Upgrade Your Space with a Fireplace Screen

Your mantelpiece is beautifully decorated, the fire is on, and the room feels delightfully cozy. What's lacking, then? Why, a fireplace screen, of course!

There are many reasons why you should definitely add one right now, from safety to the fact that it can even help you reinforce your room's décor.

However, keep in mind that these bad boys are not all the same: it's important to find out exactly how to choose a fireplace screen so that you can get one that matches your needs and interiors.

But let's first see why and how it can upgrade your space.

A fireplace screen gives you extra peace of mind

Whenever fire is involved, it's much better to be safe than sorry:

  • A fireplace screen will prevent stray sparks, embers and ash from escaping that area and ending up on your carpet or other flammable objects;
  • Should a log roll out of place, a fireplace screen will easily catch it before it's too late;
  • If you have little kids, it'll also prevent them from trying to crawl too close to the fire or even touching it.
Mom With Daughter By The Fireplace
Mom With Daughter By The Fireplace

Fireplace screens also improve heat efficiency

When picturing a screen in front of the flames, your first thought might be, 'Oh no, I'm going to miss out on heat!'

That's totally understandable, but, in reality… it's actually the opposite:

  • Normally, only 10% of your firewood energy is converted into useful heat, since the rest is dispersed up the chimney. Pretty wasteful, right?
  • Luckily, most fireplace screens are proven to double your fireplace efficiency as they absorb the heat and radiate it more evenly into the room.

Let's be honest: we secretly love the fact they can hide a dirty fireplace

Once the fire magic is over, any fireplace can get a bit messy, with ashes and burnt logs lying around.

A fireplace screen will conceal all that, directing both yours and your guests' attention away from it, automatically focusing on its design instead.

A fireplace screen is also highly effective at reinforcing your décor style

One of the best things when it comes to fireplace screens is that they're available in all sorts of styles and designs, so it'll be a breeze to match your interiors… as long as you know what to look for, of course!


If you have traditional interiors, you should focus on blending elegance and coziness.

You can do so with fireplace screens that follow fairly simple or geometrical designs (especially when paneled) but with a slightly more decorative element.

Metal Mesh Fireplace Screen

Contemporary & minimalist

Whether you have contemporary or minimalist interiors, practicality is key: a bare, streamlined design is the best way to emphasize your décor with your new fireplace screen.

Single-panel models are the easiest way to achieve it. Alternatively, you can opt for paneled designs or screens with doors that still maintain a very essential vibe, without any decorative elements.

Bedroom Design

French country

For French country rooms, you want to go the opposite way: find the most decorative three-panel designs with a majestic look and plenty of details, either in iron or more colorful metal finishes.

Try and think: would this look well in Versailles or a provincial home? If the answer is oui, go for it!

Living Room Design
Black Fireplace Screen

Shabby chic

While not quite as over-the-top as French country interiors, shabby chic décor is still very much based around decorative shapes and details.

In this case, focus on paneled designs with harmonious lines and aesthetically pleasing pattern repetitions.

Beautifully Crafted Fireplace Screen


To emphasize the rawness of this style, stick to metal and, especially, dark iron.

As for designs, you should still prioritize simplicity and practicality, such as with single panels, streamlined paneled options, or fireplace screens with doors.

Warm Fireplace
Wrought Iron Sparkguard


Even though this style started out over a century ago, you can still find many beautiful fireplace screens made to match Tiffany interiors.

The most obvious choice is a paneled model made of stained glass, featuring rich decorations and a variety of colors.

Tiffany Fireplace Screen
Glass Folding Victorian Fireplace Screen
Glass Fireplace Screen

Art deco

While stained glass can work wonders in art deco settings too, you can also consider other models that rely on the repetition of geometric shapes or flamboyant designs in eye-catching metal finishes.

Fireplace Screen

Mid-century modern

Love the charm of the 50s and 60s? Then try and stick to a warm palette and more horizontal designs, either as a long single panel or a paneled model. Bold geometric shapes are always a big plus.

Geometric Fireplace Screen
Tin Fireplace Screen


With a bohemian décor you have a lot more freedom.

The trick is to look for designs that showcase your eclectic approach to life and interior design: for example, exotic or unusual models that could easily be a one-of-a-kind.

Floral Fireplace Screen

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