Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table

If you have grown weary of legs on your table because they make sitting a problem for the people on the corners, then you will appreciate a rectangular pedestal dining table. The very secure and super sturdy weighted pedestal suspends the rectangular tabletop and leaves tons of legroom for everyone at the table.

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Sleek glamour kinlin dining table

Sleek glamour kinlin dining table
A beautiful pedestal dining table that is just the most fitting and elegant option there is for your dining room, making sure that your family can benefit from the comfort of a shared meal and time spent together.

Rex-2 Dining Table

Rex-2 Dining Table
An iconic dining table with rectangular top and angled legs. Totally modern, perfect for industrial, urban/rustic interiors. The table top is made of galvanized stainless steel. Sturdy and a great design.

Rectangular pedestal dining table 5

Standing on a solid pedestal base, this beautiful rectangular dining table will help you create a cosy, cottage ambiance. Its dark wood finish provides traditional charm and elegance.

Rectangular pedestal dining table

Representing a simplistic form and durable usage, this modern dining table is crafted of wood and veneers and bathed in an elegant walnut finish. Features a rectangular top, a stable pedestal, and a flat metal base.

Rectangular pedestal dining table 4

This table connects minimalistic style with unique design. It is an uncomplicated and strong - a stunning piece of solid timber on two elegant pedestals, which are fancy shaped. A simple desktop is made of classic oak wood.

Rectangle pedestal table 1

Rectangle Pedestal Table

Small rectangular pedestal dining table 2

Small Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table

Our advice Buying Guide

Rectangular pedestal dining tables are universally loved for their form and functionality. They’re incredible options if what you want for your dining room is furniture that serves your needs flawlessly while offering well-defined straight lines. Whether it’s a casual evening dinner with your family or a grand holiday celebration, this table will play the ideal host!

How do you intend to use your pedestal table?

To pick the right rectangular pedestal dining table for you, assess how often you’ll use the table. If you think the table will see a ton of outdoor action, most especially during the holidays, then pick the one that’s movable, light, and is constructed using durable materials. This way, you’ll be able to shift the table easily into the adjoining balcony or yard to host the best Christmas dinner. But, you may just want your dining room table to stay in one place. If that is the case, then your exclusive dining room is best with something that is timeless and elegant in its appeal and sturdier.

What kind of material makes the most durable dining table?

If you’re after something that will last an entire lifetime, then choose hardwood over certain materials like engineered timber or MDF. Although engineered wood products make cheap dining tables, they definitely won’t last as long as solid timber dining tables as they’re not strong and durable.

Solid wood ages well. Over time, the table will develop its very own character. It'll even be able to tell stories of growing children, rowdy dinner parties, and several delightful meals you’ve prepared yourself.

Rectangular pedestal dining tables are available with glass tops as well, which work incredibly well in a modern-styled space. A glass top is the best choice if the room has limited space as it allows light in. Unfortunately, the material can incur scratches. It does not pair well with your kid’s little fingers as well.

Marble is another great option for stronger dining tables. The material lasts long and it works well in contemporary or traditional settings. If you opt for a marble table, check the table sealant because a red wine stain can ruin your table top. You should also consider how often you’ll be moving as marble is extremely heavy. It is also costly so moving the table must be done with extra care. What you don’t want is to drop or knock the expensive marble top over.

What kind of seating pairs well with a pedestal dining table?

With rectangular pedestal dining tables, your options for seating include stools, side chairs, armchairs, and benches. Stools are great if your table is tall. As for benches, they are the best options for families that have kids as they make climbing in and out of the seats easily. Also, you will be able to squish more people in a small space with this type of seating solution.

Armchairs, on the other hand, are easy to climb for the elderly. They, however, require lots of space as they have a larger width. Armless chairs and side chairs are the ones that are popular as they are versatile. They take less space, they’re easier to slide from one side, plus they offer a wide range of design choices.


Rectangular pedestal table

Dining table mounted on pedestal base and fitted with rectangular top. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It has 6 to 8 seating capacity. Neutral and functional design for each home.

Rectangular pedestal dining table

The extraordinary form of this rectangular pedestal dining table delights and makes the interior gaining style and unusual climate. Solid wood construction is durable and durable, yet very elegant and functional.

Pedestal rectangular table

A wonderful dining table in a modern design. It's long, in a rectangular shape that provides a seat for many people. Made of macassar ebony, it's a top quality piece of furniture. It features polished nickel accents.

Rectangle pedestal dining table

This charming rectangular banquette is a classic example of beautiful rustic, cottage style. It'll bring much warmth and brightness to every dining area. Just imagine your morning coffee on it...and the day becomes better, huh?

Rectangular pedestal dining table

We looked for just right dining table for our dinette. We found the Trestle Salvaged product, which is handcrafted and unfinished. It provides the clean, rustic look. The distinctive timeworn patina makes this table intriguing.

Rectangle pedestal table

A banquette seating in the corner of your kitchen is an interesting solution. It can seat a lot of people without taking too much space. It will go well with a rectangular dining table. Some cushions may nicely decorate it.



Rectangular pedestal dining table 3

Milan Contemporary Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table by Somerton at Dunk & Bright Furniture

Pedestal dining table rectangular

Milan Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table - 153-62-B-T - Somerton Furniture

Rectangular pedestal dining table 10

Mantis Modern Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table

Rectangular pedestal dining table 22

$350 - 42 x 57Sante Fe Square/Rectangular Pedestal Dining Table in Chocolate finish

Large rectangular dining table

The base of this wooden table resembles a lotus flower - it is hand carved. Rectangular pedestal dining table will be enough for 10 persons. In addition this table offers a glass top. There are well presented two elegant lamps with large graphite glasses.

Jofran ryder dining table with pedestal base by oj commerce471

Jofran Ryder Dining Table with Pedestal Base by OJ Commerce471-78TB ...

Rectangular pedestal dining table 1

A fine piece of indoor furniture that will improve your dining room in no time. This dining table is crafted of salvaged wood, including a rectangular top and a double pedestal base - all reinforced with a flat bottom stretcher.

Portland 7 piece 60x40 rectangular pedestal table dining room set

... Portland 7 Piece 60x40 Rectangular Pedestal Table Dining Room Set

Rectangular pedestal dining table 21

Rectangular Double Pedestal Table. Table possibility

Rectangular pedestal dining table 19

This pedestal rectangular dining room table distinguishes itself with its massive construction, ideal to serve your meals for 6 people. Dark wooden construction will fit well into most of the classic decors.