Rustic Stoneware Dinnerware

To complement the rustic feel of your home, choose rustic stoneware dinnerware. Its simple forms and casual style make it the ideal choice for everyday use or informal parties. Check the designs we've collected for you.

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Rustic stoneware dinnerware
Stacey Lew

This rustic river dinnerware sports a sublime look that will surely allow you to elevate the appeal of your kitchen. It is the perfect set for any family, providing the much needed originality and a boost of color.

Rustic pottery dishes
Perry Alexandra

Take a look at these ceramic beauties. A handmade set that will enhance every kitchen with a vintage vibe. Rustic water glaze is a timeless solution – with this pottery set, you can be sure you'll have the most interesting kitchen in your neighbourhood.

Rustic plate set
Bush Eliza

Interesting contemporary set of plates and mugs looking like they were weathered. They're made of ceramic with a white and greyish tones and a dotted pattern with small geometric accents. Mugs have no handles.

Rustic stoneware dinnerware

If you don't have a gift idea, we suggest you the dinnerware. This one is made in Colombia, with stoneware with stoneware glaze. This set is dishwasher safe. You can use it in microwave and freezer too!

Rustic dinnerware
Cassandra Reed

Textured dinnerware with unique colorful glazed pattern - being handmade, these beauties are one-of-a-kind - you won't get two identical ones. An artful pottery with rustic vibe for keen style diggers.

Rustic dishes
Lambert Abbey

This charming set of plates in rustic design is the perfect solution for any home. Beautiful artistry and subtle coloring are perfect for family meals. Manual execution guarantees the uniqueness and precision.

Rustic dinnerware sets
Wesson Jessica

This 4-piece dinnerware is consisted of refined porcelain plates and bowls, beautifully patterned, glazed, and completely handmade. Large dinner plate - 11" diameter, deep salad plates - 9" and 11,5" diameter, and deep bowl - 5" diameter.

Rustic stoneware dinnerware
Patricia Riv

Set of 6 dinner plates in rustic style. It is made of stoneware dishes ceramic. It can safely wash it in the dishwasher. Handy gadget for each home. Received a lot of very good recommendation from customers.

Country style dinnerware
Brown Katherine

This chic stoneware is completely handmade, using quality clay covered with a white glaze. The set consists of 1 dinner plate (10" W X 1/2" H) , 1 dessert/salad plate (6"W X 1/2" H), and 1 bowl (5" W X 3" H)

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Handmade plates

This beautiful dinnerware is consisted of 1 dinner plate, 1 salad plate, 1 bowl, and 1 mug. The whole is embellished with different shades of blue, making this set perfect for every occasion.

Pottery dinnerware sets
Heather Cox

This collection includes rustic and attracrtive dinnerware made of solid materials and finished in black color. These elements of dinnerware are good for soups, main dishes, desserts, coffee and other drinks.

Handmade dinnerware

This exquisite collection is made of Italian stoneware, handformed in Tuscany. The set provides a good resistance to chipping, and you can use it in your dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven.

Rustic creamy white and honey stoneware dishes
Kathryn Wri

Rustic Creamy White and Honey Stoneware Dishes

Country stoneware dinnerware sets
Tara Gosselin

Set of rustic tableware. It is composed of plate, bowl and cup. Every element is made of lacquered stone and covered with blue and brown paint. It will play its role perfectly in vintage kitchen or during picnic in the garden.

Rustic dinner plates
Julie Mil

A handmade dinnerware set in off-white, extraordinary thanks to untypical shape of the plates - square, rectangular and squarish with rounded corners - and beautiful raised floral pattern accents adding visual interest.

Rustic dishes sets
Martinez Shannon

Contemporary dinnerware set with brown dishes. These elements of dining room equipment are finished in natural looking brown color. They are practical and provide space for different meals. These dishes are resistant to damage and high temperatures.

Rustic tableware

Rustic design for a set of two stone dinnerware plates, made out of white slate with a ceramic rim in a green color with a slight golden detail, giving the set a sophisticated appearance and a rich, elegant touch.

Rustic dish sets
Stacey Lew

This dinnerware set includes solid elements with a rustic appearance and casual style. Plates, bowls and cups included in this set are suitable for everyday use. The whole set includes 40 elements that provide services for 8 people.

Jenna 16 Piece Dinnerware Set
Peyton Marthy

Jenna 16 Piece Dinnerware Set
For special occasions, we need a unique rustic stoneware dinnerware - a beautiful green color and dignified ceramics decorated by handmade of high-quality porcelain. You can be honored guests with dinner plates, salad dishes or a bowl and mugs.

Handmade ceramic plates
Tara Zucker

Dinnerware in rustic style. It is made of stoneware with antique finish. Simple form and timeless style.

