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7 Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners

Have you recently noticed that the online world is going crazy over zero gravity recliner chairs? Or maybe you haven't been able to stop thinking about them after you've tried the one at your friend's place?

Then we're pretty sure you'll be delighted to know that these bad boys aren't just incredibly comfortable. Zero-gravity recliners also come with several health benefits!

If you were curious about their unusual name, it's simply a homage to the zero gravity position discovered by NASA to help astronauts relieve body stress while taking off. By laying on your back and bringing both your head and feet slightly above your chest, you'll reach a 120° angle and a state of weightlessness.

Luckily, you don't need a rocketship to access the health benefits of zero gravity recliners! Phew.

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1. Zero gravity recliner chairs help improve your posture

As if that weren't already impressive enough, did you know that zero gravity recliners do so in two ways?

  • Thanks to their signature position, these chairs help decompress your spine, correcting the misalignments in your neck, shoulders and spinal discs;

  • Relying on this cutting-edge design, they also help you maintain a correct posture while you're sitting down on them to read a book or watch TV, stopping you from slouching as you normally would on a couch or traditional chair.

2. The zero gravity position enhances blood circulation

As we mentioned, when you relax in the zero gravity position, your heart and feet are relatively aligned:

  • This means that the former can work more efficiently, making it easier to get more oxygen into your bloodstream and throughout your entire body;

  • Consequently, thanks to smoother blood circulation, this position reduces swelling and pain in your legs;

  • While it feels incredibly relieving for anyone, especially after a long day at work, this is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from circulation problems in their legs, such as edema or varicose veins.

3. This also helps regulate high blood pressure

Guess what? The blood circulation-related health benefits of zero gravity recliners don't end here!

  • Thanks to improved blood circulation, zero gravity recliners also minimize stress on your heart;

  • As a consequence, they keep both blood pressure and heartbeat constant since they help you relax. No wonder these chairs have been highly recommended to those suffering from high blood pressure!

4. Zero gravity chairs offer relief from lower back pain

If you spend most of your day sitting down in an office, you know that lower back pain is no joke. Sometimes, it might even feel like nothing can take this unpleasant, persistent sensation away.

Luckily, the zero gravity position has been proven to work its magic once again!

  • Because zero gravity chairs can reduce the strain that gravity puts on your vertebrae, they also manage to take the pressure off your sore lower back;

  • Thanks to this position, your back can fully relax, and you can feel free from any inflammation or tension caused by previous misalignments.

5. They also allow you to relax sore muscles

Nothing better than diving into a zero gravity recliner after a stressful day at work or a particularly intensive training session!

  • When you use a zero gravity recliner, your body weight is distributed evenly and you enter the sought-after state of weightlessness that characterizes this position. This allows your muscles to relax, relieving tension and soreness;

  • If, so far, this is the health benefit of zero gravity recliners that excites you the most, you could also look for a model with massage features to take muscle relaxation to the next level.

6. This helps you reduce stress

It almost goes without saying that, because zero gravity recliners favor muscle relaxation and have such a beneficial effect on so many health aspects, they also help reduce stress.

No matter how annoying your boss has been, we dare you to feel stressed while experiencing the relaxation that only zero gravity recliners can guarantee!

7. Finally, zero gravity recliners benefit your lungs, too

Your lungs rely on the action of your diaphragm, which helps them expand when they're filled with air:

  • Thanks to the zero gravity position provided by these chairs, you can reach the maximum expansion of your diaphragm. Obviously, this will allow your lungs to function at their best capacity and without any effort;

  • If you make the most of it consistently, you'll even be able to notice the difference when taking deeper breaths, over time. Your lungs' capacity will also increase, and you'll be able to bring in more oxygen! Say goodbye to that annoying shortness of breath that you get after an extra flight of stairs.

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