and durable, can be easy set and replaced.

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Wood Work Benches

Buying Guide

If floor space is a concern in your garage, you’re better off with a wall-mounted workbench. This space-saving workbench doesn’t take up any floor space whatsoever and can be hung at whatever height you desire. But since wall-mounted workbenches don’t have any strong legs to support big loads, they can’t stand up to heavy wear and tear. Those who require a sturdy workbench for woodworking and metalworking can opt for a workbench table instead.

Workbench tables in wood are usually constructed from hardwood, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart while you work. Nonetheless, these types of workbenches usually have a simple design with little to no storage space so you may have to store your tools and equipment elsewhere. If a workbench table is what you’re after, make sure it has at least one open shelf underneath the tabletop. Other options include workbench cabinets and workbenches with pegboards. These two types of workbenches not only feature a fairly spacious surface to work on, but they also come packed with plenty of storage options for organizing all your items in one place.

Indoor wood work benches are typically not waterproof, but outdoor ones sometimes are. This is because workbenches are designed to take the wear and tear from woodworking tools, and waterproof sealants are not useful once they take damage from abrasive or sharp edges. Minor water damage from spills or moisture is removable by sanding, using steel wool, or even with a hairdryer.

Outdoor wood workbenches may use special high-grade sealants to increase their lifespan outdoors, but for maximum weatherproofing, consider covering them with a tarp between uses. You can also apply your own sealants to both indoor and outdoor benches to improve their water resistance.

The most important features to look for in a wood work bench include:

  • A durable, flat, and finished work surface
  • A foundation that doesn’t shift at all, even under impact or constant use
  • Arm-height shelves or deep drawers for safe storage
  • Cord management, if applicable
  • Adjustable height with easy controls
  • A hutch to contain your most-accessed tools

Best Ideas

Wood work benches 9

Like the idea of lowering the ceiling just over the workbenches for better lighting and tool storage.

Benedict Acacia Rocking Bench

Benedict Acacia Rocking Bench

This elegant, simple designed bench come unfinished so can be customize and adjust to needs and decor. It was made of durable wood. This is a rocking bench and features a decorative carved back and solid armrest.

Wooden work benches 9

If you need a functional and convenient place for your workshop then opt for this sublime woodworking bench that offers one of the most durable constructions and will make for a perfect addition to keep your hobby alive.

Wood work benches 28

Beyond The Picket Fence: Pallet Bench Tutorial

Wood work benches 24

Happy New Year friends! I am SOOO excited to share this latest build with you!  I decided to build a little something for myself this go around.  I figured it was time to get a lot of my projects off the garage floor and onto a workable space.  Check o

Wood work benches 23

Happy New Year friends! I am SOOO excited to share this latest build with you!  I decided to build a little something for myself this go around.  I figured it was time to get a lot of my projects off the garage floor and onto a workable space.  Check o

Workbenchdesign nets 3d model collection

Workbenchdesign.net's 3D Model Collection

Wood traditional work bench

WOOD traditional work bench

Wood work benches

Designed from bright wood, this workbench will be a valuable addition to one's workshop. It incorporates two vises, a laminated top, and options for a hanging tool tray or under-bench cabinet. Has the size of 72" long by 36" deep by 35" high.

Shop made workbench vise great idea i should make one

Shop-Made Workbench Vise GREAT IDEA ! I SHOULD MAKE ONE ..

See a lot of workbenches lots of them are gorgeous

see a lot of workbenches. Lots of them are gorgeous. Many of them ...

Wooden work benches 1

Work table made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Perfect solution for work shop, garage and more.

Wear and tear on an old workbench is

Wear and tear on an old workbench is

Wood work benches 4