Rustic pottery
Baker Jacqueline

Rustic approach to a decorative of dinnerware stoneware, made out of stained slate. The set consists of a couple of plates, bowls, utensils and mugs, all painted in the same rainbow pattern of purple, yellow, green and blue.

Rustic dishware sets
Rodriguez Jamie

This rustic stoneware dinnerware set enchants with the beautiful shapes and colours of its items. Featuring a combination of white, blue and beige cups and plates, it will you create an eclectic appeal.

Handmade pottery plates
Katherine Kin

Elegant dinnerware in rustic style. It consists of plates in various sizes, bowls and more. It is made of stoneware and finished with stylish pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Rustic plates

This dinnerware kit includes attractive elements with multiple colors (blue and green colors are dominating). They look very original and they are also resistant to damage and excessive wear. Their rustic appearance looks nice in any dining room.

Handmade pottery dinner plates

A cute rustic style table setting composed of off-white spotted ceramic dinnerware, size-varied plates of hammered copper, candle holders with golden casings and tall glass chimneys. They're placed on white tablecloth and adorned with green twigs.

Ceramic dinnerware handmade
Morris Jillian

Rustic Dinnerware Plates Deep Red and Gold Salad Plates Set of Six Rustic Tableware Stoneware Dishes Ceramic Dinner Plates Handmade Pottery

Setting a rustic country table with italian dinnerware
Sarah Lew

Setting a Rustic Country Table with Italian Dinnerware

All things shabby and beautiful love white dishes
Rivera Nicole

All Things Shabby and white dishes!

Rustic stoneware dishes

MADE TO ORDER only rustic stoneware pottery dinnerware set handmade dinnerware plates River Journey 3 piece sets

Clay pottery dinnerware
Peyton Donaldson

Red Scroll Dinnerware from Pier 1 $6 per piece

Rustic dishware
Theresa San

Western Dinnerware and Metal Chargers

Sango Nova Brown Stoneware Dinnerware Set 40 Piece
Courtney Patt

Sango Nova Brown Stoneware Dinnerware Set 40 Piece

Handmade pottery dinnerware

This uneven bowl emanates with its own, unique charm, offering you a lovely decoration for your cozy home. It can be used for potpourri, tea, soup, latte, and cereal, or to store your jewelry, keys, or even soap.

Elk dinnerware sets
Laetitia Zernike

River Journey dinnerware #pottery #ceramic #handmade

Handmade ceramic plates and bowls
Cintia Kowalski

MADE TO ORDER only rustic stoneware pottery dinnerware set handmade dinnerware plates River Journey 3 piece sets

Rustic white dinnerware
Yulia Thompson

Rustic stoneware dinnerware handmade....beautiful...

Rustic stoneware dinnerware sets
Jaclyn Garc

Stoneware Salad / Dessert Plates Set of Six Small Ceramic Plates Rustic Dinnerware on Etsy, $134.00

Handmade dishes
Carmen Kowalski

This set includes plates, bowls and mugs. It is suitable for 4 people. Its casual style is very attractive, so these products have got not only a functional, but also a decorative character. Of course these plates, bowls and mugs are made of durable materials.

Some fabulous rustic italian dinnerware love this medici dinnerware by
Martinez Marisa

some fabulous rustic italian dinnerware love this medici dinnerware by ...

Jason bohnert rustic cups
Watson Danielle

Jason Bohnert - Rustic cups

Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection Stoneware 4-Piece Dinnerware Set, Gold Antiqued Finish
Coupe Andrea

Improve your table setting with this Stoneware 4-Piece Dinnerware Set in Gold Antiqued Finish! The set is characterized by gorgeously designed edges, rustic glazed finish, and efficient usage. The whole set can also be used in a microwave, or washed in a dishwasher.

Found on 1657
Barnes Maria

Found on

Rustic lodge dinnerware
Colleen Bak

Set of 2 Medium Ceramic Bowls in Black and White (made to order) - handmade pottery by RossLab minimal dinnerware rustic

Handmade pottery dinnerware sets
Amber Kell

Rustic Dinnerware | Rustic Dinnerware Plate Red and Black Stoneware Plate Handmade Pottery ...

Mangham pottery i would serve cheese and crackers on this
Olivia Smithist

Mangham Pottery. I would serve cheese and crackers on this or use as a bread tray for the dinner table. beautiful

Handmade dinnerware sets

crowe's nest dinnerware | Bold Southwestern Dinnerware-Rustic Dinnerware, Earthenware, and ...

Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection 11-Inch Round Dinner Plate, Ivory Antiqued Finish
Jenna Delicata

Plate made of ivory. It is a white, flat plate. On the shore, around it has made a delicate ornament with leaf motif. It is very delicate and elegant. At the same time reveals another great class and style.

Omega 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Omega 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Sango Soho Dinnerware - Cream - Set of 16
Jessica Zernike

Sango Soho Dinnerware - Cream - Set of 16