Extra Large Collage Picture Frames

A photo collage is a great idea for wall decoration. The frames come in thousands of styles and sizes so making an eye-catching arrangement on a blank wall is an inspiring home decor challenge. It's so cool to look at family, holiday or special moment photos and remember what's important in life. Check the collection below.

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Extra large collage picture frames 1

An enormous frame with a self-made photo collage fills the blank wall space from floor to ceiling. This extra large collection of photos gathered in a black frame and displayed on white background is sufficient for long contemplation.

Large wall multi photo frames

A great present for your grandparents on their anniversary. They are those, who love the family the most. The extra large collage could help them to bring back the memories about all their grandchildren.

Extra Large Metal Multi Photo Collage Frame

Trying to find the interesting, nicely finished and accomplished accent piece? Try this one! It is an extra large frame with multi photo collage option and metal construction.

Extra large collage picture frames 2
Yulia Thompson

Huge, pop-art style collage of dozen of small images flawlessly decorates the room and adds touches of colour and texture to your space. Perfectly fits smaller spaces as much as huge, loft-style interiors.

Extra large collage picture frames
Mary Roge

This large, wonderfully crafted set of metal photo frames in a beautiful composition is a perfect combination of stylish elements. The effect will be impressively made highlight the favorite memories, creating an excellent decoration from their extraordinary history.

Large picture frames for multiple pictures

This extra large collage picture frames will add a traditional, classic appeal to any space, embodying warm and cosiness. Available in different colour finishes, you can choose from white, antique grey, gold and black ones.

Large collage picture frames
Mary Bak

A large rectangular contemporary wall picture frame of lightweight black foam. It can be arranged vertically, horizontally or aslant. Black finely highlights photos or pictures. The frame can be attached to walls with a double-sided tape.

Giant picture frames
Dana Long

Trying to find the perfect, nicely finished and a high quality picture frames? We suggest you to choose this extra large collage picture frame with the simple construction and beige finish.

Large collage frame
Kimberly Sanders

This great frame for photo collage is a great way to decorate the interior. Different size options of images are an exciting form of expression and allow you to expose memories or favorite places. Black background beautifully highlights images.

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Wesson Jessica

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White picture frames wall collage
Laetitia Anderson

A classy wall photo display rack of bronze finished metal. It has a square frame (over 12 smaller rectangular frames) adorned with a beautiful large scroll inlay with a central square plate with delicate ornaments and stylised lettering in gold.

Collage photo frames 1

Collage Photo Frames

Picture collage frame
Shannon Thomas

Picture Collage Frame

Large photo frames for multiple photos

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Largepictureframes large picture frames how to display your photos
Julia Lambertify

largepictureframes Large Picture Frames How To Display Your Photos

Wall collage

Extra large and deep square frame in which you can place a favourite decoration art motif of your choice. Acid-free mat finish makes the chosen motif decently exposed. I see this set as a fine adornment of my hallway!

Large multi picture frames

If your naked wall needs a bit of pampering, you can always decide on those lovely collage picture frames. They come with different shapes, sizes and finishes. All are crafted of wood, with some of them also decorated with beautiful carvings.

Collage wall photo frames
Kristina Gon

Pics often express something that we can't express in words, return to the beautiful memories. Hence, such a display on the wall in the form of joined frames of various shapes and types of wood - extra large collage is a wonderful setting.

Massive picture frame
Cassandra Riv

This extra large collage picture frame will be a nice, charming decoration for your living room or bedroom decor, enabling to gather all your best memories in one place.

Large collage picture frame
Hill Courtney

Picture frames are a great way to decorate your walls. This large set of collage picture frames captivates the details and makes the photo memories in it look unique. The whole frame made in wood captivates.

Large photo frames
Patterson Gracie

An amazing decoration not only for homes, but also offices, dorm rooms, and bachelor pads. This large collage picture frame is drowning in a black finish and stylish design, allowing you to put your happy memories all in one place.

Original jpg 142
Catherine Rich


Wall photo frame oversized picture frame collage

Wall Photo Frame - Oversized Picture Frame Collage

Extra Large Family Tree Photo Collage Wall Frame Iron
Samantha Dia

This wall frame sports a unique shape of a tree and is just the perfect option, if you want to display your family photos with style and utmost class. It will make them look utterly beautiful with the silver, round frames.

