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Creative and unique wall clock that looks like a spiral. It includes a durable construction finished in black color. Silver and red balls show current time. This interesting construction includes Arabic numbers.

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The Quirky Lime Round Wall Clock with White Rim

Functional, practical and decorative wall clock, light yet robust. The clock face is round, colored lime, with large clear numbers on it. It has a light, plastic frame in white and hook on the back for wall mounting.

Cool wall clocks

Unique decorative and practical solution. This digital wall clock features four elements that can be attached to the wall. It features no frame or face. The clock looks good on any wall and shows current time in a very reliable and effective way.

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Awesome idea!!

History Of The Ford Mustang Classic Cars 8" Sound Clock - Desk Or Wall Mount

Rouund 8'' wall clock with car-themed graphic and adequate sound effects, depicting the most famous Ford Mustang models. The dial is adorned with silver Ford Mustang logo. The clock has glass cover and glossy black rim.

Music Theme Wall Clock 15"

Round clock with colorful print on canvas applied to wooden face; the print features guitar and music sheet motif. It is battery operated. I guess this clock is a nice gift idea to honour someone who loves music!

Cool wall clocks

Cool wall clocks

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

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very cool wall clocks

TODDCAHALAN Home DIY Decorative Wall Stickers Removable XXL large mirrors wall clock Gift living room #16

This kind of product is a high quality wall clock with XXL large mirrors that allow for the arrangement according to specific requirements of an owner. This frameless clock is a very original and unique idea.

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Cool wall clock!

Cool wall clock with balls instead hands aspiral clock by

Cool Wall Clock with Balls instead Hands - Aspiral Clock by Will Aspinall and Neil Lambeth

Cool wall clocks

The stick-anywhere digital clock -- these are a must have.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

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Word clock by (love the concept but don't know if my mind could adjust)

Hello Kitty Canvas Wall Clock 10"

If your girl loves Hello Kitty, then this fabulous wall clock will surely help her learn how to tell time with the beautiful pink finish and vibrant pattern. It offers glitter embellishments and creates a perfect accent to any kid's room.

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Backwards Clock : In this unique clock the pointers turn the opposite ...

Cool wall clocks from chroma labs

Cool wall clocks from Chroma labs.

Lemnos Plywood Wall Clock S Gray

This lovely handmade Japanese clock is the perfect solution for unusual design. It gives an amazing effect, thanks to the beautiful natural finish and steel handles. Simplicity and style.

Mark Feldstein History of Mustang Clock, 13-Inch

This beautiful wall clock is a real treat for lovers of the beautiful old Mustangs. Old school style and unique finish makes every fan of the automotive industry will be delighted.

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qlocktwo a unique wall clock that hates numbers

Mathematical Expression Blackboard Wall Clock - Classic Green Chalkboard Background

Funny wall clock with mathematical expressions instead of classic numerals. Pretty witty and great for math geeks of all ages! The expressions are 'written' with a 'chalk' on a retro green 'chalkboard' background.

Vandor 99089 Star Wars 13.5" Cordless Wood Wall Clock, Multicolor

This product is very functional and it has also got a high aesthetic value. It is a wall clock that has got a Star Wars stylization. It is made of wood that is very durable and resistant to negative factors.

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Unique, Creative and Stylish Wall Clock Designs

ZLYC Vintage Retro European Style Novelty Simple DIY Quartz Gear Wall Clock

Steampunk style offers a nice choice of accent to embellish a decor with a drop of extraordinariness. This wall clock combines modern simplicity with retro influences. It has no numerals, and big black hands are affixed to a cogged wheel style face.

Home/Garden Mirror Clock, Distressed Gold, Roman numeral, easy-to-hang, quality

It is a wall clock that has got a mirror and distressed gold finish, round shape, high quality and Roman numerals. This product is a beautiful addition for your home. You need to have it.

Sinceda Modern Non Ticking Silent Quartz Analog Digital Wall Clock

This wall clock is just the most classical model you could get. Its casual form fits in with any decor. You need nothing more to get to know what time it is. Black numbers and big black hands are easy to read.

Coavas® 3D Black Butterfly Decorative Wall Clock Modern Mirror Wall Clock Mirror Walls

This product is an element that features a practical and decorative function. It is a wall clock that looks great in contemporary indoors. It includes metal balls that can be put anywhere, so it is a good idea for creative people.

