Child Loft Bed

Loft beds don't only just pertain to teenager needs. Kids love to run and play, too. But if they have limited room in there sleeping quarters, this offers the opportunity for mischief. So, how about a child loft bed that puts all of their sleeping and furniture needs in one small area and leaves the rest of the floor space for activities. All of our child loft beds are well made and constructed of the finest materials. See collection for more.

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Donco Kids Twin Loft Bed

Donco Kids Twin Loft Bed
Looking for something that is going to put a big smile on your child’s face? This Twin Loft Bed in Espresso Finish will surely get the job done. 100% Pine wood construction is built to last, and features a stable ladder for easy access to the top bunk.

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
Functional twin bed with built-in ladder. The construction is made of wood. The upper rails ensure safety. Received a lot of positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

Metal Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder

Metal Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder
Twin loft bed which matches perfect to any type of children's room decor. It contains built in ladder and was crafted from metal. Thanks to this extraordinary construction this furniture will help you to save lots of space.

Loft bed with wardrobe underneath

A beautiful, simplistic loft bed, blends in perfectly with the white walls. And your kids are bound to love the little compartment hidden under it, which gives them their much-desired privacy. Also great for a closet!

Turn bunk bed into loft bed

Who said bunk beds have to look boring or create a cluttered look? This one sports the design with the extra play house included and will let you save up plenty of floor space and add some extra storage options with its spacious cabinets and drawers.

Child loft bed

A great loft bed perfect for you kid's room or a guest room. It doesn't require much space, but it offers plenty of solutions. The top is a twin bed, which you can reach by a simple ladder. The bottom part features a large wardrobe.

Child loft bed

This loft bed constitutes a great proposition for all children's bedrooms. Secure and functional, offering considerable space to rest and play. A solid wooden construction, which will provide stability and sustainability for years.

Our advice Buying Guide

What age is safe for a child loft bed?

Even though loft beds are appealing to children of all ages, only children over 6 years old can sleep in the upper level of a child loft bed. Loft beds can be quite dangerous when not careful, so make sure your child is mature enough to understand that the top bunk is only for reading and sleeping and not for playing nor jumping.

What to put under a child loft bed?

What you put under a child’s loft bed will depend largely on how old the child is—and how much room your child has to work with in their personal space.

When the child is younger, a play area would work nicely under the loft. You could consider putting a secondary twin bed underneath, for even more versatile bedding.

When the child is older, the area under a loft bed is an excellent space for a desk and a chair for homework and study.


Childs play house

Beautiful powder pink bedroom for three girls. This apartment is rather tall, so the space from floor to ceiling could accommodate a ladder-equipped loft bed with white railing. There's a walk-in closet with vanity table underneath.

Child loft bed

Stylish Eve DIY Projects- Build a Playhouse Loft Bed for Your Child_28

Bed with wardrobe under

Remember "The Jetsons"? This amazing loft bed construction may resemble a bit their futuristic climate. The usage of a slide and glass doors, dividing the upper space makes this project really inimitable. How cool is that?

Loft style beds

Being a great example of the contemporary design, this loft bed would be a cool proposition for a child's bedroom. Its natural wooden construction will add brightness and warm to the interior.

Child loft bed 4

A fort bed! So fun for a little boy.

Study bunk bed

I really am loving the idea of having the bed up high and making use of the space below it. I'm seeing a lot of examples for this. If I happen to have high ceilings where ever I settling I really hope to remember this. I also like out fitting the upper be

Sturdy cupboard loft bed in the kids room of a

sturdy cupboard / loft bed in the kid’s room of a rural farmhouse ...

Kid bed furniture 1

A cool toddler bed and jungle gym in one of natural finished wooden materials. It's equipped a.o. with an upright ladder, rails with bumpers, 2 drawers, a fabric wall with a hole, a platform, a bamboo shed roof, a fabric slide for balls, a hand reel.

Princess bunk beds

Dreamlike bunk bed with castle theme. Construction is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Includes open shelves for storing books or display decorations. Positive accent for the girl's room.

L shaped loft bed plans

A comfortable and attractive loft bed for children. Its shape of house looks nice in any room. This wooden bed includes soft, comfortable sleeping spaces on its lower and upper level. The bed also includes stairs.

Four beds

A cosy charming loft bed for girl kids. Its frame and slanted ladder with wide rungs are of wood finished in delicate cream. A bed is screened with beautiful pinkish curtains with delicate geometric motifs. The lace with long tassels adorns a frame.

Children loft beds

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Full size kid bed 2

Full size bunk bed constructed from naturally finished wood, with a desk and storage shelves underneath a child loft bed - all making for a complete bedroom suite any kid would love for its multiple functions.