Large photo collage frame
Bianca Weberable

Large collage picture frames are great for decorating whole walls with beautiful family pictures. If you feel that the wall behind you is a bit too empty, then such a solution will work wonders.

All products hall picture frames
Jennifer Turner

All Products / Hall / Picture Frames

Large picture collage frame
Katie Long

If your naked wall needs a bit of pampering, you can always decide on those lovely collage picture frames. They come with different shapes and sizes, all crafted of sturdy wood with an espresso finish.

Large collage picture frames for wall
Heather Cox

Fill the Space. High ceiling and tall windows require at least one other tall object in the room to achieve balance.

Wall hanging multi photo frames
Alexis Milani

Extra Large Collage Frames | Large 10 Peice Multi Picture Frames, 12"x6" 6"x4" and 16"x12"

Array Collage 9-Opening Picture Frame
Thomas Dana

Array Collage 9-Opening Picture Frame
Contemporary collage picture frame accommodating 9 pictures of varied sizes and shapes. The frames are black, with large white one in the centre. Such a hue mix is just perfect for black and white photos.

Berkeley 6-Opening Picture Frame
Tara Gosselin

Berkeley 6-Opening Picture Frame

Extra Large Photo Collage Wall Frame Set

Extra Large Photo Collage Wall Frame Set

Large frame collage
Meghan Barn

Extra photo strips? Put them in a large frame and you've got a perfect reminder of your wonderful day!

Legends Never Die "Pebble Beach Hole #7" Framed Photo Collage, 11 x 14-Inch
Julia Brow

Legends Never Die "Pebble Beach Hole #7" Framed Photo Collage, 11 x 14-Inch

Large wooden collage photo frames

I've been coveting this photo collection for subway, so, so good...

Wall photo frames collage
Bianca Weberable

The most posh little boy's nursery. LOVE!

Decorations extra large 12 window photo frame antique white
Evans Liliana

... Decorations » Extra large 12 Window Photo Frame – Antique White

Legends Never Die Louisiana State Tigers Tiger Stadium Framed Photo Collage, 11 by 14-Inch
James Alicia

Legends Never Die Louisiana State Tigers Tiger Stadium Framed Photo Collage, 11 by 14-Inch

3d relief metal wall art modern grid photo collage nmd13465
Jessica Zernike

... 3D Relief Metal Wall Art - Modern Grid Photo Collage [NMD13465

Large wall multi photo frames

picture frames

Large picture frame collages for wall
Patterson Gracie

Large Rectangular Multi Aperture Frame 6 x 4 (116cm x 50cm)

Large multi picture frames
Angela Ada

A unique decoration for a wall in the living room or a hallway foyer, providing a stylish vibe to its surroundings. The decoration includes a set of architectural designs put together in a photo frame made out of white-painted wood.

Metal collage picture frames
Lindsey Phillips

Love these oversized wood gallery frames from Potterbarn

Waterfront Wall-Hanging Picture Frame
Roberts Isabelle

Waterfront Wall-Hanging Picture Frame

Legends Never Die Busch Stadium Old Aerial Framed Photo Collage, 11x14-Inch
Megan Barnes

Legends Never Die Busch Stadium Old Aerial Framed Photo Collage, 11x14-Inch

Photo picture frames large collage photo frame cream or silver

... Photo & Picture Frames - Large Collage Photo Frame - Cream or Silver

Interieur inspiratie 16 photo frames

Interieur Inspiratie #16 Photo Frames

Multi frame wall collage
Ross Angela

multi frame wall collage

Large collage pink the girls photo frame large collage pink
Mackenzie Poly

Large Collage Pink The Girls Photo Frame Large Collage Pink The Girls ...

Family Tree Picture Frame Wall Decor
Kathleen Wil

Family Tree Picture Frame Wall Decor
Pretty-looking traditional wall-mounted family tree. It has a form of a bunch of delicate thin twigs with size-varied both numerous round 'leaves' and 10 photo frames. It's crafted of metal with a brown and silvery finish.