Modern Liquor Cabinets

Most liquor cabinets look like curio cabinets except they're much larger. But if you have a modern home then one of these old school China cabinets aren't really going to work very well. That is why we are here to offer you modern liquor cabinets that will fit into the more contemporary stylings of your home. They're as attractive as they are updated in their design. See collection for more.

Best Products

Solid Hardwood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Solid Hardwood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
The gorgeous beveled glass doors and six adjustable shelves inside the two side cabinets offer plenty of room to store wine glasses, dishes, shakers and much more. The raised panel drawer in the front will also provide you with plenty of space for storing smaller items. This wine storage bar cabinet has a solid hardwood construction that makes it incredibly sturdy.

Wood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Wood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
The sheer style and class of this solid hardwood liquor cabinet is quite impressive. It offers two pull-out wine racks, a storage drawer, bottle opener and even towel rack. The bronze accent hardware will certainly add a dash of elegance to the inside of your home, wherever you put it. The gentle magnet catches ensure that you don’t damage the cabinet by shutting the doors too hard.

American Style Wood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

American Style Wood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
This American Style liquor cabinet is the ideal combination of stunning aesthetics and functionality. There is a mirror for added elegance as well as an electrical outlet for using blenders and other appliances. The stemware holders provide you with the perfect place to keep your wine glasses, and the shelf can load a 1.75 liter liquor bottle without any issues.

Wood Bar Cabinet with Vinyl-Coated Top

Wood Bar Cabinet with Vinyl-Coated Top
This attractive contemporary cabinet is specially designed for storing liquor and wine. There are two convenient drawers with metal slides that you can utilize for storing a number of items, including bottle openers and cork screws. It is made from solid hardwood material and features a vinyl coated top, which really makes it an elegant piece of furniture to add to your home.

Black Wood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Black Wood Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
This liquor cabinet offers tons of space inside for wine and liquor bottles, stemware, and much more. There are two drawers and two shelves in the middle of the cabinet that will give you plenty of room to put these things. The hardwood and MDF construction makes this cabinet very sturdy and reliable. The sleek black color makes it a great contemporary piece of furniture for any home.

Mahogany Corner Arms Bar with Storage

Mahogany Corner Arms Bar with Storage
Crafted from high-quality wood veneers, this stylish and durable liquor car can fit against any corner perfectly. This bar is made out of solid wood with brushed nickel hardware and ample cabinet storage below. The top of the bar has numerous shelves for keeping wine and liquor bottles as well as glasses. A warm mahogany finish makes this a very elegant piece of furniture.

On reserve for ltwc vintage mid century

On reserve for ltwc vintage mid century
Being a great example of the mid-century design, this vintage cabinet enchants with its beautifully preserved wood, with all natural grains maintained and exposed. A good proposition for a living room with some retro climate.

Our advice Buying Guide

Modern liquor cabinets combine the features of those of previous eras with convenient features, such as a built-in ice chest. Some of them incorporate unique designer features that set them apart from your ordinary cabinet or even disguise the intended purpose of the item. A few even include a built-in refrigerator, although purists insist that most alcoholic beverages are better stored at room temperature. Whatever your personal taste in liquors or wine, you are sure to be able to find a cabinet that will hold everything you need for a relaxing evening or modest nightcap.

What are the most popular designs of modern liquor cabinets?

Simple wine rack with storage for glasses

If you are a minimalist whose tastes are simple, but refined, you might prefer a tasteful wine rack with the glasses stored on the top shelf. You could let your taste in wines speak for your sophistication, right along with the quality of your drinking vessels. There are, after all, times when less truly is more.

The Cabinet with Everything

Increase your bachelor pad points with a liquor cabinet that has it all. It includes a place for glasses, including safe storage for stemware, a place to put everything you need for mixing cocktails, and, of course, a secure rack for your fine wines. It could include a small refrigerator or a secure bin for ice, keeping the means to chill drinks close at hand. You can be the host or hostess with the most simply because you have everything you need to make perfect cocktails right on hand.

An ancient globe liquor cabinet

Not everyone wants to have their supply on display. In fact, you can pretend that this liquor cabinet is just what it looks like – a replica ancient globe. But press the right latch, and it opens up to reveal a small, but well equipped, bar. If you don’t mind having your spirits on display, the supporting rack for the globe also serves as a shelf for a select few bottles. If it isn’t quite the cocktail hour, the replica globe will function as the item after which is it designed – an ancient map of the Earth.

Mondrian style liquor cabinet

Piet Mondrian designed pictures that were simply blocks of color with dark lines between them. This appealed to his need for a sense of order. You can design your cabinet to resemble a Mondrian. One clever cabinet maker created a cabinet in which each square of the Mondrian style design opened a different section of the cabinet.

Bonus tip: For the minimalists in the crowd, there is always the very plain, ordinary cupboard that will hold both bottles and accouterments without any fuss or bother. You might have to provide a separate ice bucket or rely on the kitchen refrigerator, but such cabinets will suffice if you just need a place to keep things.


