How To Choose A Clothes Rack And Garment Rack

Whether you have a closet in your room, you're working to organize overflow, you need a stylish place to hang your look for tomorrow or you simply need a place to hang your garments in a studio, clothes and garment racks are easy ways to display your pieces beautifully and practically.

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What types of clothes racks and garment racks are there?

No matter what type of clothing you need to store on a clothes or garment rack, there's a perfect option for you. Do you have mainly dresses? Pants? Ties? Shoes? If so, you're in luck! The most common types of clothes racks and garment racks are:

  • Single Bar Racks: These types of racks often are comprised of one long piece of wood or metal, with one bar on which to hang clothings.
Modern Single Bar Garment Rack
Stylish Chrome Metal Garment Rack
Heavy-duty Plumbing Pipe Garment Rack
Bauhaus Style Contemporary Freestanding Clothing Garment Rack
Horizontal Stretching Stand Clothes Rack
Garment Rack with Single Bar with Adjustable Height
  • Double Bar Racks: With two bars set close together, these types of racks can accommodate two rows of clothing – but, because they are stacked, you'll only be able to see one row at a time, and it will appear more cluttered. However, you may also find double racks with top and bottom rods. This option will allow you to hang two sets of shorter types of clothes, for example, shirts and jackets on the top and skirts or pants at the bottom.
Vintage Style Z-Frame Double Bar Garment Rack
Adjustable Height Double Bar Clothing Rack
Simple Double Bar Garment Rack
This Collapsible Double Bar Garment Rack
Sturdy Mobile Adjustable Double Hanging Garment Rack
Adjustable Double Bar Box Clothes and Garment Rack
  • Spiral and Round Clothing Racks: These racks feature one pole around which your garments will be fanned out in a circle, allowing for easy browsing and efficient storage of multiple pieces of clothing.
Satin Nickel Spiral Costumer Rack
Corner Closet Spiral Clothes Rack
Freestanding Metal Spiral Purse Rack
Revolving Round Clothes and Garment Rack
Industrial Antique Design Metal Rack
Adjustable Round Rack with Rectangular Tubing
  • Belt and Tie Racks: Do you have a lot of belts, ties, or other long and thin items like scarves? These circular racks with myriad hooks are perfect for displaying your pieces so you can see and reach them all instantly while saving space.
Metal Non-Slip Tie Belt Rack
Manufactured Wood Weathered Grey Tie Belt Rack
Floor Standing Pivoting Accessory Rack
Tie Belt Scarf Jewelry Rack Hanger Closet Organizer
Pull-Out Metal Closet Tie Rack
Vertical Closet Steel Tie Rack
  • Shoe Racks: If you pride yourself on your collection of beautiful footwear, a shoe rack may just be the thing for you! These feature shelves which are angled out to best show off your collection and make each pair easy to grab at a moment's notice.
50 Pair Shoe Freestanding Rack
Floor 20 Pair Stackable Shoe Rack
Big Freestanding Steel 50 Pair Shoe Rack
Vintage Z-Frame 3-Level 9 Pair Shoe Rack
Simple 3-tier 12 Pair Shoe Shelf Rack
White Minimalistic Stackable Shoe Rack

What size of clothes rack or garment rack should I get?

Two factors will constrain the size of clothes rack: how much room you naturally have for your clothing rack, and the number and type of garments or pieces of clothing you wish to display or store.

First, start by measuring the area in which you'd like to have your garment rack. You'll want to have a few inches of room on either side, so one indication for the size of rack you should get is simply a few inches less in length than the room you have available.

Finally, consider the weight and volume of the clothes you'll be storing. Puffy winter coats will take up more room, and heavy denim will weigh more. If you're planning on storing lots of heavier clothes, a heavy-duty metal double-rack is your best bet. However, if you're only hanging one or two pieces, a tiny rack can be economical and look good in your room!

How to match your clothes rack or garment rack to your room decor?

Are you looking for your clothes rack or garment rack to make an aesthetically pleasing statement? As these products come in many different colors and designs, you'll be able to pick your finish for ultimate flair. Let's think first, though, about what you want to say with your furniture in order to get an idea of what is worth picking.

  • Do you want your clothes rack or garment rack to stand out with bold colors and design? If so, look at the colors in your room – and think about selecting the opposite colors and finish for your clothes rack. If your room contains muted natural hues, for example, going for a bright blue or yellow rack will make the garment rack your room's focal point. Use the color wheel as your guide!
  • Would you rather let your clothes be the statement with the rack helping more to set the stage? If your clothes and your room tend to be more loud in pattern or color, consider letting the clothing or garment rack recede into the background to let your clothes shine. In this case, picking a wood-toned, iron, or other naturally-colored clothes or garment rack may be best; and, as an additional perk, will exhibit more versatility should you decide to later switch up your style or move the garment rack from room to room.

As far as materials for your perfect clothes rack or garment rack, you can choose between wood, metal, or cloth. Even these options have within them significant variability: a metal clothes rack could be a sleek stainless steel option, a rosy gold statement piece, or an antique wrought iron piece for an industrial feel.

A cloth garment rack, on the other hand, is a great portable option for travelling, while wood stained naturally is a fantastic, durable and long-lasting accompaniment to any decor.

Rustic Z-Frame Wardrobe with Shelves
Natural Closet Organization Essentials Kit
Capacious Metal Fabric Portable Wardrobe
Elegant Sophistication Style Garment Rack
Stainless Steel Gray Mobile Closet
Functional Metal Cubby Garment Rack

What are some features to look for in clothes racks or garment racks?

Wondering what features you might like to see? Here are a few of the most useful features to look for in your future clothes rack or garment rack:

  • Rolling: If you need to get your clothes and garments from place to place with ease, consider investing in portability with a rolling rack system.
  • Adjustable Rod: These types of rods can extend or move up and down to accommodate changes in wardrobe size and composition.
  • Adjustable Shelves: If you need to add a shelf for hats or other accessories, getting one which can be taken in or out will give you the flexibility you need.
  • Drawers: Sometimes a little out-of-sight storage is useful for hiding clutter and personal items. If that sounds attractive to you, investing in a clothes rack or garment rack with a drawer is likely a good idea!

Especially if you're looking to create a closet alternative in a smaller space or if you have a large amount of differently-sized clothes to store, finding a clothes rack or garment rack which has features specific to what you need to store will increase its value in your home.