Ramonarode home studio living pt 1 loft beds

RamonaRode Home: Studio Living Pt 1 - Loft Beds

Rustic cabin bunk bed would have loved something like this

Rustic Cabin Bunk bed... would have loved something like this as a child!

Kids cottage playhouse

Now any child can not only sleep comfortably but also have an amazing place to play and have fun thanks to this amazing loft bed that sports the structure that safes space and the colorful finish reminding a small house.

Child loft bed 1

What a smart idea for a growing child's room to truly give them a place of their own without the bed necessarily being the on-the-floor focus!

Child loft bed

Trap Door Bed | 16 Totally Feasible Loft Beds For Normal Ceiling Heights

Child loft bed

Bunk bed made of wood and finished with pastel colors. It is fitted with railings and stairs for added safety. Designed for older kids. Contemporary design for each home.

Quite possibly the coolest kid bed ever also little betty

Quite possibly the coolest kid bed ever. Also – Little Betty is ...

Bunk bed shelving

An old closet that was transformed into an original loft bed for kids. The top of it is a cozy bed that is protected with a fence. The bottom of the unit was adapted into a playhouse with a window and door.

Child loft bed 8

Lofty kid. If you have high ceilings, a loft in your child's room is an ideal way to keep the bedroom neat and orderly while creating plenty of room for play. Design a similar look yourself for the style that suits your home, but have it professionally bu

Childs play house

The beatiful indoor cubby house. The little house shape brings into mind the perception of the tree house. The composition of blue and white colors suggests that it is dedicated for a boy. Such a toy is good idea to prop up the kid's self-reliance.

Boys castle bunk bed

This is a perfectly organized little girls room. Storage, great use of space, visually pleasing, and so much fun.

Space saving design in a 29 square meter gothenburg studio

Space-Saving Design In A 29 Square Meter Gothenburg Studio Apartment.

Loft bed with desk and stairs

Bunk beds are not only very comfortable, but quite often also very practical. In this case, you are getting not only a properly secured bunk bed, but also a built-in desk, many drawers for convenient storage, and a tubular, steel ladder leading to the top bunk.

Loft bed steps

We was looking for the functional loft bed for our son. We decide to choose this one, because it has the play and work space (bookshelf and desk) underneath. The white color fits perfectly to the blue walls.

Kids headquarters loft bed with entertainment center click to

Kids Headquarters Loft Bed with Entertainment Center - Click to ...

Loft beds com

Outfitting Your Kids’ Room With A Stylish Loft Bed

White loft bed with stairs

White color of this loft bed with stairs matches any kids' room. Its simple, wooden construction is very attractive and resistant to negative factors like damage and excessive wear. This bed provides good comfort to its users.

Blue toddler bed

pbk playhouse loft bed--Ana white plans

Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with Slide

This lovely set of bunk beds is a real treat for every girl. Beautiful colors, slide and themes like the castle princesses delight. The perfect addition to your child's room.

Loft bed with drawers underneath

A cool wall-width twin loft bed for 2 children. It's made of white-finished wood, has a vertically slatted balustrade with an entry in the middle and a rope-ladder with wooden rungs. Its bottom part is screened by 2 fabric curtains on a rod.

And if youre really looking to maximize kids space i

And if you're really looking to maximize kids' space, I recommend looking UP! Kids are so small. Do they really need 8" ceilings? Nah. Consider building in play areas or bunk beds if you live in a home and area that will almost always attract families (fo

A princess bedroom with a loft bed this is perfect

A Princess Bedroom with a Loft Bed. This is perfect, saves space and creates a room where any child would want to play

How to make a twin bed out of pallets

Callum Bunk Bedroom : Whether your kids are sharing a room or you just want extra space for the occasional slumber party, the Callum Bunk Bed ($1,799-$1,999) takes stacked sleeping accommodations to an entirely new level. The platform-style bed is availab

Beds with steps

Trying to find the comfy piece of furniture to your kids room? This loft bed will be the best choice. It features the bookcase, hardwood construction, sturdy ladder, many drawers and thee finish options to choose: white, natural and chestnut.

35 cool kids loft beds 5

35 Cool Kids Loft Beds

Child loft bed 1

I like the graduated picket fence with the rounded tops. The built in drawers in the steps are nice, but the handles could trip the child going up or down the stairs. Needs different drawer pulls.

Outfitting your kids room with a stylish loft bed 1

Outfitting Your Kids’ Room With A Stylish Loft Bed

What can you do with a 250 square foot garage

What can you do with a 250 square foot garage? Well, Seattle-based artist, designer, and welder Michelle de la Vega managed to turn it into a functional, practical, and adorable little house. Take a look at what she created! Interior 1

What an amazing little boy room i want to have

what an amazing little boy room. I want to have a little boy who is the bball star I will never be! :) lol

Child loft bed

loft bed set