Antique Mini Chandelier

Not all chandeliers have to be tremendous in dimensions. It is totally within the spec of certain rooms to only need a mini chandelier. And if your smaller room is capable of being lit by a smaller chandelier and you like the look of antiques in your space, then you will definitely love our collection of mini antique chandeliers. We have a multitude of them to choose from and they are all quite functional.

Best Ideas

Maria 1 Light Mini Chandelier

Maria 1 Light Mini Chandelier
Are you a fan of extraordinary and intriguing, but also stylish solutions? Then, this amazing mini chandelier is gonna totally amaze you! Check it out now and enjoy an incredible design in your house.

Chelsea house bamboo 4 light mini chandelier

Chelsea house bamboo 4 light mini chandelier
A product that plays a functional and decorative role in the house. This chandelier has got a stylish faux bamboo frame with an antique gold finish. It offers four light sources that use Incandescent bulbs.

Fashion 4 Light Mini Chandelier

Fashion 4 Light Mini Chandelier
The impressive chandelier is made of beautifully cut from plastic crystals. It has four lights in the style candle making are very stylish decorative element of the interior. Let your house looks like a palace.

Antique mini chandelier

Antique Crystal Hanging Dome Chandelier w/Beaded Bulb Cover-

Small french chandelier

Vintage Lighting. Casa Mini Chandelier in Olde Black

Small vintage chandelier

Cherub Crystal Chandelier II Bohemian Elegance

Vintage mini chandelier

Antique Gold Spiral Spring Chandelier - 6 light This elegant swirling chandelier is poetry in motion for your room. The unique spiraling spring shaped body encircles a more traditional six arm mini chandelier putting a modern spin on classic design. A mot

Small antique crystal chandelier

Small chandelier with metal frame that includes some natural, decorative accents in the form of leaves. It also features decorative crystals. This chandelier represents an interesting French style in any house.

Mini chandelier image on florence mini chandelier by www a

mini chandelier Image on Florence Mini Chandelier by www.a-v-designs ...

Crystal chandelier with shade 5

Style Selections Antique Bronze Crystal Chandelier from Lowes $189 looks very much like the Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier that's sells $399!

Antique mini chandelier 11

similar to my newest project - i bought an old iron hanging chandelier basket to strip and repaint, then add crystals or white Christmas lights. so excited!

Antique mini chandelier 27

Sutton Antique White Mini Chandelier on


Antique mini chandelier 2

The antique mini chandelier with nine arms imitating the floral motive. All arms covered with imitation of leaves on the metal branches. It looks very light, but it is only imagination - it is really heavy for real.

Antique mini chandelier 9

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Luminary 3 Light Hall Chandelier

Luminary 3 Light Hall Chandelier

Antique mini chandelier

A glamorous chandelier in a mini size. It features a highly decorative character due to countless, transparent crystals that will magically glitter when the light is on. A small size makes it a good choice for a bathroom.

Crystal chandelier with shade 1

A luxurious pendant in a rustic version. It features an extraordinary gold frame with a shade made of ripple glass. Several transparent crystals, dangling from the base, are a posh accent of the chandelier.

Mini white shabby chic chandelier

Mini White Shabby Chic Chandelier

Kristin 3 Light Hanging Antiqu 19"h x 15"w x 15"d Antique White

Antique mini chandelier 5

Capital Lighting 4263WG-000 Hutton 3 Light Mini Chandelier This item by Capital Lighting comes in a winter gold finish. Works with three 60-watt clear

Found on zulily antique gold sovereign mini chandelier zulilyfinds

... found on #zulily! Antique Gold Sovereign Mini-Chandelier #zulilyfinds

Antique mini chandelier 25

Romantic Metal Chandelier - From -

Antique mini chandelier

Over your head can hang a little dream of luxury. Thanks to this antique mini chandelier, which is precisely decorated with crystals, based on a golden frame - will not only beautify but lighten the interior of your bedroom, too.

Mini crystal chandelier in vintage chandelier style

Mini Crystal Chandelier in Vintage Chandelier Style

Antique bronze mini pendant 1 light round crystal chandelier 2

Antique Bronze Mini-pendant 1-light Round Crystal Chandelier

Allure 3 light single tier chandelier in antique silver eurofase

Allure 3 Light Single Tier Chandelier In Antique Silver - Eurofase ...

Antique mini chandelier 10

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Antique mini chandelier 1

Love this for my laundry room-- it's very shabby chic!

Mini chandelier petite chandelier glamper chandelier vintage

Mini Chandelier, Petite Chandelier, Glamper Chandelier, Vintage ...

Antique mini chandelier 17

Paris - Vide-Greniers - Is a flea market type fair where anything from toys, clothes and hidden treasures appear... where the locals empty out their attics

Antique mini chandelier 14

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Antique mini chandelier 4

Add a touch of glamour to your foyer or dining room with this elegant mini chandelier, featuring crystal accents and an antiqued bronze finish.

Antique mini chandelier 2

Wow, this interior definitely can be classified as fabulous... A rustic interior, abounding in antiques, with wood panel floors, makes an unforgettable impression. Natural inertwining branches hand up the ceiling serve as a chandelier!

Small antique chandelier

Hampton Bay Kristin 3-light 72 in. antique white mini-chandelier ($89 Home Depot and looks fab)

Antique mini chandelier 15

My own dreamy dressing room with antiqued mirrors and crystal chandeliers? Why thank you, how kind. :)

Antique mini chandelier

Love that chandelier in this very French dining room. Looks like the chair backs are painted in gold.

Antique mini chandelier


Antique mini chandelier 23

Add a sense of style and elegance to your home by replacing one of your current light fixtures with this antiqued white mini chandelier from Sutton. The four-light set includes 72 inches of chain, allowing you to hang this chandelier from any

Antique mini chandelier 12

Do you have an old antique chandelier with its original lighting fixtures that flicker or make you replace the bulbs too often? If the chandelier is problematic, it most likely needs to be rewired. Outdated wiring is both a potentially dangerous fire haza

Antique mini chandelier 5

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Antique mini chandelier 1

lights- pottery barn- Mini Burlap Chandelier Shade, Set of 3

Antique mini chandelier 22

Antique Bronze and Lalique 12-Light Chandelier.

Antique mini chandelier 7

Custom linen sofa, antique French chandelier, Stark rug Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

Antique mini chandelier 18

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Antique mini chandelier 19

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Antique mini chandelier 21

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Antique mini chandelier 24

Lustre Pearl: #Austin 's saloon with heart, outfitted with book-stocked shelves, an antique chandelier, and a backyard full of picnic tables.

Antique mini chandelier 26

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Antique mini chandelier 6

luxe vintage chandelier (Photo by jHenderson Studios)