10 Best Over the Door Towel Racks

Towels are a household necessity; there's no way to get around the fact that we need towels in our daily life. Yet, to get the most from them, it's essential to keep them dry. Leaving them in a wet pile encourages the growth of mold, germs, and bacteria.

Make life easier with an over-the-door towel rack. These nifty space-saving creations allow you to store your towels, so they have optimal airflow and don't stay damp.

Top Products 

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Innovative, convenience-enhancing design and durability are two of the main selling points for any over-the-door towel rack, and our top products reflect this. Any rack can hang towels, but the right unit should match your lifestyle and bring a refreshing design for optimal airflow.

Keeping towels separate with enough airflow is accomplished by staggered rails, isolated overhead rails, or individual hooks. Without these design features, the convenience of an over-the-door rack is limited to already dry towels, not towels that still need to dry.

Flat Nickel Towel Rack
mDesign Expandable Organizer Rack Holder
Hanging Over The Door Towel Rack
Blue Donuts Towel Rack
mDesign Modern Towel Bar Rack

The Franklin Brass Over-the-Door Towel Rack solves the equation by introducing depth. This unit measures 6.5" deep at its lowest rail, allowing space between each of the 3 tiers for necessary airflow.

Keep your towels separate and orderly with this intelligently structured unit. Other units stagger tiers, but the Franklin Brass design has completely separate rails allowing for more distinct tiers.

If you're unsure of the exact size you need, the mDesign Expandable Over-the-Door Towel Rack gives you more options with its expandable rust-resistant construction. Fit any towel on this rack thanks to the adjustable 33" extension length. Since this unit simply hooks over the door frame, it's easy to reposition the rack. This one feature makes this unit incredibly unique and distinct from other models.

The Sunbeam Hanging Over-the-Door Towel Rack breaks from tradition, providing ample storage. Designed for temporary hanging rather than long-term permanent storage, this rack utilizes a compact, pack-away design that will allow you to easily store the unit when not in use.

Ideal for a utility or laundry room, this rack is designed purely for practicality, not to fulfill aesthetic purposes, but you can't beat this unit in terms of function.

Commercial-grade 304 stainless steel is one of the reasons why Blue Donuts Over-the-Door Towel Rack stands out. This highly durable material will withstand harsh bathroom conditions, regardless of how hot, humid, or busy the room gets.

The 5 individual easy-hang hooks combined with the single hanging rail is the perfect mix for bustling family life. This unit can also be permanently fixed to the door with a couple of well-placed screws as an added safety feature.

Our top selection, the item with the best customer feedback, is the versatile and budget-friendlymDesign Modern Kitchen Over Cabinet Strong Steel Towel Bar Rack. This 9.75" wide rail is large enough to hang a folded towel and is compatible with different rooms and purposes because of its compact design.

Choosing the Best Over the Door Towel Racks 

Since the market is flooded with over-the-door towel racks, it can be challenging to know how to make the best choice for your needs and situation. There are several features to look for to help you to match your life situation to the right kind of over-the-door rack.


Material matters when you're exposing something to heat and humidity, so it's crucial to get a durable material. This one feature can determine its longevity and help you avoid ending up with a rusted, deteriorating towel rack.

Look for labels such as "rust-proof," "rust-resistant," or "water-resistant." Also, check the base metal; this can also determine durability. Even if it's covered with paint, is plated, or has a finish, this base will provide structural strength; look for stainless steel and chrome if you want a rack to last long-term.


While over-the-door racks are designed to be space-saving, it's vital to check exact dimensions and measure them against your door and surrounding space. Also, consider the size of your towels and how wide the rack will need to be. If you want versatility, it's possible to buy an extendable towel rack.


Your over-the-door towel rack should coordinate with your bathroom or kitchen decor to ensure that your home has a cohesive interior aesthetic. Most towel racks are designed with a neutral color scheme and are compatible with a standard door size, making them incredibly versatile for any room.

Matte black powder-coated units give the piece a wrought-iron-style look that is ideal for country or farmhouse homes. Sleek chrome plated units are perfect for contemporary and modern bathrooms, while bamboo racks complement Scandi and boho styles with their emphasis on natural materials.

