Patio Umbrella Pole Diameter


You have an umbrella for your patio set, but a stiff wind can tear it away without trouble. Getting a patio umbrella pole diameter is a safe way to secure your umbrella, allowing you to rest easy, and your umbrella to stay put. Never have to ask where the patio umbrella disappeared. Pick up a patio umbrella pole diameter and secure that large shade source.

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Patio umbrella pole diameter 20

Galtech 75-lb. Cast Aluminum Umbrella Base Color - Desert Bronze by Galtech. $219.99. Measures 24-inches diameter; weighs 75 lbs.. Great for supporting larger umbrellas used thru a table. Ideal for use with freestanding 7.5- and 9-ft. umbrellas. Choose fr

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Patio umbrella pole diameter 16

Astonica 50108006 Taupe Decorative Round Granite Patio Umbrella Stand Base by 50108006. $49.99. Dimensions: 12.25"H x 14.5"D Dual knob fastening system for additional support.. Solid granite umbrella base. Taupe coloring.. Can hold up to a 2" or 50 mm pol

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10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella

This 10-Inch Patio Umbrella In Tan & Black Finish is waterproof and functional, allowing you to adjust angles according to your needs. The canopy is made of 180G polyester while the ribs and rest of the frame are designed of durable steel with black powder coating.

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Patio umbrella pole diameter 12

Paradise Cushions 55-Pound Umbrella Cement Base, Black by Paradise Cushions. $87.06. Some assembly is required. Dimensions: 19-Inch diameter by 14-Inch overall height. Weight: 55-pound. Standard black sleeve accommodates both 1 1/2-inch and 1 3/4-inch dia

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Patio umbrella pole diameter 21

EmpireCovers PATUB60T 95 Pound Resin Patio Umbrella Base. Will fit an umbrella pole up to 2 inches in diameter. Size: 16 inch Diameter x 11.5 inch Height. Color: Beige. Rust resistant. Made from resin. This base is designed to fit umbrella poles up to 1.8

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Patio umbrella pole diameter 7

Patio Umbrella Base - Pin it :-) Follow us, CLICK IMAGE TWICE for Pricing and Info . SEE A LARGER SELECTION of Patio Umbrella Base at - home, patio, furniture, outdoo

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Patio umbrella pole diameter 17

With the resin coated heavy iron structure this umbrella stand will make for a splendid choice for tour garden or patio, letting you finally be able to make excellent use of those long summer days without having to worry about sun shining directly on your head.

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Patio umbrella pole

Round LED light for patio umbrella pole. It is mounted on wooden frame. It is compatible with standard patio umbrella. Functional design for any outdoor place as needed.

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Strathwood basics ryer 17 1 2 inch umbrella base by

Strathwood Basics Ryer 17-1/2-Inch Umbrella Base by Strathwood. $59.99. Decorative open grillwork; dark matte finish matches almost any décor. Made of heavy cast iron; weighs approximately 26 pounds. Base measures 17-1/2 inches in diameter by 13 inches t

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California Umbrella Steel Umbrella Base, Black

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Patio Umbrella Pole Diameter

Buying Guide

Patio umbrellas are awesome for keeping the sun's rays at bay. However, an umbrella is only as good as the patio umbrella pole diameter that holds it in place. Before planning that dinner party on the patio or heading toward the beach with a collapsible umbrella, make sure that your pole is in good working order. Keeping a space pole in your garage is a great idea if you notice your existing pole is becoming weak or is damaged from the weather.

What different types of patio umbrella poles are there?

Steel Umbrella Pole

Keep replacement pole diameters at a minimum with a sturdy lower pole that is made from steel. Brown powder coating is popular for those that are color conscious of their patio furnishings.

Tilt and Crank Pole

Place your lounge chair anywhere in the backyard and use a sturdy frame to provide incredible shade. With a 10-foot Cantilever umbrella you can enjoy almost 80 square feet of comfort in the shade. The angle of the umbrella can be easily adjusted by using the tilt and crank mechanism. A dark color pole will match any color of umbrella you choose to use.

Extension for Umbrella Pole

You can increase your shade by adding a larger umbrella, but make sure that it is in proportion with your pole length. An umbrella pole extension may be the answer to giving your new umbrella that needed lift that will increase your shade while providing the aesthetics of a higher platform.

Two Poles with Base Stand

Support is everything in setting up an outdoor umbrella. Never worry about the security of your 6-foot to 9-foot umbrella with a sturdy stand and poles. Steel construction guarantees that your umbrella will stay firmly planted over a table or freestanding in a sitting area.

Dual Patio Umbrella Pole Diameter

Take this double pole diameter with you to a soccer game, a fishing trip or the beach and give your friend the added sun protection that they need. A simple stake system and split base pole provide the necessary strength to extend two poles for adding two separate umbrellas. With a common diameter of 1 1/2 inches, almost any top-loading umbrella pole will fit easily inside this unit. Steel that is powder coated will let you use this nifty device for many years to come.

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