Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table


More and more in contemporary homes, pedestal dining tables have risen in popularity. Perhaps it is the lack of the legs, or maybe just the style, but with their sturdy base and room under the table for free leg movement, biggest have become the tables to have for dining. And for your contemporary home we have contemporary pedestal dining tables that will suit your aesthetic needs perfectly. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

Luigi massoni rosewood pedestal dining table

Luigi massoni rosewood pedestal dining table

Delighting with its beautiful veneer work, this refined Italian pedestal dining table derives from the 1967, constituting a real treat for all fans or retro or vintage furniture. Constructed from high-quality rosewood.

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Pedestal dining table modern

The slender pedestal leg and the spacious round top of this contemporary English style dining table with metal delight. The whole is presented phenomenally, bringing a unique atmosphere to the decor.

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Round moroccan marquetry pedestal dining table

Round moroccan marquetry pedestal dining table

Unique antique Moroccan dining table will be an inquisitive furniture in your dining room. It will be not only great place to have a meal, but a beautiful decoration and addition to your home decor.

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Modern round pedestal dining table 1

This modern pedestal round dining table sports a simple and unassuming design that is still one of the most eye-catching pieces you can choose for your interior. It comes with a neutral white finish and is just simplicity at its finest.

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Belvedere contemporary dining room san francisco

Belvedere contemporary dining room san francisco

An elegant way for enhancing contemporary dining areas. This fabulous table comes with a large round top and a well-balanced pedestal base - all crafted of hardwood and bathed in a pure white finish.

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Modern round pedestal dining table 4

White is modernity, peace, and harmony - this is needed at the family table,too. Ass well its round shape, open for all. White and round top - are included in this wooden modern reclaimed elm wood pedestal dining table, with a base in a form of "T".

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Late 20th century zinc round pedestal table

Late 20th century zinc round pedestal table

An antique dining table that will be appreciated by the fans of classy elegance. It's a solid piece made of stone, which will serve you for a lifetime. It features an admirable pedestal and a round top.

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Modus dining tables

Modus dining tables

Dining table in traditional form. It is completely made of wood and mounted on pedestal base. Round top has large usable surface. It has 4 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal Dining Table

Simply beautiful dining table featuring sturdy frame made of wood, reliable four-legged base, spacious table top, and interesting design providing raw simplicity and subtle beauty. Very durable and visually appealing item.

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Contemporary pedestal dining table

Ultra-modern pedestal dining table featuring an elongated rectangular design. The table is supported by four large wooden supports and comes with a neatly polished tempered glass top for elegance and class. It can seat at least five or six people at any given time.

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Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table

Buying Guide

Choosing the right dining table can be a challenge, but the best way to start is by measuring your kitchen or dining room and determining how much space you have available. From there, you can figure out what shape best suits your home.

Square and rectangular tables are popular choices for large spaces or dining rooms where you want to have a fixed number of seats. Round tables provide more flexibility with the option to add additional seating at any point on the table.

Contemporary pedestal dining tables are a fantastic modern addition to your home. If you have a small dining space, you can make the most of it with these compact round tables that add a café vibe to your house.

Once you’ve determined the style of table you want, think about what color or finish matches your decor best. An urban, contemporary home can look chic with a glass top table and light wooden pedestal base. For a classic aesthetic, dark wood is an ideal choice.

A pedestal table can hold a decent amount of weight, but the exact amount depends on the material it is made of and the construction of the base. The standard amount most dining tables hold ranges from 100 to 300 pounds.

The more sturdy the base of your pedestal table, the more weight it holds. A broad base allows your table to distribute weight evenly and support a heftier load, but a table with a slim base is less stable.

A pedestal table made with a wood base may hold close to 300 pounds, while a metal base with a glass tabletop safely holds closer to 100 pounds. Similarly, lighter materials like plastic or lightweight metals are capable of supporting less weight than wood. Refer to your table’s manufacturer for product-specific weight recommendations.

The number of people a contemporary pedestal dining table can seat depends on the size of the model you choose. If you live alone or with your partner and have a small dining or living space, smaller models that fit two to three people are perfect. If you have a large family or regularly entertain lots of guests, a larger contemporary pedestal dining table would be suitable.

To accurately calculate the number of people you can fit around a contemporary pedestal table, divide the diameter by 12. For example, a 72” diameter table, divided by 12, equals a 6 person seating capacity.

Best Ideas

Modern pedestal table

A fabulous addition for contemporary dining rooms, excellent for hosting close family gatherings and smaller events. This large table comes with a round top supported by a drum-like pedestal base - all crafted of espresso-finished wood.

Contemporary pedestal dining table 11

A traditional silhouette presented in a contemporary way. This round acrylic dining table will create an eclectic, refined accent wherever appearing. It can smoothly gather 4 people.

Espresso round pedestal dining table

Simple, yet beautiful – a minimalistic, round kitchen table with a smooth, dark wood top and a traditional frame. Perfect for a vintage, old-fashioned dining room, or a little conversation area in your living room.

Modern round pedestal dining table 5

An eye-catching modern dining table crafted of a material with a finish in light greys. It has a wide round foot and a showy quite thick spherish stem with bottom and top collars. Its round top has a moulding edge and a simple apron.

Modern round pedestal dining table 3

A warm, colorful modern family apartment — I love its simplicity. Cool modern round pedestal dining table in white looks fantastic. I really like these two wire armchairs, they look like some kind of art itself.

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