How To Choose Storage Bins And Boxes


When your home is organized, it's surprising just how big a difference it can make to your general well-being. Banish clutter and free up floor space with our helpful guide on how to choose storage bins and boxes.

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How to Choose the Best Storage Bin for Kids Playroom?

Unsurprisingly, your child's playroom is most likely to benefit from extra storage. Here's how to choose the best storage bins for your kid's room.

Plastics boxes with lids

Either pick transparent models, so your child can see what's inside without emptying the contents all over the place or opt for set colors for certain items if you have a lot of different types of small toys and accessories.

The lid will prevent small items from getting lost, mixed up, and keep them protected from dust and dirt. Opt for a plastic box with a lid if you need storage for the following items in your kid's room:

Simple Plastic Boxes with Lid Set
Grey Plastic Box with Wood Styled Lid
Plastic Storage Box with Lid
2 Layer Handle Plastic Storage Box
Plastic Storage Box Set with Black Handle
White Plastic Storage Bin with Lid

Fabric drawer bins

For slightly larger toys and individual models that don't need to be kept as a group, you should consider fabric drawer bins.

They are also a good choice for smaller children as there are no hard edges and they won't be able to try to climb on them. Use fabric drawer bins for the following:

As your child won't be able to see through into the bin, it's best to use them only for medium-size toys that can be easily spotted and pulled out. Smaller toys or ones that need to be kept together risk getting lost or separated with this kind of storage option.

Green Fabric Drawer Bin Set
Big Fabric Bin for Sheets
3 Piece White Fabric Storage Bin Set
Grey Storage Fabric Drawer Bin
Thin Storage Fabric Drawer Bin
Small White Fabric Box

Best materials for kid's storage bins

Look for storage bins that are easy to clean, especially if you have young children.

While plastic versions are simple to wipe clean, if you opt for a fabric bin, stain proof or washable models are preferable. Also, dark colors will show unremovable stains much less than light-colored models.

Choosing bright colors will help to conceal stains, and they are also more likely to appeal to your child and help to make tidying up a little easier. We also find that fabric boxes with close-fitting handles are easier for small hands.

Cut-out holes are less easy to grab, and models with long cord handles are best avoided as they could become caught and tangled around your little one's wrist.

How to Choose the Best Storage Box for a Bedroom?

To turn your cluttered bedroom into a peaceful oasis of relaxation, a few storage boxes will go a long way. Here are some of the best models to get your bedroom organized.

Flat flip-lid boxes

If your closet is overflowing, or you're fed up of tripping over your special occasion footwear, find a permanent home for out-of-season or less frequently worn items under your bed.

A flat flip-lid box is an ideal solution for any clothes, shoes, or bedding that you want to store away for several weeks or months. Optimize your space and order some to store:

Here are some additional features you should consider:

Small Grey Fabric Storage Box for Bedroom
Plastic Decorative Storage Box for Bedroom
Storage Box with Window
Storage Plastic Box for Sheets
Decorative Wicker Storage Bin for Bedroom
Plastic Bin for Bedroom

Open fabric bins for your bedroom (cubby organizers)

If you don't have space under your bed, or if you need to store items with easier access, then open fabric bins make a great option. They can be used alone or in sets, in storage cubes, in your closet, or on shelves.

Solid Fabric Polyester Storage Bin
Fabric Storage Bin Set in Nude
Fabric Storage Bin Set in Cream Color
Colorful Folding Fabric Storage Bin
Stripes Styled Fabric Storage Bin
Pink Fabric Open Storage Bin

Stackable storage bins

Stackable storage bins come in a variety of sizes and make a great choice if you have a lot of items to store and very little space.

Stack them inside your closet, or if you are redecorating and need a stand-in for a new dresser, simply use several stackable storage bins in a corner for an organized storage solution.

How to Choose the Best Storage Boxes for Bathrooms?

Your bathrooms is yet another place in the home that is prone to clutter. Using a storage box is the perfect way to keep all your bathroom essentials well organized and within easy reach. It also eliminates the need to overwhelm bathroom shelves with a messy-looking mixture of bottles, cloths and towels.