How To Choose Deck Boxes & Patio Storage

Outdoor living has never been more popular, and as such, most of us have a lot of stuff we use outdoors when relaxing, dining, entertaining, and playing. To help keep the deck or patio free of clutter, you need a place to stash all that stuff. Deck boxes and patio storage offers the perfect solution.

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With this guide, we’ll help you explore the types, styles, features, and benefits of deck boxes and patio storage available to you.

What are the advantages of deck boxes and patio storage?

  • Keeps contents dry and safe from harsh elements.
  • Provides extra seating when in bench form.
  • Dual function as a table or storage in some units.
  • Makes tidying up the patio or deck easy.
  • Gives the kids a great place to keep all their outside toys.
  • Adds style to outdoor areas.

What Types of Deck Boxes & Patio Storage Are There?

With such an increased need for patio storage, the market has exploded with a wide variety of deck box products in various types, shapes, and styles to suit any outdoor deck, patio, lanai, veranda, terrace, or balcony.

Note, no matter what type you choose, the capacity of any deck box is based on its inside dimensions. Be sure to measure the inside of the box you are considering or ask the vendor for the measurements to make sure it will meet your needs.

Deck Box Bins & Chests

Made specifically for storage, these bins and chests are typically larger capacity (100+ gallons). They are made to store larger items such as lounge furniture cushions, fold up cloth chairs, rolled up hoses, small garden tools, potting soil and tools, and more. Some of the storage units are accessible by a lift top or through single or double doors on the side.

Transparent Plastic Storage Bins
Green Gray Heavy Duty Plastic Bins
Black Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bin
Brown 150 Gallon Resin Deck Box

Deck Box Benches

Made to look like a bench, these dual-purpose pieces are used as seating and storage. Deck box benches typically measure 18 to 20 inches tall and are shaped like a rectangular box with a lift top lid. When closed, the lid provides a flat surface for seating; when open, it allows access to interior storage for outdoor items such as pillows or blankets. The bench can be fitted with lightweight, colorful cushions to add a decorative look to your patio or deck and add extra seating for guests.

Brown Classic Plastic Storage Bench
Brown Outdoor Resin Storage Bench
Brown Wooden Plastic Storage Bench
Dark Brown Traditional Wooden Storage Bench
White Modern Plastic Storage Bench
Tan Traditional Wooden Storage Bench

Square Deck Box

These square boxes also offer seating (18 to 20 inches tall) and storage through lift top access. They can be fitted with a cushion on top for extra comfort. They are suitable for storing kid’s sports equipment, toys, or gardening tools. Square deck boxes measuring 18” tall can also be used as end tables beside an outdoor lounge chair or sofa.

Dark Brown 150 Gallon Resin Deck Box
Brown 100 Gallon Resin Deck Box
Gray White 200 Gallon Resin Deck Box
Gray 180 Gallon Plastic Deck Box

Deck Box Coffee Tables

Made to be used as coffee table and storage, these dual-purpose pieces measure 16-18 inches and feature a box shape with lift top. Secret storage is found under the lid for keeping all your outdoor entertainment accessories (napkins, coasters, tealights, candle holders, etc) out of sight and protected from the elements when not in use.

Dark Brown Outdoor Resin Plastic Box Table
Dark Brown Resin Deck Box Table
Gray 22 Gallon Plastic Deck Box Table

Vertical Deck Box (Cabinet)

A vertical type deck base resembles a cabinet and often features a single or double outward swinging doors. They come with a wide-open interior space, typically used for storing folded furniture cushions or one divided with shelves for organizing smaller items, such as flowerpots and small gardening accessories.

Black Modern Aluminum Wicker Box Tower
Light Tan Brown Stylish Vertical Deck Box
Gray 24 Gallon Plastic Vertical Deck Box
Golden Classic Teak Deck Cabinet
Golden Classic Teak Deck Cabinet
Gray 200 Gallons Solid Wood Deck Cabinet

What Are the Most Durable Deck Box Materials?

Deck boxes and other similar types of outdoor storage are often waterproof and resistant to UV rays, mold, and mildew. They are made to hold up to the harsh elements of rain, snow, wind, heat, and sun. With that in mind, the most common deck box materials are below.

Resin or Plastic

Available in vibrant colors and wood-like versions, plastic deck boxes are lightweight for moving about. They are waterproof and stand up to the elements well. They keep their color and appearance nicely over time, even with exposure to the sun and water. Resin boxes are made of sturdy plastic often textured to look like wicker or rattan.

Brown 116 Gallon Plastic Deck Box
White 99 Gallon Resin Deck Box
Brown Classic Plastic Deck Box
Brown 120 Gallon Plastic Deck Box


A popular option for deck boxes, they can be found in a range of wood with moisture-resistant properties such as cedar or teak. The wood is further finished for outdoor use; however, it will need to be maintained frequently to prevent deterioration. Wood is the priciest patio storage option.

Light Brown Bamboo Storage Bench
Brown Classic Wooden Storage Box
Brown Classic Wooden Storage Box
Gray Solid Wooden Deck Cabinet
Brown Modern Wooden Horizontal Shed
Brown Classic Wooden Storage Bench

Wicker or Rattan

A classic material for deck boxes, both wicker, and rattan, offer stylish storage. They lend themselves to a tropical or coastal look and will need to be treated with an all-weather finish to stand up to the elements. Note wicker nor rattan are not waterproof unless the box is lined with waterproof lining.

Gray Classic Wicker Deck Box
Brown Classic Wicker Rattan Deck Box
Gray XXL Rattan Storage Deck Box
Brown Classic Wicker Storage Bench

What Are the Must-Have Deck Box Features?

Depending upon the type of deck box and patio storage you choose, you may be able to add on or find the following features and options preinstalled:

  • Locks – if you plan to store expensive items or leave your vacation home, unattended locking deck boxes are a must.
  • Casters & Wheels – these are a must for moving heavy deck boxes around your patio.
  • Handles – if possible, choose deck boxes with handles so you can pick up and move easily.
  • Interior Lining – ideal for wicker or rattan deck boxes to keep them waterproof.
  • Storage Nets – attaches from corner to corner on the interior of a deck box to take advantage of all storage space.

Best Tips & Ideas for Choosing Deck Boxes & Patio Storage

  • Deck boxes keep your outdoor spaces neat while keeping your belongings safe from the elements.
  • Many deck boxes work as furniture such as coffee tables, end tables, cabinets, and benches.
  • Measure the inside of the deck box you are considering to be sure it will accommodate the items you need to store.
  • Deck boxes come in a variety of materials, including all-weather wood, wicker, rattan, plastic, and resin.