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How to Choose Cabinet & Drawer Pulls

Without cabinet and drawer pulls, you wouldn’t be able to open any doors in your kitchen or bathroom. They’re one of the simplest pieces of hardware that are the most necessary. In fact, you probably don’t notice them until they’re not there.

Outfitting your cabinets and drawers with handles gives you the freedom to make some exciting decisions. Do you want them to fade into the background and be there when you need them? Or do you want them to stand out and draw attention?

It’s wonderful to have options, but it can be overwhelming. Let’s take a moment to discuss some of the most important things to remember when choosing your cabinet and drawer pulls.

What are the trendiest styles of cabinet hardware?

Cabinet and drawer pulls are often called the jewelry of the kitchen. They’re accent pieces and special touches to make everything more elegant. Luckily, cabinet and drawer pulls are easy to change and can give your room an entirely new look without a lot of effort.

Here are some of the trendiest styles right now in case you want a fresh feel without a total renovation:

  • Oversized drawer pulls are often 6 to 21 inches long. They’re huge, but they make a big statement on oversized drawers, tall pantry doors, and broom closets.
Golden Classic Metal Drawer Pull
Silver Simple Metal Drawer Pull
Silver Straight Metal Drawer Pull
Golden Classic Metal Drawer Pull
  • Flat black finishes are modern and elegant. They have a high impact against stark white cabinets or any lighter color. This is a fairly new trend, but it’s catching on quickly.
Black Modern Metal Bar Pull
Black Elegant Metal Drawer Pull
Black Modern Metal Drawer Pull
Black Classic Metal Bar Pull
Black Stylish Metal Drawer Pull
Black Elegant Metal Arch Drawer Pull
  • Gold has a warming effect in the kitchen or bathroom. It has an air of being more expensive than it is, leaving you with a dramatic space that looks and feels like a 5-star resort.
Gold Elegant Metal Arch Drawer Pull
Golden Modern Metal Drawer Pull
Golden Stylish Metal Bar Pull
Golden Elegant Metal Cup Drawer Pull
Golden Elegant Metal Center To Center Bar Pull
Golden Modern Metal Drawer Pull
  • Copper has the same warm, rich tone as gold, but it has a more informal look, and fits perfectly in a farmhouse kitchen.
  • Weathered nickel and brass is also perfect for your antique or vintage decor. They add dimension and depth to your decor, and because they’re already weathered, you can’t ruin them.
Copper Traditional Metal Drawer Pull
Copper Modern Metal Bar Pull
Brass Traditional Metal Cup Pull
Brass Elegant Metal Arch Pull
Nickel Classic Metal Cup Pull
Nickel Stylish Metal Arch Pull
  • Cabinet and drawer pulls with exposed screws offer an industrial or retro look that many people are beginning to embrace. Hardware is already screwed into cabinets, so some people are enjoying showing the screws off.
  • Glass knobs and pulls were popular during the depression, but they’ve come back in full force because they’re so versatile. If you’re brave, give these a try!
Bronze Traditional Metal Cabinet Drawer Pull
Rustic Industrial Metal Drawer Pull
Nickel Traditional Metal Cup Pull
Nickel Classic Glass Bar Pull
Blue Elegant Glass Bar Pull
Nickel Stylish Glass Drawer Pull

Should your cabinets and drawers have knobs or pulls?

Fortunately, there are no rules. When it comes to choosing knobs or pulls, it all boils down to your personal preferences and the look you want to achieve. You can use knobs for cabinets and pulls for drawers, or vise versa. Or choose the one you like and put it everywhere.

Generally, pulls work better for drawers because they have to support the weight of the contents inside as you pull it out. Knobs will suffice for cabinets because you only have to swing the weight of the door on a hinge, making it much easier.

Where on the cabinet or drawer do pulls go?

So, you picked your favorite knobs and pulls and you’re ready to install them. This is getting exciting! But, wait. Where do they go? This part is easier than you think.

  • For upper cabinets, the bottom screw hole is 2 ½ inches from the bottom of the cabinet door, always to the side opposite the hinges.
  • For lower cabinets, the top screw hole should be positioned about 2 ½ inches from the top of the cabinet.
  • Hardware with only one hole can be mounted 2 ½ inches from the top/bottom of the door.
  • For pantries and broom closets, center the handle vertically and place it on the side of the door opposite the hinges.
  • If you’re using knobs with one hole on your drawers, center them horizontally and vertically in the middle of the drawer.

  • For hardware with two holes, center it vertically, but measure the distance between the two holes and ensure that the center of the handle lines up with the center of the drawer.

  • Do you like being different? Center handles horizontally and vertically in the middle of your cabinet doors, mount your pulls sideways, diagonally, or upside down for some additional flair.

How to choose kitchen cabinet & drawer pulls?

Kitchen cabinet and drawer pulls need to be durable because it’s one of the most high traffic areas in the house. Materials like metal are perfect because they will stand the test of time.

Try to choose materials with a rough or weathered finish so they don’t show fingerprints or dirt as easily. Matte black is also a functional and versatile choice.

Avoid glass and other smooth finishes like the plague unless you want a nightmarish cleaning situation on your hands.

How to choose decorative hardware for the bathroom?

Bathrooms are also high traffic areas, but chances are you don’t have as many cabinets or drawers in your bathroom as you do in your kitchen, so you’re safer choosing a wider variety of materials.

Bathrooms are supposed to be warm, welcoming spaces and exude style and function. Matte black is an elegant choice that often doubles as modern while gold and copper offer a warmer, more traditional feeling.

How to select drawer pulls for bedroom furniture?

Your bedroom is a haven of rest. This is where you need to choose something that helps you relax. Warm, dark colors work best. Bronze or black are great, but you could also go with the dramatic flair of oversized pulls or exposed screws. For chic, feminine spaces, crystal balls are excellent choices.

If you’re dealing with a kid’s bedroom, all bets are off. You’re at the mercy of your child’s favorite color, character, or shape. There are a wide variety of choices online from Lego bricks to dinosaur shapes and everything in between.

Amazon and Etsy will be your best bets for finding these types of niche drawer pulls. You’re unlikely to find such a variety at your local hardware store.

Quick Tips

Shopping for drawer pulls doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it sounds. Sure, there are a lot of options, but follow these quick tips and you’ll soon be well on your way to choosing the right style for you:

  • Trendy styles like warm metals are great for high traffic areas because they hide dirt, they’re extra durable, and they add warmth to the space.
  • Modern styles like oversized pulls, exposed screws, matte black, and glass are perfect for industrial looks or bridging the gap between centuries with vintage looks that are back in.
  • Choose pulls for drawers and knobs for cabinets to make them easier to open.
  • When following traditional mounting rules, you can ensure that your style is also as functional as it needs to be for everyday use.
  • Warm, comforting colors are best for bedrooms where you need to feel more restful.

The only rule is - there are no rules. Relax and have fun! Cabinet and drawer pulls are so easy to change that if you don’t like it, you can always pick something else!

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