Artificial Floral Centerpieces for Dining Tables

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For your dining table to add a bit of class and charm, or for that table in the middle of the foyer, we give you a wonderfully colorful and vibrant collection of silk flower centerpieces. By a few of these and rotate them in with the change of the season. They never wilt, never die, and won't make even the tiniest mess. They are the perfect alternative to real flowers.

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Our Picks

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Sunflower centerpieces for dining table

Yellow has been proven to be a mood lifter as well as an eye-catching and energetic accent color, so you really can’t go wrong with sunflowers.

An artificial floral centerpiece in this color will feel like introducing a ray of sunshine into your home. 

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Artificial flowers for long dining tables

Rosecliff Heights

Round centerpieces are the most versatile. However, if you have a particularly long table, you could consider one in the same rectangular shape.

This can also create the illusion that your table is longer than it actually is without taking away from your room’s visual flow. How handy is that?!

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Pastel colored floral centerpieces for dining tables

Don’t forget that you don’t necessarily need to stick to one type of flower! Your artificial floral centerpiece for dining tables can be a composition of lots of different ones, as long as it’s done with taste and by combining colors consciously.

If your palette consists of lighter and more delicate hues, it’d be wise to find pastel-colored flowers in a charming discolored style. Perfect for shabby chic and French country rooms, too!

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White flower centerpieces for dining table


Elegant lilies and the color white are both perfect to inspire a sense of sophistication, so why not combine the two?

This type of artificial floral centerpiece will work particularly well against black or dark tables, helping you create a sense of balance. 

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White & light blue artificial floral centerpieces for dining tables

Rosdorf Park

As well as a few green leafy elements, you could choose a combination of two colors for your floral centerpiece for dining tables.

If you’d like to maintain a cohesive feel, we advise against picking two random ones. Instead, consider choosing two hues from your existing palette or at least one of them.

And what better than timeless roses for a romantic result?

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Silk flower arrangements for dining room table

Some flower centerpieces for living room tables are made of plastic, which is a practical alternative if budget is your main concern.

However, if you were hoping for an even more realistic and sophisticated result, we definitely recommend silk flower centerpieces for tables instead.

Aren’t they just so delightfully delicate?

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Flower centerpiece in a glass jar

Longshore Tides

Of course, choosing the flowers and colors is the best part, but the vase can make a statement just as strong and noticeable.

If you opt for a traditional vase, be sure to look for one in a different or even contrasting color against the actual flowers. A similar hue would make them disappear.

Another quaint and more versatile option is to choose an adorable glass jar.

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Tropical flower centerpieces for dining table

Orren Ellis

Tired of roses and daisies? Your new flower centerpiece for dining tables can be your chance to showcase your creativity and outside-the-box approach to decor.

A tropical flower or composition is sure to be a conversation starter when you next have guests round for dinner or drinks.

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Colorful silk centerpieces for living room tables

August Grove®

Floral centerpieces are exactly what you need to introduce some color into your dining or living room.

One of the fullest compositions that you can find involves more flamboyant flowers like hydrangea, which will help you make a specific hue more obvious.

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Rustic artificial flowers for dining table

Whether you have farmhouse-inspired interiors or you’d just like to introduce a rustic touch to your current decor, your new artificial floral centerpiece for dining table can bring countryside vibes into your home.

The trick is to choose a composition that includes typical rustic elements next to the actual flowers, such as wheat or even a vegetable-style vase.

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Buying Guide

A lovely centerpiece for your table, flowers will add color, warmth, and style to any dining room. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or you just want something to make your kitchen or dining area look a little more homely, silk flowers could be the perfect option. Let's have a look at the various designs which you can choose for your table.

What are the most beautiful designs of silk flower centerpieces for tables?

Bright and bold

For something which really stands out and makes a noise, a bright and bold bouquet is a good option. Alongside silk flowers in various colors, you'll also see greenery and leaves which make the bouquet larger and bolder. This is ideal for smaller tables since the silk flower centerpiece will feature as the main item.

Water lilies in vase

This is a modern and elegant design for a silk flower centerpiece. There may be just one or several vases with water lilies inside them. The glass vase is filled with water and the silk lilies can be placed inside. On the top of the water, you can either balance a tea light candle or leave it empty. These are suitable for special occasions such as weddings, particularly if you have a light theme. You can buy sets with various sizes for a contemporary effect.

Silk flowers in a basket

To add something different yet traditional for cottages or rustic homes, consider placing your silk flowers in a basket. You can buy whichever colors and designs of silk flowers that you want, then add them to a wicker or metal basket of your choice. A wicker basket is a lighter and softer style of basket to use for a centerpiece, while a darker metal wired basket suits light and colorful flowers and lighter décor best. This design is a good option if you have a small table in the living room and only need a small yet colorful centerpiece.

Rounded vase and simple pink flowers

This style is one which you may have seen several times before and is normally seen with light pink flowers and bare brown branches. This simplistic look is ideal when the flowers are positioned inside a rounded glass vase. The elegance and slimline look of the branches and flowers provide the perfect contrast with the rounded and larger vase. It's a good option for your kitchen or dining room, and looks great in a cafe or salon if there is more than one table.