Hanging Attachments

Over-the-door racks are available with either hooks or rails, with many units incorporating both attachment styles into their design. Some models use closely spaced rails that offer you the flexibility to use them as a hanging space or shelving.

The type of hanging attachments often determines the types of items you can hang and the most suitable location for placing the unit. If you don't have a specific room in mind and want the most versatile option, it's best to get a rack with rails and hooks.

Check the product specs to ensure that your rack features a padded back where it sits on the door frame to prevent scratching the finish on the door.

Are all racks big and bulky?

No, they're not. A lot are bigger since people want to store multiple towels, but this doesn't mean there aren't more compact units as well. There are plenty of racks made for just one towel, as well as racks that are designed to fit close to the door to save space.

What kind of rack would suit a family?

This can depend on your family's size, but generally speaking, the larger, the better. You'll want to focus on racks that have adequate space. If you have young children, you may also benefit from units that can screw to the door for added stability and racks with hooks, which are easier for kids to use.

What if I just want to use the rack in the kitchen?

Over-the-door towel racks can be used in a variety of rooms, including the kitchen. Many models are specifically made for use with cabinet doors, allowing you to easily hang up your dish towels.

I don't want a rack for towels; I just want to hang wet clothes. What should I use?

Over-the-door racks are incredibly versatile, so often, there's no one right way to use them. You could use any rack with clothes, though it will be easiest with one made with hooks or a specially designed rack with plenty of hanging space.

Look for over-the-door towel racks designed for laundry or utility rooms; these will be ideal for your purpose. These racks typically feature numerous well-spaced rails to keep clothing items separate. You'll also want to avoid any racks that use hooks since these won't help keep your clothes in their proper shape as they're drying and may leave damp patches on your items. Look for a unit that offers plenty of hanging space with adequate airflow.

Top 10 Over the Door Towel Racks Reviews 

1. Top Pick: mDesign Modern Kitchen Over Cabinet Strong Steel Towel Bar Rack

mDesign Modern Towel Bar Rack
mDesign Modern Towel Bar Rack

Our number one selection may seem overly simplistic compared to the other reviews on this list, yet it's this simplicity that is its strength. This mDesign Modern Kitchen Towel Bar Rack does the job because it doesn't try to reinvent the wheel.

Suitable for use on the inside or outside of doors and made for doors no thicker than 0.75", this single towel rail is ideal for use in the kitchen but could also be used with thinner doors in other spaces in the house.

You get 2 individual towel racks for an incredible price and can choose from a range of material finishes, including bronze, chrome, graphite, or silver. This variety of neutral colors makes it easy to match your towel racks to your decor and other fixtures.

Protect your door's surface with these hanging rails; each piece is backed with soft foam so it won't mark or damage the door or cabinet frame.

Keep your towels within reach with this sturdy, dependable bar rack. Get creative and use it in your utility room, your garage, or even an RV or cabin. There are so many uses for this single steel towel rack that it really makes it hard to beat.

2. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for a Small Household: Norris Over the Shower Door Towel Rack

Norris Over The Door Towel Rack
Norris Over The Door Towel Rack

Enjoy the simplicity that comes with this Rebrilliant Norris over-the-door Towel Rack. This piece is designed specifically for shower use but can also double as a convenient hanging piece for a regular door. This rack will fit any door 2" deep or less.

If you like a substantial look, one that indicates quality, this hanging towel rack will suit you perfectly. The dark bronze shade has an aged and stately appearance that stands out against a white door backdrop and add sophistication to any space

Everything you need to position this piece is included in your purchase. You get the appropriate mounting hardware, so you can use this item as soon as you receive it.

You get one hanging rail with this item, one sturdy looking rail with a bulbous tip at either end to prevent slippage. On either side of the item, there's a hanging hook---2 in total---allowing you extra room to hang any bathroom items.

Overall, the detailing is minimal without being austere. There's a beautiful combination of both straight lines and curves, adding visual contrast. If you're looking for a basic rack, one which will only be used by a person or two, this low-capacity unit is a fabulous choice.

3. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Increased Airflow: Franklin Brass Over-the-Door Towel Rack

Flat Nickel Towel Rack
Flat Nickel Towel Rack

If you need a more comprehensive setup, you get it with this Franklin Brass Over-the-Door Towel Rack. This piece utilizes an intelligent design that allows you to turn the back of any door with 1.5" thickness into substantial storage space.

