How To Choose A Utensil Crock

Have you ever been cooking only to realize a utensil you needed wasn't at hand? You won't have to reach too far if you add a utensil crock to your kitchen accessories. A utensil crock will not only add to your kitchen style, but also provide the extra convenience you need to help your cooking adventures run smoothly.

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Why should I purchase a utensil crock?

A utensil crock is an easy way to add more organization to your kitchen, as well as keep your cooking utensils close at hand so you can easily reach for what you need. A utensil crock will also add to your kitchen motif as they are available in a wonderful variety of different materials and styles.

What materials do utensil crocks come in?

Utensil crocks are made from a few different materials to provide both form and function.

Stainless steel can be bright and shiny or more rustic looking if you have a country style to your kitchen. It is also resistant to rust and corrosive elements. It will not grow any mold, and is also dishwasher safe, if it does get messy.

Chrome Stainless Steel Cutlery Holder
Elegant Round Stainless Steel Utensil Holder
Stylish Black Round Utensil Holder
Red Vintage Tin Utensil Crock
Capacious Stainless Steel Utensil Holder
Modern Metal High Quality Utensil Crock

Cooper is a wonderful option if you want a more country feel. Copper also has the added benefit of having qualities that are naturally antibacterial. However, if it gets left wet, it starts to look green and tarnished, so wipe it down if it ever gets wet. Copper is a great addition to a farmhouse style or country kitchen.

Lemon Design Metal Copper Utensil Crock
Decorative and Convenient Kitchen Utensil Crocks
Elegant Round Copper Kitchen Utensil Crock
Modern Shape Stainless Steel Utensil Crock
Stainless Steel Simple Utensil Crock
Flatware Caddy Organizer For Kitchen Countertop

Iron utensil racks can be used in many kitchen styles because of their ornate style and designs. Iron is rustless as well as wear-resistant and has a long counter life, so you will not need to replace it anytime soon. It lends its charm to farmhouse kitchens in particular, but will feel right at home in a stainless steel or contemporary kitchen, especially if it is enameled with a pop of color.

Metal Round Spatula Rest Utensil Crock
Dark Brown Metal Utensil Crock
Metal Round Hand Made Utensil Crock
Metal Utensil Organizer For Kitchen Counter
Metal Chat Holder Utensil Crock
Elegant Stylish Rose Gold Utensil Crock

Bamboo is becoming more and more trendy these days, because it is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. It has natural antibacterial qualities that help it to resist mold and other bacteria from growing. It can be hand-washed with a bleach and water combination for an easy clean.

100% Bamboo Eco-friendly Round Spoon Rest
Practical Bamboo Cutlery Holder with Hooks
Functional Brown Bamboo Flatware Caddy
Natural Bamboo Modern Tool Crock
Eco-style Design Bamboo Utensil Crock
High Quality Melamine and Bamboo Utensil Holder

Plastic is going to be your most versatile choice for your utensil crock, as it can be found in a great deal of designs, colors and styles, to blend well or stand out in any kitchen. It's also your easiest option being that it is easy to maintain. Not only are plastic utensil crocks dishwasher safe, but they will also be more durable than other options.

Yellow Plastic X-Shaped Utensil Crock
Modern White Plastic Utensil Crock
Basics Indigo Plastic Utensil Holder
Plastic Round Silverware Cylinder Utensil Crock
Modern White Plastic Kitchen Tool Caddy
Practical Oval Plastic Utensil Crock

Pottery, ceramic, or porcelain utensil crocks are one of the most prominent because they come in a large array of exciting colors, designs, and styles. If you have a particular theme to your kitchen, you can find one with a saying or an image to match, such as, "What's Cookin" or "Hold Me". For a country farm look, you can find one with the image of a cute pig, cow, or a rooster to match.

Blue Vintage Ceramic Utensil Crock
Functional Decorative Earthenware Utensil Crock
Gray Round Durable Ceramic Utensil Crock
Decorative Dinnerware Ceramic Tool Crock
White Minimalistic Ceramic Utensil Crock
Decorative Ceramic Gray Utensil Crock

Stoneware is another particularly nice way to go. You can try to match your marble or faux marble countertops for a nicely blended look, or add it to a kitchen featuring stainless steel to add a more earthy quality. Stoneware is also very durable and will not break easily no matter how many times you reach into it.

Elegant Simple Marble Utensil Crock
Antiquity Marble Wood Utensil Holder
White Gray Marble Utensil Crock
White Dolomite Marble Utensil Crock Set
High Quality Capacity Compact Marble Utensil Crock
White Earthenware Brick Utensil Crock

How to choose the right utensil crock for all my most used utensils?

When you are figuring out what size utensil crock to purchase, the very first step should be setting out your kitchen utensils to decide on which of your utensil collection you find yourself using the most. After you have completed this step, arrange the utensils you picked out by size. Now that you have done this, all you have to do is choose the kitchen utensil crock that will fit all of the utensils you need to access quickly.

Perhaps just the traditional cylinder will be enough, or maybe you like ones that have different sections for different kitchen tools. The latter comes in very handy when you go to reach for a tool, as the smaller tools can be organized in front of the larger ones for easier access. Whichever style or design you choose, you will be rewarded with a more stress-free cooking experience by having all your best kitchen utensils within easy reach.

Pro tip: Make sure the utensil crock you are looking at is weighted at the bottom, so that it won't fall over due to the weight and length of your utensil ensemble.