Barrett Bar Cabinet

Barrett Bar Cabinet
It is a bar cabinet that is perfect for home parties and events. It is great for storing bottles and glass. It has got an elegant and glam style. It adds style and beauty to any dining room.

Carlotta Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Carlotta Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage
This lockable bar cabinet by American Heritage offers just enough space to store wine and bar accessories. It falls on the side of modern liquor cabinets in terms of style, and it offers a sleek, dark look full of unpretentious elegance.

Walnut bar cabinet dry bar liquor

Walnut bar cabinet dry bar liquor
Wine cabinet made of wood with antique finish. It has open shelves and compartments in various sizes for storing glasses, bottles and others needed accessories. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Liquor cabinet bar vintage industrial

Liquor cabinet bar vintage industrial
A vintage bar can be a great addition for dens, living rooms, and game rooms. This one is made of sturdy wood and robust steel, offering 2 wine rags that accommodate up to 24 bottles of wine, a lot of space for storage, and a smooth top for placing bottles, glassware, and decorations.

Carver Bar Cabinet

Carver Bar Cabinet
Why not store your wine collection with style? I like this bar cabinet for its meticulous contemporary design - it is so neat and splashy. On one side you have two drawers and a cabinet, and the other side includes a rack for wine bottles.

With some elegant brushed nickel finish hardware and numerous convenient drawers for storage, you simply cannot go wrong with this modern liquor cabinet. This cabinet has a sturdy vinyl construction with an oak finish that gives it an attractive contempor

With some elegant brushed nickel finish hardware and numerous convenient drawers for storage, you simply cannot go wrong with this modern liquor cabinet. This cabinet has a sturdy vinyl construction with an oak finish that gives it an attractive contempor

Modern liquor cabinets

The Clive bar cabinet is made of reclaimed peroba wood side panels with light sealer finish on the front. The antique mirror inside, makes this product so special. It's sophisticated enough that it really dress up your home without making it too formal.

Modern liquor cabinets 1

Tasteful cabinet for the kitchen, dining room and more. It is made of wood and fitted with double doors. Legs are arranged conically and reinforced with solid supports. It contains 2 shelves arranged vertically.

Liquor cabinet

Feel like going vintage for your home bar decor purposes? This stylish round iron bar cart is an accessory literally taken straight from 1920s, as it formerly was a machine for testing light bulbs. Now it has glassware racks and shelves for wine bottles.

Wall mounted liquor cabinet

the Urbancase and Teroforma collaboration. The collaboration includes a selection of beautiful barware and two well-crafted liquor cabinets that complement one another

Mid century modern walnut and burl bar liquor cabinet image

Mid Century Modern Walnut And Burl Bar Liquor Cabinet image 4

Mid century modern danish teak sideboard has a tilt open

Mid century modern danish teak sideboard has a tilt open bar cabinet ...

Mid century modern bar cabinet

Bookcase in Vintage style. Frame is made of wood and fitted with sliding glass doors. Includes a lot of shelves in various sizes for storing books, display decorations and more. Great addition for any interior.

Teak bar furniture 1

Walk right through the front door and slam it. Head straight for the liquor cabinet.

Small liquor cabinet

This capacious liquor cabinet can store loads of glassware, bar accessories and numerous bottles as well. It offers horizontal bottle compartments for wine, multiple shelves, and racks to hang wine glasses.

Modern bar cabinet

This functional item includes storage drawers and compartments. It features a durable wooden construction with a nice walnut finish. The product stands on four stable legs. Its drawers and compartment include solid metal hardware.

Modern liquor cabinet with red walls

Modern Liquor Cabinet With Red Walls

Padma's Plantataion Modulare Wine Unit, Dark Finish

Liquor storage cabinet

Ingenious design of this stereo cabinet uses varied tones of wood to result in an extraordinary creation taking subtle inspiration from modern mid century findings. One might use this high end piece as a liquor cabinet as well.

Wine and liquor cabinet

An excellent organizer for glassware and alcohol, this wooden bar is suitable even for interiors with a smaller space. The bar includes 2 storage drawers, bottle rags, and enough hidden storage to accommodate bottle of wines, and smaller appliances.

Liquor cabinet ideas

Unique and unusual design for a vanity cabinet with a frame made out of dark walnut wood with decoratively carved legs. The front of the cabinet depicts a black skull, which provides a mysterious and funky detail.

Liquor cabinet furniture

This straightforward and beautiful wine cabinet is the perfect solution for any home. The shelves, glass dividers, and wine bottles make it a very functional piece of furniture. The minimalist design perfectly fits into any interior.

Modern liquor cabinet 1

Modern Liquor Cabinet

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Corner liquor cabinet

Contemporary cabinet of wooden materials. Full front door and drawer panels are in brown tones but sides and a rectangular top are white. Each of 2 compartments has 2 shelves. Round tapered legs with ball feet and small knobs are of metal.