3-1/8" Gold Roman Clock Insert

This wall clock has got a gold finish, round shape and Roman numerals. It fits perfectly to any style and decor. It adds style and beauty to any room in your home. You need to have it.

Modern Home Self Adhesive DIY 3D Wall Clock - Linus

Self adhesive do it yourself 3D wall clock with modern design and large numbers which are easy to read. It's fun to build and requires one battery for operation. The clock is a great addition to all modern interiors.

Aged Bronze Finish Cut-Out Scroll Design Wall Clock 19 in.

Decorate your wall with this fantastic 19'' clock that is neatly finished in aged bronze. Characterized by a cut-out design and durable metal construction, the clock is very accurate and equipped with 2 decorative hands.

New Haven Gold Music Wall Clock

It is an amazing wall clock that has got a gold finish, beautiful details and music motif. This product is nicely finished, high quality and perfect as a gift for your friends and family.

Mustard NG5025 Pixel Time Clock

If you are a fan of the Minecraft Game, this clock will definitely make your day. Designed of durable plastic ABS, the clock includes pixelated numbers and pointers, and is equipped with a wall hanger for easy install.

Howard Miller Copper Bay 29 1/2" Wide Copper Wall Clock

Antiquated wall clock in thick copper bezel, grabbing the attention with multitone finish. The heavily distressed ivory cream face is placed in the center, and it has black spade hands and Roman numerals.

Infinity Instruments The Midas Wall Clock

Add beauty to your home with this fantastic wall clock. It has got a floral shape and gold finish, which provides an elegant style. You will be impressed how great it looks on your wall.

Large 23" Wall Clock w/ Pendulum ~ Antique Fleur Gold Provincial Style

Large wall clock taking its inspiration from old days provincial style. Featuring many black and gold ornaments and weathered finish, it looks almost like an antique, and it's therefore very attention-grabbing.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
It is an amazing wall clock that has got a black finish and white numerals. It is an fantastic decoration and addition to your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other.

Creative Motion Retro Motorcycle Clock

It is a motorcycle clock that has got a retro design, solid wood construction and amazing finish. This product is a perfect gift for friends and your family. You need to have it.

Chaney 46033 Falling Leaves Wire Clock

It is a stylish wall clock that has got a gray finish, round shape and beautiful details. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks on your wall. You need to have it.

13.5" Side Second Wall Clock

13.5" Side Second Wall Clock
Stylish wall clock with an elegant gold finish. It has a second clock in face of analog. It is made of durable plastic. Dedicated only for indoor use. Sophisticated and practical addition to any interior.

Voyager Classic Timecracker by Rhythm Clocks

This wall clock is not only manufactured with highest quality in mind, but it also has a stylish design - when I see it, I think about the novels of Jules Verne! The wooden case is shaped as ship wheel, which perfectly matches the antique map printed on the face.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Howard Miller 620-257 J.H. Gould & Co. II Wall Clock

Glamourous vintage wall clock with beautiful 13-inch diameter antique dial and 5-1/2" antiqued pendulum. It was produced and mounted on a laser-cut 1/4-inch thick panel base featuring black hands and a quartz movement.

Infinity Instruments Retro Round Metal Wall Clock, Red

Retro inspired wall clock can be a nice accent in any decor, not only fully vintage styled. This clock has a round white face closed in a thick red case. Red hands point the time and are visible from a distance thanks to their vivid colour.

George Nelson Butterfly Clock, Silver

Sculptural metal wall clock in silver - a reproduction of famous design, inspired by flying butterflies, and created by George Nelson. This clock not only looks the part, but it has a high quality mechanism that will keep you on time.

Equity by La Crosse 90907 14 Inch Gear Clock with Cut Out Frame

It is a wall clock that has got a round shape, gold finish and is cut out frame. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks in your living room, dining room and other,

Chinese wall clocks

The curious Chinese-style clock on the wall is a unique combination of attractive color and functionality. Chinese characters of numbers, impressive clock tips, and beautiful ornaments adorn.

Chinese characters popular themes luck

Chinese Characters Popular Themes Luck
Emanating with oriental accents, this fabulous wall clock will help you to improve your home with Chinese words of wisdom. It has a round dial made of wood and splashed with distressed yellow finish, and a pair of black metal hands.

Asian clock 1

A fine piece for bringing oriental flair into your contemporary home or office. This wall clock has a round gray case that holds a round dial with a lovely mix of yellow and purple, Chinese signs, and a pair of black metal hands along with a matching second hand.