Saw Benches


Need some more place to sit in the garden or on the patio? Check out the saw benches I've found on the web. The simple design and crude finish perfectly blend with the green surroundings of the outdoor zone of the house. Browse them below and get some inspiration.

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Our Picks

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Saw Station Completed... kinda - by David Drummond @ ~ woodworking community

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Split top saw bench

Purposeful saw bench - a needful accessory for every carpenter, and essential equipment in any workshop. As it's got a short-handled adze, one may straddle the bench while the workpiece is tightly secured by a bar clamp, with tall wood pads provided.

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Wood saw bench

If you’re looking to make your home workshop as nice and cosy as it can while not giving up any of its utility, check this gorgeous saw bench. Perfect for your garage, gives plenty of space to work and looks amazing!

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Table saw upgrade by 1200tec via flickr

Table Saw Upgrade by 1200tec, via Flickr

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Garage work bench ideas

Perfectly functional, outdoor saw bench. It’s on wheels which allow for convenient use. The wheels can be blocked when you decide on the place where you want the bench to be localised. A lot of underdeck storage.

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After 11 hours of work including the trip to home

After 11 hours of work (including the trip to Home Depot to buy the lumber), this is what I've upgraded to. No more using the kids' toys in the garage as temporary sawhorses! I can use the table saw, planer, and router in place, and I'll be mounting a dr

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How to make a portable table

A practical movable saw stand made of wooden materials. It has 2 separate rectangular grey laminated tops. Its sturdy rectilinear frame has a natural finish. The stand is equipped with shelves, drawers and cabinets with rectangular pulls, casters.

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Table saw base plans

table saw base plans

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Combo Miter Saw Station Lumber Rack. I luv this idea for a workshop bench. My suggestion is to just make that miter station bolt on to swap out with other big tools like a small scroll-saw, grinder, belt sander, polisher... etc. Each piece would just need

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Miter Saw Station - by Lockwatcher @ ~ woodworking community

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Saw Benches

Buying Guide

Because there is a broad range of saw benches to choose from, making the right selection can be a daunting task. It's not impossible, though, with the correct information in front of you. Think about how it will be used, what features are important to you, and then do your research. While this may sound simple, it still requires groundwork. With that in mind, we've put together this buying guide to help inspire your decisions.

Before looking at the wide variety of saw benches, you have to think about how and where it will be used. When you take into consideration how it will be used, you're thinking about whether you're an individual making home improvements or someone who is a furniture maker. Do you need to create intricate cuts like dadoes, raised panels, bevels, and box joints? Or, are you ripping boards and cross-cutting stock, so it's to the length you want? Answering these questions determines its use.

Next, you need to determine where you're going to use the saw bench. Do you have available space in your garage or workshop? Do you have space dedicated in another area away from your home? Are you looking for a mobile unit? Answering these questions will help you determine not only where you'll use the saw bench but also if you need one that's mobile.

There are several different categories of saw benches available. Once you determine how and where you'll be using the saw bench, it's time to decide which group best suits your needs. Three major categories saw benches fit into including:

  • Portable Saw Benches: these mobile units fold up like a dolly and will travel with you. They have the same features and benefits as a contractor bench saw.
  • Contractor Bench Saw: a popular choice among those performing DIY home improvement projects, these table bench saws feature heavy-duty and durable parts.
  • Cabinet Saw Benches: for those who are serious about woodworking, this is an excellent choice for wood shops. Not only do they have many options for large table extensions but also powerful saw capabilities.

The next step is determining which features are important to you. For example, do you want a flat top or a fence type? Are you looking for a miter gauge? Is dust collection important to you? Answering these questions will require research into each of the specific saw benches you're looking at as each has a different specification.

The same is true for power and blade factors. When you're researching saw benches, you'll notice that the horsepower will vary. Some will have extra blades while others require you to purchase those separately. Therefore, before making a final decision about which saw benches are right for your application, do as much research first as possible.

Best Ideas

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The workbench is a DIY project’s hub. It’s where supplies are kept and progress gets made. Sure, you can buy a workbench, but unless you’re upgrading to a professional European-style model, I recommend building your own. A basic, customizable bench

Workbench from free lumber by trev_batstone woodworking community

Workbench from free lumber - by Trev_Batstone @ ~ woodworking community

Brians improved saw bench the wood whisperer

Brian's Improved Saw Bench - The Wood Whisperer

A saw bench in atlanta the unplugged woodshop toronto


18 inch masonry saw bench petrol the hire xperts

18 inch Masonry Saw Bench, Petrol - The Hire Xperts

Honey do woodworking schwarzian saw benches

Honey Do Woodworking: "Schwarzian" Saw Benches

A saw bench in atlanta the unplugged woodshop toronto 1


18 inch masonry saw bench petrol the hire xperts 1

18 inch Masonry Saw Bench, Petrol - The Hire Xperts

Build a saw bench from chris schwarzs plans youtube

Build A Saw Bench From Chris Schwarz's Plans - YouTube

Another cape bretoners saw bench the unplugged woodshop

Another Cape Bretoners' Saw Bench - THE UNPLUGGED WOODSHOP ...

Brians improved saw bench the wood whisperer 1

Brian's Improved Saw Bench - The Wood Whisperer

Tommy tucker drop saw bench vetner pty ltd

Tommy Tucker Drop Saw Bench | Vetner Pty Ltd

Woodworking by hand traditional saw bench

Woodworking By Hand: Traditional Saw Bench

A saw bench in costa rica the unplugged woodshop toronto