30 Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas for All Tastes & Preferences

From colors to the right storage and practical requirements, help your daughter create a room that's as unique as her personality.

The right type of bed, enough storage, a space that matches her hobbies, a palette she won't get tired of within a year or two… There are so many things to consider when planning and furnishing a bedroom for teenage girls!

Your daughter needs a space that feels like her own and where she can be excited to welcome her friends. 

At the same time, you'll need to use your experience and common sense as an adult to include the right storage and practical features. 

To help both of you find the perfect balance, our interior design experts have brought together all kinds of teenage girl bedroom ideas!

1. Opt for an elegant decor style

Stylish teenage girl bedroom idea
Metal and Petal

From friends’ homes to movies, has your daughter shown appreciation for more adult interiors? Then plan a voguish bedroom that makes her feel as if she was already leaving on her own!

Focus on neutral hues but include one more colorful shade like these pink accents. Choose clean lines, contemporary designs, and metallic finishes, too.

Finally, try keeping patterns to a minimum but consistent across the entire room.

2. Surprise your daughter with a hanging chair

Girl bedroom with a hanging chair
Shelter Custom Built Living

This quirky piece is guaranteed to grab her friends’ attention as soon as they walk into her bedroom!

A hanging chair isn’t just stylish and aesthetically pleasing, though. Because it favors concentration, it’ll translate into a separate space to read, revise, or meditate. At the same time, it’s a fun spot to watch TV or catch up with friends.

Choose a hanging chair design and colors that actively complement her decor.

3. Start by creating the perfect palette

Teenage girl room in a colorful palette
Mel Bean Interiors

Color plays a central role in bedrooms. You really don’t want to run the risk of creating a palette that your daughter isn’t fond of! So, be sure to include her favorite shade.

Neutral hues will translate into a more adult setting, whereas more colorful ones can maintain a lighter and playful feel.

We love the balanced contrast created by these pink accents against the light blue walls.

4. Experiment with some boho chic vibes

Pink and white boho chic bedroom
Erin Williamson Design

This feminine interior style is ideal for teenage girls' bedrooms. Free-spirited and creative, it involves a mixture of colors, patterns, and materials, but without straying away from a curated feel.

Create layers by adding texture, include ethnic or unusual patterns like this cushion, and choose furniture pieces that look like one of a kind.

Natural materials like wood and rattan are also a must, and don’t forget about some macrame.

5. Inspire a delicate vibe

Airy girl bedroom in a white palette
Little Crown Interiors

If your daughter prefers more feminine styles, include a delightful shade of pink. Use plenty of white too so that you can maintain a bright and soft ambiance in her bedroom.

As for furniture, look for decorative designs like this tufted headboard or the cabriole legs of this nightstand.

Timeless floral motifs can also be a beautiful addition, from small accents to larger sections like this wallpaper.

6. Include some neutral colors

Bedroom with delicate neutral hues
Christina Kim Interior Design

Unless it’s been your daughter’s all-time favorite hue for years, a bright color that pops can get tiring eventually.

Neutral shades are a safer and more timeless choice. They’ll help you create a bedroom that’ll stay relevant for years rather than something based on a temporary obsession.

So, start with neutral hues like white, gray, or beige. Then, limit one more colorful shade to smaller accents like this pink idea.

7. Choose some wallpaper together

Teenage girl bedroom idea with wallpaper
JLA Designs

Does your daughter’s room mainly involve monochrome furniture and items? A wallpaper can liven it up a little.

Keep everything cohesive with a pattern that includes at least one of your palette colors.

As for styles, it’d be a safer long-term choice to go with timeless patterns such as floral or geometric designs. Playful or highly specific options (like your daughter’s favorite animal) might become outdated when her preferences change.

8. Combine a desk with some storage

Bedroom with a spacious desk
Mindy Gayer

Your teenage girl bedroom needs a proper desk! That way, she’ll have her own personal space to do her homework, study, or get creative.

As well as a spacious surface, include the right storage for her needs. It’d be helpful to start with a little inventory to be on the safe side.

Another flexible idea would be to combine open and closed storage like this example with drawers and shelves.

9. Think outside the box!

Creative teenage girl bedroom idea
Studio Ben Allen

When planning their girl’s bedroom, most parents start with a traditional bed, nightstand, dresser, wardrobe, and desk.

However, that might not be the best strategy depending on the room’s layout and your daughter’s passions!