With room for 3 towels, this rack offers optimal space. Each rail measures 18.59" across and is accompanied by 2 hanging hooks underneath the bottom bar.

Select this model in a light nickel or classic bronze shade. Both these metallic hues bring elegance; only the bronze brings a more dramatic feel. In contrast, the nickel shade has a brighter presence, resembling a metallic beige or dull gold.

The unique 3 tiered rail design allows you more drying space than the standard model, and the slight staggered effect optimizes airflow around each towel for thorough drying. This one feature helps elevate functionality as well as the aesthetic, preventing overcrowding or unattractive bunching.

Perfect for smaller rooms that are short on floor space, this towel rack is a versatile space-saver. Sadly, although this rack is made from steel, it's not classified as stainless steel, so that it may be prone to corrosion over time.

4. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Modern Decor: Norris Over-the-Door Towel Rack

Chrome Towel Rack
Chrome Towel Rack

You can't go wrong with chrome, and this towel rack really shows it off to its best. Ideal for modern and contemporary homes, the sleek, simple design provides an uncluttered look for a minimalistic space. Yet, this doesn't exclude other types of decor; its classic style would complement most spaces, making it a fantastic choice for everyone.

Liven up the piece by consciously hanging bright, gem-colored towels from the bars. The silver will beautifully accent any bold color; it also looks lovely when paired with other modern decorative accents like glass, stone-colored tile, or other chrome fixtures.

The end of each bar is finished with a bulbous tip with circular white accents, bringing detail to an otherwise uniform piece.

Hanging shorter than other models, at 17.75" yet weighing a little more at 2.75 lbs, this 3 tiered hanging rack is a versatile and compact piece. However, it may be too small for some families.

Although this is an individually tiered rack, it doesn't have much depth, meaning the towels may hang close together and not have the same distinctive division as other units. Another minor drawback is that this rack doesn't have any padding on the door attachment, so that interior doors may be vulnerable to scratches. The designers have tried to minimize damage with rounded edges, but this unit is better suited to a shower than a bathroom door.

5. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Discreet Hanging: Whitmor Over The Door, White Towel Rack

Whitmor White Towel Rack
Whitmor White Towel Rack

If you're looking for functionality but don't need a towel rack to add to your decor, this all-white Whitmor Over-the-Door piece will blend into any bathroom space. With 4 rails, this is one of the largest racks on this list while also one of the cheapest.

The white shade gives the piece a convenient camouflaged appearance and subtle look on the back of your standard white door. Made with resilient steel construction and covered with white epoxy, this piece may not be glitzy, but it's definitely made for durability.

The frame has a gently curved shape allowing the rack to extend towards the room.  It sticks out about 4" from the door surface, and the end tips feature a rubber stopper, so they neatly and softly rest against the door surface.

There are a couple of significant differences with this rack; this isn't a staggered rack, it's an in-line piece, so each of the 4 rails is parallel to each other. The rails are also thinner than other models; while this isn't a problem, it does alter the appearance and could affect its weight-bearing capacity.However, if you only need the rack for lightweight, smaller items, this won't be a problem.

Although this rack has 4 rails, it doesn't feature any hanging hooks, which some people may miss.

6. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Wide Items: mDesign Expandable Metal Wire Over Door Towel Storage Rack

mDesign Expandable Organizer Rack Holder
mDesign Expandable Organizer Rack Holder

Get a sophisticated industrial feel with this matte black mDesign over-the-door Towel Rack. This rack has all the features you'd expect from this kind of unit, making it an excellent choice for many people.

Fit the top hangers to any door with a 2" depth. No hardware or assembly is needed, so this is an easy, convenient solution for your storage needs and perfect for those who don't want to struggle with screws, nuts, and bolts.

This rack has built-in convenience, which in part, has to do with its construction. Made from strong steel wire with a rust-resistant finish, this rack is ideal for long-term use in a humid bathroom or laundry. It's also easy to clean. Simply wipe it clean to get it looking its best again.

One of the most unique, standout features of this rack is its expandable frame. Change the width to suit your personal items; if you need more space, this rack allows you to extend it up to 33". This gives an additional 15" of space.

