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Top Tips On Organizing Your Shoes In Small Spaces

There's no doubt that having shoes scattered all over the place can be a major headache for people trying to stay organized in small spaces. One minute your place is looking neat and tidy, the next minute your friend is tripping over your favorite pair of shoes at your front door.

Is it even possible to keep your footwear in order and save yourself from the embarrassment of a messy first impression when you live in a tiny studio apartment? Well, it's totally doable! With the right shoe storage solutions, there's really no reason to leave your shoes lying around. 

Here, we've got you covered with top hacks on how to create a proper home for your shoes in a small living space!

Make the most of your wardrobe with a shoe rail

Instead of taking up valuable floor space in your already compact home, why not use your wardrobe's wall space to your advantage? Installing a rail for shoes inside a wardrobe is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to save space whilekeeping your shoe collection tidy and easily accessible. Shoe rails are especially useful for those who don't have enough floor space given that they can be placed at the back of your wardrobe's door, below your clothes rail, or beside your folded tops and trousers. On the plus side, having your shoes and clothes in the same location makes choosing an outfit much faster and less stressful. All you have to do is grab your tool kit, install the rail, gather your high heels, and get to organizing!

Shoe Rack
Shoe Rack

Transform an awkward corner into a shoe display

Corners are usually brushed aside and left empty because they're just too tricky to decorate. However, these tight areas can actually come in handy when your sneaker collection is constantly growing but you've run out of shoe storage. If you've got an unused corner in your bedroom, entryway, or under your stairs, corner shelves could be the answer to your frustration!

Foyer Design
Foyer Design

Besides, there are plenty of shelving options to choose from. For instance, wall-mounted shoe shelves are great for freeing up floor space, typically have a less-cluttered and modern look, and create an airy ambiance because of their open design. If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic, a free-standing shelf may be right up your alley. And it doesn't end there! You'll also get to choose between angled shelving and flat shelving. Angled shelves are more visually appealing but aren't the most space-saving option whereas flat shelves are suitable for even the tiniest of corners and flaunt a classic appeal that goes well with all kinds of home styles.

Maximize the space under your bed

Underbed Shoe Storage
Fabric Underbed Storage
Gray Underbed Storage
Polyester Underbed Storage

If you're not a fan of shoes on shelves and would rather have your footwear completely out of sight, consider storing them under your bed. After all, every square inch counts when your home doesn't have much space to spare. That said, shoving all your shoes underneath your bed will most likely result in a messy and cluttered under-bed situation. Just because they're hidden doesn't mean they shouldn't be organized, and this is where shoe boxes come into play! From lidded designs to wheeled bottoms to breathable materials, the options are endless. Just slide the shoe box under the bed and there you have it, a well-ordered shoe storage system.

Don't let your tiny entryway hinder your shoe organization

Entryways have long been a dumping ground for shoes. The first thing you'd probably want to do the minute you get home from work is kick off your shoes. But how do you keep your pile of shoes a bit more orderly when a standard size shoe rack won't even fit in your narrow entryway? You get a narrow shoe rack! This space-saving furniture piece will not only turn your entryway into a practical mudroom but will also conceal your shoes for a clean and uncluttered arrangement. Moreover, the top can be used for displaying decors and storing bits and bobs such as your keys, grocery lists, and wallet. What's more, narrow shoe racks feature a slim design that won't get in the way.

Traditional Foyer Design
Traditional Foyer Design

Want to step up your shoe organization system? Assign a tier for boots, slippers, sneakers, and heels to avoid wasting time trying to find the right pair of shoes when you're already running late.

Put your walls and doors to good use

Modern Closet Design
Modern Closet Design

We can't talk about shoe storage solutions without mentioning the ultimate space-saver of them all: hanging shoe organizers! There's a reason why they're greatly sought after by students in dorm rooms and that's because they occupy hardly any space at all. So, if you have no room for a new shoe cabinet but have tons of shoes without a home, it's time to make the most of your doors and walls! Simply hang the shoe organizer on a bare wall, inside your closet, or over any door and now your shoes are off the floor and easy to grab and go! Hanging organizers are that practical, not to mention affordable!

Opt for a 2-in-1 storage solution

If you've got a little bit of space anywhere around your home, an ottoman with shoe storage could be your fix. Why? Because a small home calls for furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a comfy surface to sit on combined with a storage area for your favorite pairs of shoes. Better yet, you can sit on the ottoman as you put on your shoes.

Modern Foyer Design
Modern Foyer Design

Shoe storage ottomans come in a myriad of styles, designs, and fabrics so you'll be sure to find one that suits your space.

Use baskets to convert your closet into a convenient shoe storage area

Want to store your shoes in your closet without needing to drill any holes? If yes, nothing beats shoe baskets. They're inexpensive, easy to move around, and fit perfectly in closets. And on top of that, baskets make sorting shoes into categories much easier! You may want to grab a couple of baskets so that you can separate your shoes by season, type, color, and then label them accordingly.

If you've already got an effective shoe organization system going on but still want extra storage space for out-of-season shoes, consider using baskets to neatly arrange them in your closet. This way, you can easily reach for your boots or flip flops when the season changes.

Rattan Basket
Rattan Basket

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