Large Silk Flower Arrangements


Silk flowers have one intrinsic quality that will always make them a better choice over regular flowers and that is that they never die. Their one drawback though is that they also have no scent, but you can add a scent with simple perfumes or other aerosols that will adhere to the silk. And if you prefer large silk floral arrangements over regular flowers, we have plenty of them to choose from in this extensive collection.

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Our Picks

Large Silk Flower Arrangement with Feathers

Large Silk Flower Arrangement with Feathers

Flowers are the most beautiful decoration of every interior, but unfortunately they are lasting. This artificial bouquet in luxurious flower pot looks very natural and it can be used for many years. It is made of delicate silk.

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Large silk flower arrangements 1

A fine addition for larger events such as wedding and anniversaries, this large silk flower arrangement looks, simply, stunning when placed in the middle of a table. It comes with a stylish vase with a square base for stability.

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Colorful Silk Flower Centerpiece

Colorful Silk Flower Centerpiece

Large decoration comprised of leaves in various tones of green and big flowers, with roses among them, in red and orange tones. The arrangement is made of silk. It will greatly accessorize any end table.

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Large silk floral arrangement red

Large silk floral arrangement red

Comprising beautiful red hydrangeas, this large silk floral arrangement constitutes a great proposition for one's living or dining room decor. It will help you emphasize the glorious character of any meeting.

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Huge silk flowers

Make your home decor to bloom with vivid colors thanks to this excellent floral arrangement. It's designed of silk flowers that are placed in a slender vase with slightly widened base for stability.

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Large silk flower arrangements

Made of artificial silk flowers arrangement is a perfect way to original design. The great composition impresses with its subtle colors and décor, bringing to the decor a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

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Large silk flower centerpieces

We usually have a problem with keeping ordinary flowers alive, let alone with exotic species in our western homes. There is a way - to create a large silk flower arrangement of exotic flowers, inspired by the island of Mali.

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Large silk flowers

A lovely centerpiece for your dining table, or a perfect decoration for wedding parties and anniversaries. This floral arrangement is consisted of silk flowers and placed in a gorgeously designed vase with beautiful handles.

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Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Absolutely gorgeous, always blooming and fresh flower arrangement. Green and white silk hydrangea flowers in antiqued vase. The arrangement is lush and looks incredibly real and elegant. Perfect for a dining table decoration.

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Large flower arrangements silk

large flower arrangements silk

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Large Silk Flower Arrangements

Buying Guide

Flowers have an innate ability to brighten a space up, enliven your mood and bring in a sense of positivity to any environment. It’s no wonder then that we have been ogling over gorgeous blooms since time immemorial. But at times, it’s not practical to decorate with a bouquet or garland of real flowers. Be it an event, or even at home, arranging and managing real blossoms isn’t a cakewalk, unless you have a green thumb that is (and deep pockets).

Flowers are delicate. Even the slightest variation in conditions make them prone to wilting, drying, freezing and what not. Silk flowers, on the other hand, give you the same aesthetics without the hassles. They last forever, are available year round, do not require special care and are available in a bevy of colors and shapes. Besides, good quality silk flowers look absolutely realistic!

Here are a few tips to help you get the best large silk flower arrangements to commemorate your special occasions.

At the lower end of the price range, you will have limited options with less than realistic designs. The sizes are small, with a stem averaging 6-8 inches. These are typically the type of flowers that you see at Poundland and other budget outlets.

At the other end of the price range, you will be greeted by a stunning array of refined, lifelike reproductions that’d take an expert eye to spot. These can be mixed and matched to your liking.

Large silk flower arrangements are not necessarily made entirely of silk. The blossoms and foliage can also be made of latex or polyester, whereas the stems are usually made of molded plastic. Wires are rarely used in modern silk flowers to shape them up. The quality of construction and the craftsmanship though, are price specific.

At the heart of a good looking silk flower arrangement, lies the careful selection of blossoms that will easily nest together and mimic the real thing. Thankfully, there’s no dearth of choices. Be it roses, orchids, petunias, hydrangeas or Ranunculuses, almost every type of flower is available in its artificial form.

  • Single stems usually have one blossom with a leaf. As we mentioned earlier, the size can vary depending on the price. Good quality varieties may even have an additional bud or two. Multiple single stems can be bundled together to create a bouquet. You can even add leaves and foliage and tie the stems together using floral tape or ribbons to create a realistic looking bunch.
  • Bushes consist of a bunch of stems with flowers of different colors that are all connected to a larger main stem. These are versatile and can be placed with other bouquets as part of a centerpiece arrangement or used as a standalone centerpiece.
  • Branches are usually used as large centerpieces in events. These have a tall main branch with multiple, smaller flowering branches. You can pair these with bushes, bouquets as well as standalone silk flowers.
  • Sprays are smaller clusters of flowers, buds and foliage ideal for arrangements in homes and offices.

When buying large silk flower arrangements, it’s easy to go overboard and spend a lot more than what you had planned initially. Always try to buy flowers that can be used in different combinations. Learn how to cut and rearrange a bunch of flowers so that it looks botanically close to a real bouquet. If you are just learning how to do this, start off with lower priced varieties until you get some expertise.

Best Ideas

Large artificial orchid arrangements

This large silk flower arrangement will not only provide a warm, charming appeal but also a super nice smell from the very first seconds in the room. Therefore it is a good choice for weddings, banquets or glorious dinners.

Entryway flower arrangement

These artificial flowers are a bit more exotic than what you would normally expect. Perfect for modern and contemporary houses, which usually do not have many colours. Such arrangement, however, is all you need to spark a bit of life.

Artichoke and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Artichoke and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement which features artichoke and hydrangea placed in a pot finished in silk color. This composition adds flair and uniqueness to any interior. Additionally, it fits almost any decor type.

Large fake flowers

Large floral arrangement for residential and commercial premises. It is mounted honey brown urn. Elegant accent for the living room and other interiors according to taste and need.

Large silk flower arrangements 1

This impressive flower silk arrangements will be a great addition to all, who love antique masterpieces. Placed in an ornate, richly adorned vase, the bouquet is finished with feathers.

Giant flower arrangements

A beautiful large floral arrangement in a showy vase for tables decoration. White and dark purple flowers and green leaves are of silk. The vase is of durable black material, has a square foot, a short stem and a large flared bowl with skew grooves.

Large silk flower arrangements

Made from the highest quality plastics, thanks to the faithfully reproduced details, they are reminiscent of living plants. Delicate petals, flexible stalks all as a large silk flower arrangement fit into a marble antique vase adding to their dramaturgy.

Modern silk flower arrangements

Centerpieces-use white flowers but spray branches silver…silk blue ribbon around vases @Jerolyn Finnell

Entryway floral arrangements

Beautiful silk flower arrangement in a shiny, metal pot. The combination of yellow, white and green colours is perfect for all occasions, as well as for decorating your own house. It’s really hard to tell whether these are real or not!

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