Futon covers are useful for keeping futons clean and as good as new. They provide a fun way to decorate your futon and interior since they come in all kinds of colors, patterns, and styles. Futon covers also come in a wide variety of fabrics. With all the options available, choosing one can seem like a challenging task.

Whether you're looking for a futon cover to keep your futon intact or looking to update a room's decor with new colors, various covers could suit your style. In this guide, you'll find tips and ideas that could help you pick out the best futon cover based on your needs.

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What are the important factors to consider when purchasing futon covers?

Certain factors could facilitate your decision-making. These factors will determine what kind of futon cover you need.

Stretch Polyester Futon Cover with Zipper
Zipper Box Cushion Futon Cover
Velvet Grey Futon Cover with Zipper
Mashine Washable Futon Cover with Zipper
Blue Soft fiber Futon Cover
Stain resistant Polyester Futon Cover

Which fabric is best for a futon cover?

Here are the most common futon cover fabrics:

Microfiber Cushion Futon Cover
White One piece Cotton Futon Cover
Brown Microsuede Futon Cover Set
Stretch Polyester blend Futon Cover
Stainless Polyester blend Futon Cover
Brown Suede Soft Futon Cover

How do you select a futon cover's color and pattern?

The futon cover's appearance plays an important role in terms of a room's overall aesthetic. Choosing the wrong color can greatly affect the look and feel of your space.

Golden Brown Flower Futon Cover
Green Leaves Polyester Futon Cover
Navy Blue Cushion Futon Cover
Orange White Futon Cover with Flower Pattern
Colorful Multifunctional Futon Cover
Geometric Cushion Futon Cover

How to measure your futon for a cover?

You'll need to measure your futon to ensure that you're picking the right cover size.