Liquor and wine cabinet

Wooden liquor cabinet with a modern construction based on solid legs. Cabinet area features a rectangular shape with simple, clean lines. Durable construction is resistant to damage and excessive wear.

Liqour cabinet

Awesome bar. Contemporary basement by Architects-Builders-Remodelers.... Yess please can I do that NOW to my place!

Contemporary liquor cabinet

This ergonomic home bar is great for anyone who likes to use every inch of free space available to him. Awesome for small apartments. The vintage finish will make it a superb focal point of any interior. Furthermore, its black colour will never go out of fashion.

Liquor storage

Make a grand impression with this bar cabinet. It features the curved, segment panels of wood veneer and spinning coin design. A wonderful original piece to hang in my home.

Modern liquor cabinets

This piece is a surely suitable addition to your household decor thanks to the design that brings to mind those vintage TV console conversions and sports the charming, two-tone finish in a truly warm hue.

Tall liquor cabinet

Inside a London Home Full of Luxurious Layers // Cabinet

Marinbarcabinetsc10 crate and barrel like the design but not the

MarinBarCabinetSC10 Crate and Barrel. Like the design but not the finish.

Liquor cabinet ikea modern style with hanging glass

liquor cabinet ikea modern style with hanging glass

White liquor cabinet

My fave piece in our living room. own it. organic modernism.

Walnut danish mid century modern liquor cabinet bar image 4

Walnut Danish Mid Century Modern Liquor Cabinet Bar image 4

Liquor rack

A contemporary approach to a large and spacious wine credenza with a compartment for storing liquor and beverages. The bottom of the credenza is fitted with a spacious wine rack, which stores up to 36 bottles.

Liquor bar furniture

A chic modern cabinet of wood in mid browns. It features a body with a protruding centre, a moulding top, a full base, 3 drawers with black metal C-pulls. Shelved cabinets with shelved doors flank a rotating panel with semi-circular metal shelves.

1950s or 60s television cabinet vintage tv repurposed into retro

1950's or 60's television cabinet, vintage tv, repurposed into retro barupcycle

Modern liquor cabinet 11

modern liquor cabinet

Contemporary bar cabinet

Wine, wine, wine, wine, WIIIIINNEEEEE! --- Modesto Modern Bar and Wine Cabinet

Mid century corner cabinet

Wallbanger- The Harvey Wallbanger was invented in the 1950's by world champion mixologist Duke Antone. This wall mounted bar is named appropriately after his famous mixed drink. Designed with Darin Montgomery of urbancase, the Loll Wallbanger is intended

Spirits cabinet

Case which connects function of liquor cabinet and mini bar. It is made of dark lacquered wood. This piece of furniture looks very elegant and sophisticated, so it will be fit only to very luxurious interior.

Backlit shelving allows the shape of the bottles to be

Backlit shelving allows the shape of the bottles to be used almost like art. The play of light off the walls adds another interesting set of textures and colors.

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

If you ask us, every house needs a proper liquor cabinet. It's one of these marvellous pieces of furniture that combine utility with aesthetical values, enhancing your house on two different levels. If you'd like to get to know liquor cabinets a bit better, read on.

Securing your precious liquor bottles – no doubt, that's the primary role of a liquor cabinet. All of the liquor cabinets presented on our site are perfectly good for that purpose. Additionally, storing your bottles in liquor cabinets means easy access to them whenever you want to open one of your flasks. Easy, unobstructed access is tremendously important. Don't just settle for any cabinet, because then you will be running the risk of the bottle slipping from your hands, hitting the corner of your kitchen island or any other from the hundreds of possible accidents. A proper liquor cabinet eliminates such risks.

As we've mentioned, the practical aspect of liquor cabinets is not the only thing they bring to your house. They are great for enhancing your interior design and underlining the style of your house. They also come in various styles and shapes. For example, the liquor cabinets presented on this site are modern. As such, they are all cohesive with the minimalistic and sleek design. Of course, it's not only modern liquor cabinets that are available – take a look around and you're sure to find liquor cabinets for all the different styles.

The style of your liquor cabinet is important, but so is the shape. And boy, there are plenty of shapes to choose from. Here you will find all kinds of them, from serious to funny. It's not only about your taste, mind you. Some of them focus on ergonomy, meaning they are designed to fit any kind of interior. These of you who couldn't possibly fit another standard cabinet may want to think about a hanging liquor cabinet. Another important aspect is the way your liquor cabinet will be opening. They come with different types of doors, ones that open to the inside, outside or slide upwards. There are even types that don't have doors attached at all. Pick in accordance with the amount of space around your liquor cabinet.

The bottom line is – before you decide on a specific type of liquor cabinet, there are plenty of things to consider. Still, the most important role of your liquor cabinet is protecting your cherished bottles. Rest assured, all of the ones we've prepared for you here are exceptionally good at this job!