Featuring 3 individual rails and 2 lower hanging hooks, this item gives a large amount of storage space, making it ideal for small rooms. The minimalist, clean-lined design will suit any decor, bringing a laid-back style to any bathroom space.

7. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Optimal Storage Space: Evideco Four Bar Over-the-Door Towel Rack

Four Bar Towel Rack
Four Bar Towel Rack

Match this classic chrome piece to your bathroom fixtures. This Evideco Over-the-Door Towel Rack has a timeless, versatile style and sturdy construction.

This chrome-plated rust-proof metal rack has a solid, simplified frame with a 4 rung design. It's easy to store your flannels, hand towels, or other small items with this rack. Measuring 17.5" wide, this piece is suitable for various smaller items.

Its main selling point is its solid construction. You can expect this rack to fit on any door up to 1.9" thick, and the gently curved design and rubber feet help this unit rest securely against the door.

Easy to install and including all required hardware, this unit will instantly provide additional storage space. While most people are happy with their purchase, some people believed the item to be bigger or smaller than in reality or that it had a different style. So, make sure that you measure your door and towel dimensions before purchase.

This 4 bar rack has a "ladder" construction and rests completely flush against the door. It isn't staggered, each rail is in line with the rest, so hanging towels will overlap.

8. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Laundry Rooms: Sunbeam Hanging Over-the-Door Towel Rack

Sunbeam Hanging Towel Rack
Sunbeam Hanging Towel Rack

This over-the-door rack deviates from the norm, creating a comprehensive hanging space for towels or clothes on any door with a depth of 1.75" or less.

The ample storage space allows you space to hang multiple towels and individual clothing items so that wherever you place this unit, you'll maximize space.

You get 2 tiers with this rack, yet each tier features multiple individual rails and measures 20" deep. The suspended tiers allow optimal airflow so each item can dry thoroughly.

Made from enamel-coated stainless steel, this unit has serious durability. Stainless steel is known as a hard-wearing material and is ideal for this hanging rack.

When not in use, this rack is designed to neatly fold away for easy storage. This gives you a choice about keeping it as a permanent back-of-the-door fixture or using it selectively.

This rack would look right at home in any space that needs additional storage space for fabric items, so although this piece could be used in the bathroom, it's fabulous in laundry rooms or for hanging delicate items to dry in your bathroom. You could also use the extended racks for storing folded towels and lightweight bathroom items in baskets or containers.

9. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Thick Towels: Dotted Line Demi Over-the-Door Towel Rack

Demi Towel Rack
Demi Towel Rack

Hang this pearl white-colored rack over any 2" door. The metal construction gives this piece modern appeal as well as durability, while the 3 tier design features sturdy, staggered rails that allow each rung better airflow and less overcrowding.

This makes sense when you take into account the 4.25" depth. This leaves plenty of space for individual towels but can make it harder to push the door back fully.

If you're short on space, this steel towel rack is perfect for you. Its stylish design and solid construction come at a reasonable price, meaning you really can't lose with this purchase, not when the main features fit your requirements.

Some users believed this piece would have been better if it were wider. If this is the case for you, if the 16.75" width of this Dotted Line model isn't enough for the items you want to dry, then going for an expandable model may suit you better and provide greater versatility.

10. Best Over the Door Towel Rack for Families: Blue Donuts Over The Door Towel Rack Bar

Blue Donuts Over The Door Towel Rack
Blue Donuts Over The Door Towel Rack

If a precisely folded towel isn't a high priority for you, if you simply want a convenient place to hang your towels, then this bronze-colored Blue Donut Over-the-Door Towel Rack will fit the bill.

Made to fit any door 1.75" or less, this 17" wide rack features both one hanging rail as well as 5 individual hanging hooks. Use the storage capability solely for towels or hang your towel from the rail and use the hooks for robes or other bathroom-appropriate clothing.

This multi-functional towel rack is ideal for family use as a different family member can use each hook. This piece's size allows for adequate room between each hanging item, so it's not overcrowded or impractical. This versatile piece can also be used in your front entryway as a convenient coat rack or the bedroom for hanging robes and clothes.

Although easy to use and install in just one step, you can also screw this rack to the door for stabilization. And this unit is very sturdy; it's built to last and hard-wearing. This is exemplified by the 304 stainless steel construction, making the unit inherently lightweight, durable, and resilient.

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