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Pull down lamps are a simple yet ideal light source for rooms where a hanging light works better than an overhead or tract light. In many colors, you can match your pull down lamp with the decor, your furniture, or even use it to light a pool table and match it to the felt. They can hang from almost anywhere and are easy to install and use. Get you a few and change your lighting game.

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Our Picks

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Neutral, domed retractable ceiling light with adjustable height

With a canopy perfect for creating an intimate feel over a dinner table or in a reading alcove, this type of adjustable ceiling light is perfect for targeted lighting wherever you need it most. Since you can change the height, you control the intensity of the light—it’s that simple!

For a more modern take on this type of domed lamp, try one tip: Go for metallics. Copper and steel are particularly trendy right now for a more industrial look. 

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A brushed single dome pull down retractable light

Perhaps your tastes skew less industrial and more minimalistic—in which case a sleek adjustable light is the best for you! With a stark silhouette that will stand out nicely against pastel or neutral walls, this type of light will provide a timeless statement that will look beautiful with a minimalist, modern aesthetic.

(We’d recommend pairing this light with a piece of furniture that has a similar circular shape somewhere in the room, just for a sense of pleasing cohesion.) 

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Farmhouse pull down light fixture with three lights

Sometimes, when you have a larger space, you find that you need to have more than one light in a chandelier to keep your entire space bright and safe—and the tiny bulbs in a traditional chandelier just won’t cut it to reach every corner of your room.

Enter a farmhouse bronze chandelier with three enormous lanterns in a row! With this type of lamp, not only will your entire space be bright, you’ll have a gorgeous statement piece in the middle of your room.

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Glass pull down light with an adjustable cord

For those looking for a more simple aesthetic, a one-bulb light with a simple glass cover is so subtle that it practically blends into any room!

As such, this is the perfect choice for smaller spaces and for people with very high ceilings. Just make sure that you adjust the height so that you and your loved ones won’t bump into it when you’re crossing your rooms! 

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The trendy starburst adjustable and retractable pendant light

Interested in a little more whimsy? A pendant light with gorgeous Edison bulbs pointing out in every direction will light your home beautifully and present a strong focal point for your room.

Since you control the height with this light, you can decide just how much of a statement you’d like it to be. Will it hover near the ceiling—or be a low, moody chandelier over a formal dining table? It’s your choice! 

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A traditional lantern retractable light fixture

Want something that’s a little less statement and a little more traditional?

For farmhouse and cottage vibes, we recommend a lantern light fixture that comes with the modern versatility of adjustable height. These lights tend to come in all-metal structures—perfect for that rustic look you’re going for. (They could also work in a steampunk vintage aesthetic as well!) 

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Artsy pull down ceiling light made of wineglasses

For someone with a more creative bent (or perhaps for a sommelier that you know!), a chandelier made of empty upside-down wine glasses can lend a space a nice sense of flair.

Our favorite pro tip is to look for a piece where all of the wineglasses in the display are on individual adjustable cords. That way, you can make sure that the ceiling light looks just the way you want it to—from any angle. 

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5 lamp Edison bulb pull down chandelier

For an industrial lamp that gives off cozy, warm vibes, look no further than a cascade of adjustable Edison bulbs!

These yellow-toned lights on cords that you can vary in length will send dappled, golden-hour light over your living spaces. If you’ve ever wondered just how to make your home feel perfectly comfortable at night, you’re in luck: This is the fixture that you need. 

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A sleek stainless retractable ceiling light fixture

Interested in an adjustable ceiling lamp that’s a little more metallic and art nouveau? Feast your eyes on a ceiling light trend with lots of parallel lines, frosted glass, and a subtle anchor shape.

This type of chandelier can add a little bit of eclecticism to a more traditional, antique vibe—or, alternatively, it would be right at home in a more glam ‘20s aesthetic. 

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Glam pull down light fixtures with a soft chandelier feel

There’s nothing that makes a room more than a chandelier—and ones that have dangling pastel shapes feel ethereal, delicate, and lovely.

You know what doesn’t feel lovely? Having to guess from a picture online how tall a chandelier’s going to be in your unique space. It’s far better to purchase a retractable or adjustable one, just to stay on the safe (and stress-free) side.

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Buying Guide

Proper lighting is important, especially if you do creative work, love to read, or you simply appreciate good lighting. Pull down lamps can give you flexibility in terms of where your lighting is, enabling you to set a certain mood or even increase your ability to focus on a certain task.

These lamps were actually very popular in the 50s. But with the decades-old designs no longer meeting safety code requirements, we are lucky to have modernized and safer models of pull-down lamps available for our homes. There’s just something about these mid-century lights that we won’t let down. The same way lighting is crucial, it’s important that you read these tips on how to choose the right pull down lamp to enhance your home.

How to determine the right height for a pull down lamp?

The desired lamp height and adjustability will vary depending on where you plan on placing it. Pull down lamps can be suitable for any room in the home such as the kitchen, dining room, home office, or your room.

Where to put a pull down lamp?

While the phrase “pull down lamp” may give you the idea that it can only be hung from the ceiling, there are also lamps that can be mounted on the wall.