Set of silk flowers

If you don't like the idea of having one large silk flower centerpiece on the table, you can buy a platter and put 3-4 smaller vases of silk flowers inside them. This Japan style is generally shorter, making it the ideal choice if the table is small or you have several items to put on it. Large silk flowers such as the lotus flower or sunflower look bright and elegant in small glass vases. The twigs and branches are normally lacking in leaves to boost the simple Japanese design.

Are silk flower centerpieces expensive?

At the lower end of the price range, you will have limited options with less than realistic designs. The sizes are small and the containers included in the arrangement might look cheap.

At the other end of the price range, you will enjy a stunning array of refined, lifelike reproductions that you will have a hard time telling apart from the real things. These can be mixed and matched to your liking.

Best Ideas

Magnolia and Hydrangea Silk Floral Centerpiece

This silk decoration may effortlessly become a focal point of any room with its big white blooms crafted in a truly realistic way. If you love magnolias, you may have them in your decor all year round.

Fall florals silk artichoke hydrangea arrangement

Not everyone has green fingers, but everyone wants have beautiful house! If you love flowers, but you don't have time to take care of them, this artificial artichoke and hydrangea arrangement made of silk and inserted in fancy-shaped frame.

Colorful Silk Flower Centerpiece

Large decoration comprised of leaves in various tones of green and big flowers, with roses among them, in red and orange tones. The arrangement is made of silk. It will greatly accessorize any end table.

Silk Flower Mixed Peony Centerpiece

Horizontally oriented floral centerpiece composed of peonies in various colors, with some buds and twiggs as a bonus. Due to shape and size, it is perfect to decorate a fireplace mantel. The flowers are made of silk.

Silk Flower Centerpiece with Magnolias and Hydrangea

Vibrant tones of salmon, raspberry, cream, green and purple help create this everlasting mid-sized silk flower fiesta centerpiece that is perfect for any table in your home or office. A beige ceramic cachepot helps finish the handcrafted arrangement of zi

Silk Flower Centerpieces Tiffany Themed for Bridal Shower Sweet 16 - Set of 10

If your home lacks proper decorations, you may want to check this adorable floral arrangement with a beautiful pot. It's a perfect decoration for kitchens, coffee tables, and offices - making the whole room more appealing and colorful. It can also be a cute centerpiece for table during various events.

Reserved for sarah p custom order

A beautiful floral arrangement of faux silk and metal wires. It's composed of various types of flowers in whites, pinks, oranges and reds and shape and size-varied green leaves. A vase (with 2 large lugs) in bronze hues has embossed ornate motifs.

This silk floral centerpiece constitutes a charming way to add warmth and elegance to the space. With creamy white magnolia being its focal point, it is a very subtle, delicate embellishment, ideal for weddings, banquets or other glorious occasions.

Silk Floral Centerpiece with Hydrangea, Rose, Peonies

So beautifully done flower arrangement, it combines style vase and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Made of silk they resemble a living by every interior for their cause will gain a unique character.

Ocean blue tiger lily centerpiece kit

The pleasing silk flower centerpiece is a great way to create an elegant interior. Beautiful lily flower and stylish and impressive lighting in a glass vase are unique. Perfect for decorating modern interiors.

Wedding is one of the most beautiful days in a man's life, full of white, innocence. It is accompanied by white flowers. They can be arranged in an interesting way, creating flower bows. Centerpiece of roses needs only styrofoam, threads and flowers.

Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Absolutely gorgeous, always blooming and fresh flower arrangement. Green and white silk hydrangea flowers in antiqued vase. The arrangement is lush and looks incredibly real and elegant. Perfect for a dining table decoration.

Paper lanterns decorated with silk

This beautiful lantern on the table is a delightful combination of simple wire and silk flowers. The whole gives a subtle, somewhat romantic atmosphere on the table. Ideal for parties and celebrations.

Rose Arrangement with Vase

Roses in a vase as a decoration at any place according to taste Transparent vase with faux water. Roses are made of polyester. Designed for residential and commercial use. It is highly valued by customers.

Faux Cape Jasmine Gardenia in Clay Pot

This gorgeous arrangement of foux jasmine gardenia in clay pot is a wonderful decorative detail any interior. Hand made from polyester elements, terracotta, plastic and wire is very tasteful and lovingly presented in any interior.

Free shipping 17 pcs wedding bouquet

Charming wedding bouquet finished with pastel colors It is made of silk flowers, fabric, satin, faux pearl, organza and ribbons. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

Chudderle Faux Potted Premium Mini Hydrangea (Set of 3)

This exquisite set of three artificial premium mini hydrangeas will upgrade the look of your household, while they are potted in glass cubed with acrylic water and sporting the green color with white tips.

This charming way to make floral decorations in your home allows you to change the decor of the living room, the hallway or the kitchen in a fun way. The base of the glass and flowers formed into a ball captivate.

Tall vase made of transparent glass. Designed to fill with water and top with floating candle. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Make an impact with this budget-friendly wedding table decoration: rustic branches with silk white flowers - a decorous dining table centerpiece. Entwined branches with white and ivory freesia look celestial!

Centerpiece for tables in different rooms. This element of design includes silk flowers that do not need watering and other processes. Green, white, pink and purple colors match any type of home decor.

A beautiful decoration for every home and every room. With such a lovely, floral spring arrangement, your interior will take a whole new, more blooming appearance. Branches with flowers are neatly placed in a hand-blow vase, made of clear glass.