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Who is the mouse that tells the time that everybody knows? Why, it’s Mickey Mouse of course. The iconic Mouse from the mind of Walt Disney himself is now in a fashionable and useful wall clock but you will love seeing in your home. There are many variations, but they all have the same mouse we all know in love. See our fun collection for yours.

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Our Picks

Mickey Mouse Glass Wall Clock

A traditional wall clock with a Mickey Mouse illustration on its face. It's very cute and funny so it will perfectly fit in your kids' room or any kind of playful space. Mickey's hands are at the same time clock's hands that is very witty.

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Large vintage disney mickey mouse wall clock all original giant

Large Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Wall Clock All Original Giant Pocket Watch Style Working Clock. SOLD,

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Mickey mouse wall clock 6

This cheerful round wall clock is a perfect combination of functionality and fun Mickey Mouse theme. Straight frame, expressive Arabic numerals on the clock face and beautiful coloring will be great to the children's room.

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Clock mickey mouse

Who of us didn't like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or at least...Goofy? This original wall clock will work out well in children, as well as adults' rooms, adding a cool vintage vibe to the space. It features Arabic numerals.

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Aiden keeps bugging me to get him a mickey clock

Aiden keeps bugging me to get him a Mickey clock

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Disney clock

This large plastic Mickey mouse wall clock will be a real bargain for all fans of the series, as well as who appreciate retro design. Created by Lorus, it features a quartz mechanism and Arabic numerals.

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Vintage disney mickey mouse wall clock lorus quartz red clean

Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Wall Clock Lorus Quartz Red Clean LXY223 100% Tested

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Disney mickey mouse movable arms wall clock

Disney Mickey Mouse Movable Arms Wall Clock

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LOHOME (TM) Modern Design Value Fashion Creative Multi-color Mickey Mouse Cartoon 3D Digital Wall Clock Children' s Room Lovely Watch Prefect for Kids Bedroom Decoration Candy-color Gifts (Black)

This Cartoon 3D Mickey Mouse wall clock has got the modern design, black color and black numerals, and is perfect for kids room. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

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Society6 - Mickey Mouse Wall Clock by Digiartpicture

It is a beautiful and classic Mickey Mouse wall clock with simple design, round shape and white face. It fits perfectly to any style and decor in your living room, kitchen, kids room, family room and other.

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Mickey Mouse Wall Clock

Buying Guide

Nothing adds character to a kid’s room like a Mickey Mouse wall clock. Not a Mickey Mouse clock, as in the colloquial sense of a timepiece of little worth and poor taste, but a clock featuring some permutation of Disney’s famous rodent. It is truly amazing the number of different configurations can support the little mouse who helped promote the cartoonist’s career and now is the icon for two huge amusement parks and untold numbers of animated productions.

The most popular designs of Mickey Mouse wall clocks include:

Mouse Silhouette

Reminiscent of the Micky Mouse Club ear beanies, this simple wall clock is available in red or black. Red makes a good addition for the junior-most in your household, the bright, primary color blending well with other nursery or preschool decorations. If you have a Disney enthusiast who is passing through a Goth phase, then, by all means, present him or her with the black Mickey Mouse Clock. It also does well in minimalist modern designs that focus on black and white.

Romantic Mickey

Disney fans can be found in all ages, including 20 something millennials. If you know a young couple who are blending their futures, a romantic Mickey Mouse wall clock could be just the thing. You can go for classic Disney with Mickey and Minnie displayed together in a time-tested coquettish pose or even for Minnie smooching a delighted and surprised Mickey. If that is just a little too blatant, you can stretch a point and pick up other romantic Disney animations such as the quote “Tale as old as time” from Beauty and the Beast featuring black silhouettes of the star-crossed couple.

Tick-Tock Tail

Excellent for the preschool to middle school crowd, this classic Mickey Mouse clock has an animated tail and rolling eyes that move constantly. Mickey holds the classic clock face with his white-gloved hands, covering his chest and tummy. The analog clock face with large, clear numbers is excellent for youngsters who are mastering the art of telling time. Mickey is three-dimensional molded plastic, perfect for the room of any extreme Disney fan.

Tea Time Mickey

For the older elementary student who loves Micky Mouse but wants something a little more sophisticated than the classic figure, try a round wall clock face with Micky and Minnie in a tea cup. If your kid is just a little bit romantically inclined, this will be the perfect touch to go with other Disney memorabilia.

Mickey Digital Car Clock

Analog clocks are just not for everyone. Some kids have a hard time mastering the round clock face. For them, Mickey, riding in a red car, with a numerical time display on the front is the perfect blend of traditional and modern.

Classic Disney Elegance

For the tween or teen that loves Disney and Mickey Mouse but would be mortally embarrassed by the colorful classic mouse, an elegant solution is a silhouette of the great artist himself holding hands with the immortal mouse while standing next to a stylized Disneyland palace. The whole of the ensemble is poised on ½ of a vinyl record. The clock face is mounted on the palace.

Best Ideas

Generic Modern Design Mickey Mouse Big Digit 3D Wall Clock Home Decor Decoration(RED)

Bring some funky vibe anywhere in the house with a big geometric clock sporting 3D digits, bold red color and Disney Mickey Mouse inspired shape. This time-showing wall mounted item is crafted of plastic.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wall Clock

If you looking for a great wall clock for your kids room, you need to choose this one. It has got a round shape, Mickey Mouse design and colorful finish. Your kids will be impressed.

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