How to decorate with pull down lamps?

The design and style of lamp that suits your home best depend on the decor in your home as well as your personal tastes. There is really no right or wrong, so have some fun and truly go with what you like.

The ability to adjust a pull down light fixture is very convenient and just straight up cool, so we don’t blame you for wanting one. When your friends and family see the new adjustable light fixture in your home, the first thing they’ll be asking you is where you got it. Enjoy the selection we have picked out for you below!

Best Ideas

Contemporary pull-down lamp in Asia influenced style. Translucent polycarbonate shade resembles premium parchment paper. Elegant wood canopy, handcrafted from alder wood, contributes to simple but lovable design.

... Modern Vintage Danish pull down metal glass diffuser ceiling lamp

Dim Control Inverted Pendant Light

Give your house an austere, industrial touch with this simple, yet stylish light pendant, made out of metal. The dome-shaped shade of the lamp is rather shallow, providing an unusual element to the lamp. It is fully constructed out of metal with a broad variety of different color options and finishes and makes for a perfect finish to a family dinner, a modern living room, or even a study room.

Mid century modern pull down reel light

An attention-grabbing retro pulled down hanging lamp resembling a flying saucer. An upper part of a spaceship-lampshade, an egg-like stem and a round mount are of gold-finished metal. A bottom part of this 'UFO vehicle' is of bluish glass.

A modern take on a contemporary pull-down ceiling lamp made out of chromed aluminium with a shiny polish and a glossy finish. The handle on the bottom of the lamp allows adjusting the height of it, which provides a handy detail.

This impressive set of lamps is an original combination of functionality, unusual design and beautiful colors. The whole combines golden frames and handles with beautiful blue, green and black patterns.

As they said - beauty lies in simplicity. This minimalistic hanging lamp inspired of seventies style is a proof that this sentence is true. Sectional lampshade is made of lacquered ceramic and hanged on spiral chain.

This light and very impressive in its simplicity, the lamp is an attractive detail ideal for living room, dining room or kitchen. Beautiful white lampshade with metal clasp presents stylish and neat.

Vintage 1960s Lucite Lamp Moe Vibrant Fiesta Rare Mid Century Ceiling Pull Down

Ceiling mounted pull down lamp with a very nice, multi-color shade inspired by 1960s. Solid ceiling mounting rod is made of materials that are resistant to wear. This lamp assures illumination and attractive appearance.

Pull down pendant lights | Shop for the Best Price Compare Deals

Retro Ceiling Light, 1970s, 3 tier Pull Down Lamp

Large Retro Vintage 60s 70s Guzzini Rise Fall Pulldown Pull Down Light Lamp

The 70's are back! This Guzzini Rise & Fall Pulldown Light Lamp constitutes a great funky accent in one's interior. Combined with this type of wall tiles, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Hanging Lamp Pull Down 1950 Black and by cabinintheheartland

Created of quality ceramic in a cream finish, this pull-down lamp can be easily adjusted to your needs. Its functional design and eye-catchy silhouette make the lamp as practical as beautiful.

Vintage mid century copper pull down

Designed in mid-century style and made of copper, this pull down lamp fixture is a nice way to bring some ambient light on your deck or patio. The lamp has a convenient handle on the bottom, so you can adjust its height as you please.

Vintage pull down space age atomic

A decorative addition for accentuating contemporary decor, this vintage lamp is quite functional, especially, thanks to its pull-down design that allows you to easily adjust its height. The lamp was made in the 1960s and measures approx. 17" inches in diameter.

Specify Color or Finish: Select an Option Bright Nickel Polished Brass

ELK Lighting Farmhouse 1-Light Pull-Down Pendant Ceiling Lamp in Antique Brass -

For those, who want a cool UFO lamp shining down on them, should, definitely, check this pull-down lamp. The metal lamp works smoothly, and has a convenient handle, allowing you to easily adjust the lamp's height according to your needs.

Kichler 65168 Tiffany Artaxerxes Pull-Down Hanging Lamp

Moris 1 - Light Single Bell Pendant

Made using handcrafted techniques, no two lamps are the same and will be the focal point of any room. This contemporary piece will instantly become a beloved classic in your home and provides dimmable options and height management. It is available in two different fixture finishes and four lamp shade colors, so you are sure to find the perfect combination for your home.

Bradley & Hubbard Mission Style Pull Down Lamp. At Hunt & Gather:

Designed in mid-century style, this oval dining table with 2 stools and 1 pull down lamp, can be a great move to make your kitchen snazzier and tastier. The lamp has a unique, brown shade, and it can be adjusted in terms of its height.

Stainless Steel Nautical Mini Pendant Light

With an aquatic vibe and an appearance as if taken straight from a naval vessel, this minimalistic pendant light in a miniature size is sure to fit great in an open kitchen or a spacious dining room. The lamp is crafted entirely out of stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish, which not only makes the lamp extra-durable but also gives it a nice, contemporary touch. The insides of the shade are layered with white paint, which nicely reflects the light and provides even more illumination.