Instead, start with those, and look for furniture that actively complements them. For example, this creative setup includes a drop-down surface and stairs that also act as shoe storage. Pretty clever, right?

10. Base your teenager girl bedroom around her hobbies

Pink and white girl bedroom idea
Breeze Giannasio Interiors

How does your daughter spend most of her spare time? When upgrading her room, make it easier for her to pursue her hobbies and interests in it.

For example, if she loves books, she’d probably appreciate something similar to this bedroom. From the adjustable lamp to the shelves and the chair right next to them, it was clearly planned for a passionate bookworm.

11. Save space with dual use furniture

Space-saving bedroom setup with desk
Nicole Hollis Studio

If your daughter’s bedroom isn’t the largest, be smart when furnishing it! Instead of choosing individual items that fill it up immediately, combine them whenever you can.

This will serve two functional needs for the floor real estate of one piece. For example, this room obtains additional storage by elevating the bed. Plus, the fact that the desk can be pushed back into the wooden platform saves even more space.

12. Create a special nook

Bedroom with a window nook
Katie Hodges

Reading or using a laptop in bed can make you sleepy. Instead, help your daughter concentrate by leaving it for bedtime alone.

While a traditional chair wouldn’t be as comfy, a bench or nook would let her put her feet up, too.

Plan a cozy spot with plenty of natural light, and add some cushions so that she can sit up. Psst: you might even obtain some extra storage underneath!

13. Make her desk area functional

Desk with a floor lamp and decorative items
a NABER Design

Not everyone sits and works at a desk in the same way!

Talk to your daughter to understand what she needs the most when doing her homework. That way, you can plan her desk storage or shelves around it.

Choose a functional chair, too: for example, an adjustable model can grow with her. Finally, make sure it’s well lit by including a desk lamp… or even a large floor design!

14. Add some green

Teenage girl bedroom section with plants
Room and Root

Does your daughter enjoy helping you water the other plants around the house? We bet she’d love to have her own, too!

A little bit of green is ideal to breathe some life into her bedroom. Plus, these plants might even complement her palette. For example, they act as a brighter accent in this white and brown room.

For a quirkier result, include some hanging ones or macrame pot holders.

15. Don’t forget about wall décor!

Girl bedroom with inspirational wall decor

Sometimes, we’re so focused on horizontal surfaces that we end up leaving our walls looking pretty bare.

Find the right balance for your daughter. While her childhood room might have included cartoonish posters and playful elements, consider opting for a more versatile approach.

Some creative ideas include paintings, macrame, fairy lights, and collections of smaller prints. Maybe scout for slogans representing her ethos and lifestyle too, like these inspirational canvases.

16. Choose more timeless elements

Bedroom with floral wallpaper and motifs
Via Builders, Inc.

If your daughter is currently obsessed with something (like a movie or band), you might be tempted to plan her bedroom decor around it.

However, be careful! We’ve all jumped from one fandom to another when we were that age. So, using one as a theme would put an expiry date on her bedroom decor.

Instead, suggest timeless options like floral motifs or geometric patterns.

17. Make your teenage girl bedroom quirky

Colorful teenage girl bedroom with eclectic elements
WPL Interior Design

Is your daughter not a fan of trends and temporary crazes? Team up to find lots of one-of-a-kind items that represent her personality and preferences.

From the Scandinavian overhead light to the bohemian lamp and the cushion with a cat pattern, this room is full of inspiration!

At the same time, tie everything together by keeping a color or pattern consistent like these yellow accents.

18. Divide this space equally

Teenage girls bedroom for two
Ann Lowengart Interiors

Will both your daughters sleep in this bedroom? Never stray away from the ultimate rule: divide everything equally to prevent arguments!

Whether that’s by having twin beds or a space-saving loft design, give them equal sections of the room. Encourage them to make them their own too with wall decor and ornamental items.

If you can get them to agree on a color, however, you’d also obtain a cohesive space.

19. Consider mirrored furniture…

Bedroom decor with mirrored furniture
The Design Firm

For a stylish and original result, choose a few furniture pieces that rely on flashy mirrored surfaces.

Not only will they make an unmissable statement: they’ll also help the room appear brighter by reflecting light.

Take it even further by including decorative and functional pieces in similar metallic finishes. For example, this mirror, lamp base, and vase are a tasteful nod to the dresser.

20. … and include an actual mirror

Elegant teenage girl bedroom with mirror
Mimi & Hill interiors

Let’s face it: the one in your shared bathroom is no longer enough. It’s important that your teenage daughter has her own mirror to get ready independently.

