Boys Bunk Beds Twin Over Full


Bunk beds will always be a staple of the landscape as long as families have more children than they have bedrooms. But if you boys are a little further apart in age than most, the eldest will need a little bigger of a bed than a twin. That is why we have boys bunk beds twin over full in many styles and orientations. Take a look at this broad collection of these wonderful bunk beds and pick yours today.

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Our Picks

Chelsea Home Furniture Decor Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Mahogany Stain

The solid pine construction of this bunk bed ensures strength and durability which can hold up to 400 lbs of distributed weight. The rails are 1.25"x5", thicker and more durable compared with other models.

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Winoma Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Black

Winoma Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Black

Twin over full bunk bed. This element of furniture is suitable for kids rooms. Durable frame is finished in neutral black color. Upper bed features an access ladder and horizontal rails for additional support.

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Boys bunk beds twin over full

A fabulous bunk bed ideal for boys' bedroom. It's a simple, but pretty wooden construction in a natural color which consists of three twin beds. The unit also offers some storage space in several drawers. It looks neat with striped bedding sets.

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Twin Over Full Standard Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Standard Bunk Bed

Full, standard bunk bed in rustic style. This furniture is a great addition to your kid's room in country or traditional decor. The bed features very thick rails and a slat pack. The upper level can be accessed via the ladder on the side.

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Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Lateral Ladder

Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Lateral Ladder

Cool traditional bunk bed for kids. Wooden frames with straight posts have a light grey finish. A twin and a bottom full bed feature up-down slatted headboards and footboards. An upper bed is equipped with horizontal guardrails and a 5-spoke ladder.

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Full under twin bunk beds 1

This twin bunk bed distinguishes itself mainly with practicality. It features a comfortable rest for 3 people, divided into bottom queen size and upper twin bed. The upper bed is approachable thanks to the convenient side ladder.

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Bunk bed with desk and drawers for storing beddings. Construction is made of wood. Includes ladder and railings for added safety. Modern design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

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Chelsea Home Furniture Twin Over Full Stairway Bunk with 4 Drawer End Honey

L shaped bunk bed. This functional bed is a great choice for any kid's room. The furniture features a staircase (safer than a ladder), 4 spacious drawers. Twin bed is located on the upper section, while the full size bed can be rolled out on the casters.

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Woodland Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle and Stairs

Woodland Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle and Stairs

Twin bed offers additional sliding place to sleep. It has 3 open shelves in different shapes. The construction is made of wood. Classic and simple form. It has the best recommendations from customers.

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Weston Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

Weston Twin over Full Staircase Bunk Bed

Classic twin bed offering plenty of storage space. The wooden construction includes a lower and side drawers for clothes or other necessities. Suitable for kid's room, and more.

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Boys Bunk Beds Twin Over Full

Buying Guide

If you’ve been to summer camp as a child, then you definitely know how rickety and scary it is to sleep on a bunk bed. But, boys bunk beds, especially twin-over-full ones, are more stylish and durable in comparison to the utilitarian beds from your childhood. They offer various design options as well, from basic ones to decorative, superhero-themed beds.

If you have two boys that are sharing a room with one older than the other, consider getting a twin-over-full bunk bed. It won’t just give the older kid more room for reading, sleeping, and lounging, it’s also a bed that’s a lot sturdier as the bottom bunk is bigger and wider.

To ensure you get your boys a twin-over-full that’s the best for their room and individual needs, then keep on reading.

It's common sense to get the measurements of where the twin-over-full bed will sit. But, what most parents overlook is the space that surrounds the bed. So, after you measure the available room for the bunk bed, make sure there’s still space to accommodate drawers and ladders that the bed may have. Leave a few feet on both sides of the bed as well as on the bed’s non-wall side.

If the twin-over-full will come with a trundle, take the trundle’s dimensions into account. With regards to height, leave 2 ft or more between the ceiling and the top mattress to prevent the top bunk user from bumping his head.

The most common types of mattresses are spring coils and memory foam. Involve your kids when making a decision on the beds as the best choice will depend on each kid’s personal comfort.