If her bedroom layout allows it, we recommend a full-length or tall freestanding model.

For the most stylish result, find a frame that complements her interior style. For instance, the decorative elements of this large design are similar to the daybed’s nailhead trim.

21. Consider unusual furniture designs

Teenage girl bedroom with exotic inspiration
Chi-Mar Construction

For a creative twist, think beyond the most traditional shapes and materials when furnishing your daughter’s bedroom.

For example, check out this floating bed with exotic rope elements. Other ideas are rattan or bamboo furniture, platform beds, or even frames without a headboard.

You can use the same approach for smaller items, too. Instead of a single overhead light, this room stands out even more through a variety of lanterns.

22. Perhaps a poster bed?

Stylish girls bedroom with a poster bed
Lindsey Hene

When it comes to bedframes, iconic poster beds are still one of the dreamiest options!

Plus, when they include decorative and draping curtains, they’re a particularly popular choice for girls and feminine interiors.

If space isn’t a luxury, however, we recommend sticking to simpler poster beds instead. That way, there won’t be an additional fabric section getting in the way of the room’s visual flow.

23. Make it whimsical

Cozy and whimsical teenage girl bedroom idea
Hopkins Designs

Your daughter’s bedroom has the potential of feeling like a magical space or even a separate tree house.

To achieve this quaint and delightful result, choose natural wood and create a layered effect through different textures. A popular trick is to include lots of cushions in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

And remember: details make all the difference! For instance, add some charming strings of fairy lights.

24. Keep it clean and contemporary

Contemporary teenage girl bedroom idea
Dupuis Design

A contemporary approach can make your daughter’s room look like the rest of the house or even your own bedroom.

If you can tell she’s moved on from her more childish decor, plan the right contemporary room together.

Choose functional pieces, clean lines, streamlined designs, and a combination of neutral and saturated colors. Glass elements and metallic accents will work divinely, too.

25. Include a versatile option for guests

Girls bedroom with a day bed
Kriste Michelini Interiors

The most beautiful bedroom would be wasted without sleepovers!

Make it easier for your daughter to welcome at least one friend. Trundle beds are versatile and compact solutions that don’t take up any additional floor space.

If your daughter’s room is fairly large, on the other hand, suggest a day bed. It’ll act as a couch, a special corner (like this example with a mirror), and a mattress when needed.

26. Focus on a sophisticated approach

Elegant girl bedroom with European inspiration
Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

If your daughter wouldn’t shy away from a luxurious twist, look into European-inspired interiors like French country style.

Think dark or natural wood finishes, harmonious lines, furniture with decorative elements, and even a fancy chandelier.

Take it to the next level by including an inspirational statement or slogan like this golden message above the bed.

27. Include an accent hue

Transitional bedroom decor for teenagers
Cyndi Parker Interiors

Used more sparingly but still extremely eye-catching, your brightest accent color is key to tying the entire bedroom together.

Some strategic spots and elements for it are cushions, lamps, decorative items, and chairs.

This bedroom references its warm accent hue through the colors of one of its wall decor pieces, too!

28. Use patterns wisely

Teenage girl bedroom with ethnic patterns
Coffinier Ku Design

Patterns are lively and attention-grabbing, but… too many? You’ll end up with a loud, clashing effect.

Instead, stick to one pattern or very similar ones. For example, while the geometric shapes are different, the headboard, cushion, and blanket on this bed all include the same palette.

As you can see, a monochrome background can also help your core pattern pop even more.

29. Accentuate the room’s features

Cozy girl bedroom with sloped ceilings
Robin Pelissier Interior Design & Robin's Nest

Wooden beams, a column, sloped ceilings… Does your daughter's bedroom include some quirky or unusual architectural features?

Excellent! That’s a fantastic starting point when striving for a room that truly feels personal and one of a kind.

So, try and emphasize them through her palette and decorative items. Some ideas? Paint the sloped section in a different hue, and wrap some fairy lights around beams and columns.

30. Choose a theme

Teenage girl bedroom idea with a monkey theme
Scott Weston Architecture Design PL

We’ll be honest: themes translate into truly unique rooms, but they’re a risky territory. In fact, they can easily become outdated without warning.

So, we mainly recommend them if you don’t mind redecorating your teenage girl bedroom eventually. Alternatively, you can plan it around something she has already been fond of for years.

For instance, this bedroom includes a monkey wallpaper and plushies.

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