The full-size mattress, which will be at the bottom bunk, won’t matter in terms of the height so long as the thickness does not cause the user to bump his forehead on the framework of the twin size top bunk when he’s sitting.

However, for the top bunk, the mattress shouldn’t be thicker compared to the height of the added guardrails to ensure the user’s safety. As a guideline, the thickness of the twin size mattress should not surpass 8 inches.

Because the top bunk will be occupied by the younger child, it is best to choose a bed with an angled ladder. It's easier to climb. The steps must be flat so they’re easy and safe to use. If the occupants of the bunk bed are teenagers, then the type of ladder or staircase won’t matter as much.

Only one person must be using the top bunk. Also, there shouldn’t be any horseplay under or on the beds.

  • Don’t place a twin-over-full bed against any window.
  • Don’t position the bed near or under a ceiling light fixture or ceiling fan.
  • Make sure there’s room for the kid to sit on the bed without bumping his forehead on the ceiling.

Best Ideas

Twin over Full Standard Bunk Bed with Angle Ladder

Twin over Full Standard Bunk Bed with Angle Ladder

It is a twin over full bunk bed that has got an angle ladder, three finish options to choose and solid wood construction. It is a fantastic addition to your kids room and it fits to any style and décor.

Boys bunk beds twin over full

Large bunk bed with wooden construction finished in white color. It features two twin beds located over full size beds. The lower area offers six storage drawers and the central part includes stairs with drawers.

Bunk bed plans twin over full

A great bunk bed ideal for a boys' room. The upper part is a twin while the bottom features a full size bed. The piece is a solid, wooden construction with a storage box for linen and a simple ladder leading to the top bed.

Futon Bunk Bed - Complete w/ Two 9" Futon Mattresses - Eco-friendly - Solid Wood - USA

One piece of furniture - for two people, it's a sensible solution. The double boys bunk bed twin over full is made of light pine wood, with a very natural look. The bed on the floor is composed of a folding bed at the bottom. Of course, it contains a ribbon.

Bunk beds for kids twin over full 3

Vintage barn stylization that features a bunk bed. It includes a twin over full bed with a distressed wooden frame. Wooden supports provide superior stability and strength even in case of large weight of users.

K & B Furniture K & B Furniture Twin Over Full Bunk Bed - Esprit Walnut

A classic twin over full bunk bed with a slat-style head and footboards. It comes in an esprit walnut finish, sure to suit any decor. The side-mounted ladder and top bunk rails are there for you to stop worrying about the safety.

Loft bunk beds twin over full 1

With this loft bunk twin bed over full you no longer need any other furniture in the room. Because it presents shelves, two beds, ladder - drawers under the lower part to sleep. All this in a classic maple wood with honey trim that makes it strong and neat.

Full Size Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest in Amber Wash Finish

Magnificent Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest constructed from hardwood and covered in natural oak finish. The bed has few storage compartments consisted of a stairway chest with 4 drawers, and under dresser with two drawers.

Under bunk bed drawers

When you have only the limited space available, choosing loft bed solution is the best idea to spare some living place. On the O level there could be a rest place with sofa, the stairs could be a drawers and finally the bed is placed upstairs.

Twin over Full Standard Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage

A standard bunk bed that assures plenty of sleeping space in a small area. The frame is made of pine wood that assures strength and durability. The product features an underbed storage compartment. It has got a natural appearance.

This Kids sturdy Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed is made with a contemporary design and durable steel frame construction. Designed with safety in mind, this white bunk bed includes full-length guardrails and a sturdy ladder.

Modern bunk bed with queen size bed on bottom. Constructed on heavy duty metal frame with built-in ladder. Very safe due to full-length guardrails. Allows to save space and complement the bedroom decor with modern stylishness.

Boys bunk beds twin over full 1

batman designer bunk beds twin over full

Boys bunk beds twin over full 2

your zone premium twin-over-full bunk bed, Multiple Colors -

On their new wooden twin over full bunk bed w

... on their new wooden twin over full bunk bed w/ trundle storage